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Most stand mixers are going to come with 3 standard attachments:

Flat beater attachment which is for combining and mixing batters and frosting to ordinary or heavy consistency. Use for cakes, pastry, biscuits, icing as well as mashed potato. The flat beater is most likely the most flexible since it may be utilized to completely mix nearly all sorts of mixtures. It’s best for creaming butter and sugars which really helps to offer cakes the fluffiness of theirs, the same as in our Citrus Cream Cheese Cupcakes. The flat beater is ideal for a broad range of dishes, plus works particularly well for weighty mixtures as cakes, mashed potatoes, frostings, cookies, and much more.
Dough hook is suitable for kneading all dough types and heavy pastries. When you are working with heavier doughs including bread, or pasta, pizza, a dough hook is definitely the smartest choice. Using other kind of mixer attachment could possibly overheat and harm the mixer. Its mechanism mimics kneading by hand. When you are making use of a dough hook, there is going to be less work needed. Its design makes it able to resist the dough’s elasticity, and also kneading can be accomplished far more effectively.
Balloon whisk is a big metal balloon whisk. Best for whisking whites of eggs, whipping, creaming ingredients or even for light cake mixtures and batters. The big whisk includes more air flow into the mix, but should not be utilized for heavy mixtures, because it might get damaged. Full metal attachments will probably last much longer, and then dishwasher safe designs are preferable if you have a dishwasher (cleaning a balloon whisk manually is fiddly). Baked goods which are light in texture, like chiffon and angel food cakes, obtain their fluffy and light consistency from beaten whites of eggs.

Some stand mixers will additionally include these useful extras:

Splash guard: A plastic lid with hinged flap or maybe a hole in it that repairs over the upper part of the mixing bowl to prevent spilling when you are adding ingredients. On certain designs this needs to be connected before you start making use of the stand mixer. It is quite useful in case you make a great deal of icing as it stops lighter components such as flour or maybe icing sugar being flung from the bowl and dusting/ making a mess on your kitchen worktop.
Flexi-beater: An upgrade of the original flat beater. This’s basically exactly the same attachment, for exactly the same kind of process, though it comes with a silicone or rubber spatula edging over the outside edge of the beater. This scrapes components from the sides of mixing bowl helping to stop the prevalent problem of unmixed ingredients getting stuck on the edge of the bowl. It typically does a great job of scraping the bowl clean, though a few are much better compared to others.
Jug blender: Some stand mixers has a jug blender attachment which repairs to the pinnacle of the mixer arm. Ideal for blending smoothies, soup as well as to puree foods. When there is a dosing hole for liquids, you are able to generate mayonnaise, also.

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