Best Food Processor with Glass Bowl UK (2024 Reviews)

Best Food Processor with Glass Bowl UK: Find glass bowl food processor reviews.

It is undeniable that food processors are important appliances in the kitchen. They not only save you time but also handle tough tasks like slicing, mixing, and chopping. In this article, we are going to sample the top 5 glass bowl food processors together with their benefits.

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One of the merits of using a processor with a glass bowl is that it gives you some level of control because you can always monitor the progress of the processor through the seethrough glass. Glass bowls are sturdy and do not succumb to warping or scratching unlike other materials like plastic. They are also easy to clean and they don’t absorb the flavor of the food as plastics do. Once you wash your glass bowl with soapy water after processing your ingredients, there is no risk of different food flavors seeping into others like having your dough smelling of garlic or onions.

Six Factors to Consider When Buying a Glass Food Processor:

Food Processor with Glass Bowl
  • Budget. Generally, you’ll get what you pay for with food processors. If you’re on a tight budget, an inexpensive food processor might be the best option (though durability may be less of a concern).
  • Capacity and Warranty. Capacity is generally measured in cups (one cup is equivalent to 240 millilitres) or litres; for most people, 1-2 cups is enough to make sauces or fruit smoothies, but if you like to cook large batches or make dough often, a higher capacity will come in handy.
  • Number of Settings. While most food processors offer a few basic speed settings, most come with at least one additional setting for chopping or pureeing.
  • Product Dimensions. The dimensions of the product matter if you plan to store it on your counter, keep it in a cabinet, or plan to store several food processors in a row.
  • Food processors with a variety of blades are also common. These models often improve slicing, shredding, and grating capabilities. The specialized blades can be stored on-unit as well, for easy access.
  • Design features such as a retractable cord and a retractable blade are rare but useful for storage purposes. Check our detailed buying guide here.

Keep on reading to know which is the best glass food processors UK.

1. Geepas 400W Mini Food Processor with 1.2l Glass Jar Bowl

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The Geepas 400W Mini Food Processor is a multifunctional food processor that can be used to serve a lot of purposes in the kitchen. You can use it to mix, chop, slice, puree, and blend your favorite ingredients. Also, with just a touch of a button, you can use this processor to make delicious baby food, cutting vegetables, and crushing nuts and seeds.

 Unlike common processors, this appliance has a 4000w copper motor that allows you to prepare all your ingredients within a snap. The copper motor operates quickly, hence saves you a lot of time in the kitchen.

You do not need to be a professional to use appliance because it is easy to use. It is designed with two speed controls that allow you to easily adjust the speed. Also, it has a pulse function that ensures you get your ingredients in perfect and ready to be cooked.

 It has durable blades that do not rust, corrode, or scratch even after handling tough tasks.

 It has a glass jar with a capacity of 1.2L which will allow you to prepare large batches.

Key features

  • Has a copper motor
  • It is easy to use
  • Designed with a 1.2L glass jar
  • The jar is thermal resistant


  • The 1.2L glass jar allows you to make a portion that can be enjoyed by a family gathering.
  • It is ideal for handling tough tasks like shredding cabbage and blending frozen fruits

Check it out, the Geepas 400W Mini Food Processor | 1.2L Glass Jar Bowl & 4 Stainless Steel Blades.

2. Bosch MMR08R1GB Glass Mini Food Processor

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Do you wish to have a food processor with a polycarbonate bowl? If yes, Bosch MMR08R1GB Chopper is the food processor to go for. It is a unique processor with a powerful 400w motor that helps in saving you time. Also, the motor shreds, chops, and mixes your vegetables giving you heartwarming results.

 If you a parent who wants to make tasty delicious food, this is the ideal food processor. This food processor is designed with stainless steel blades that chops and slices your vegetables, fruits, and other cooking ingredients.

Between the blades, there is a gap that is meant to ensure you get perfect and professional results every time you use this food processor. This is a glass jar food processor that will make your experience in the kitchen memorable.

Key features

  • Has a 400w motor
  • Ideal for making baby food
  • Fitted with sharp stainless steel blades
  • The blades are spaced to ensure perfection


  • If you want to make delicious finger-licking food for your baby, choose this food processor
  • It is a food processor with a glass bowl that gives you perfect results thanks to the sharp and spaced blades.

Check it out, the Bosch MMR08R1GB Chopper.

3. MisterChef® Red Glass Mini Food Processor

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This is easy to use the processor as you only need to press the button. In terms of safety, MisterChef® Red Mini Chopper Mini Food Processor is considered to have high safety measures as it stops working when the button is not pressed. This features help in keeping your kitchen clean as it helps in preventing splashes as well as scratches.

It has a 300w motor which makes tough tasks like meat grinding easy and fast. It is a unique food processor with an inbuilt device that prevents it from overheating. The copper motor is durable and works fast hence saving you time in the kitchen.

MisterChef has sharp, strong, and durable stainless steel blades that can handle 1.7 pounds.

Key features

  • Has sharp stainless steel blades
  • Has an inbuilt device that prevents overheating
  • The blades can grind 1.7 pounds
  • It is easy to use


  • This is a durable option as the motor is protected from overheating
  • The sharp blades ensure you the envisioned results

Check it out, the MisterChef® Red Mini Chopper Mini Food Processor.

4. 1.2L Electric Mini Food Chopper Food Processor with Glass Bowl

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For those who are planning on hosting family members, or have a special occasion coming up, 1.2L Electric Mini Food Chopper Food Processor will be your indispensable partner in the kitchen. With this best glass bowl food processor, you will be assured of professional results.

 It is designed with a 400w powerful motor that ensures all your ingredients are perfect and ready in time. This motor allows you to puree, mix, mince, chop, and blend various ingredients quickly.

 It is a unique chopper engineered with 4 stainless steel blades. The detachable blades chop the food evenly ensuring you get the envisioned results.

If you are a parent, you can use this food chopper to make mashed potatoes for your little one. You can also make milkshakes that can be enjoyed by the whole family as it has a capacity of 1.2L.

Operating this kitchen aid is easy as you are only required to press the head to start any task. It is sealed with rubber which maximizes safety as well as ensuring there are no unwanted spills.

Key features

  • You can control the speed of the processor
  • Fitted with a 400w motor
  • Designed with detachable blades
  • Has rubber seal that prevents spilling


  • Cleaning is easy as the attachments can be taken apart
  • Other than making baby food, you can use it to chop garlic, slicing potatoes, mincing meat, and crush peanuts.

Check it out, the 1.2L Electric Mini Food Chopper Food Processor.

5. Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor with Glass Mini Food Processor

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The Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor is an appliance with different attachments that allows you to cook various tasty meals. It is designed with a glass blender that can hold a capacity of 1.2kg. This glass blender can perfectly make cold or hot meals that are made possible by its glass which is thermal resistant.

Regardless of whether you are making meals for your large family or for friends that are coming over, Kenwood food processor is a great option. This is because it is fitted with a large bowl that can hold a capacity of 2.1L. While working, this bowl can safely hold a capacity if 1.2L hence, you will have a large space to perfectly mix your pastry ingredients.

You can control the speed of the process as it has two speed control as well as a pulse function. It a durable appliance with 800w motor that ensures the light creams and egg whites are perfectly mixed.

Key features

  • Has 800w motor
  • Fitted with a glass blender that is thermal resistant
  • The glass blender is ideal for making cold or hot food
  • Equipped with a large bowl that allows you to easily mix all your ingredients


  • This glass bowl food processor is a great option if you are making hot or cold food as the glass blender is thermal resistant
  • The bowl can be perfect for large or small tasks
  • The large bowl makes it ideal for those who want to mix pastry ingredients

Check it out, the Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor.

Glass Food Processors – Buying Guide

Bowl size (Capacity): The most significant thing you’ve to think about when purchasing a food processor is its capacity. What type of projects do you intend to use the food processor for? Obviously, if you are cooking for many people a big capacity processor will suit you well. Capacity in processors is usually measured in cups. A cup is the equivalent 240 milliliters.

Regarding capacity, these are the standard capacity size ranges in the market:

Small size: – usually 2-4 cups, these are ideal for one person use doing basic processing tasks like dicing and chopping small portions and grinding ingredients like spices.

Compact size convenient for couples: These have a capacity of 5 to 6 cups and are ideal for two people to process ingredients by slicing, chopping spices, dips, and source. They fit perfectly in small kitchens.

Medium capacity bowls: These have between 7-10 cups and are suitable for prepping food for small families of up to four people.

Big-sized food processor bowls: these range between 10-19 cups and are ideal for preparing large quantities of ingredients for large families of five or more people.

Industrial-scale capacity: These have 20 plus cups and are more suitable for businesses like people who run hotels/restaurants, food truck shops, or events.

What exactly do you intend to use the Glass food processor for?

For Slicing and shredding Vegetables – look for processors which come with a shredding or slicing blade.

Making Nut Butters – If you like making nut butters, you want a potent food processor (at least 600 watts of power!) which may continue operating even if it is processing dense gooey and sticky mixture.

Grinding Meat – While food processors also can grind meat, the end results are usually uneven. For good results comprised of finely ground beef that is loosely packed and evenly done, a meat grinder is a more sensible choice. Will you be just using the glass bowl as a processing vessel or perhaps do you plan to use as storage? If you want to use the bowl as storage, look for processors that come with an extra glass bowl as well as matching lids.

Just how much storage or counter room do you’ve in your kitchen?

Food processors are made in different shapes and sizes. Before buying one, be sure that you’ve plenty of storage space. Conversely, determine just how much room you’ve as well as compare it with the specs on the product you are intending to purchase. The assembled height is particularly vital to find out if it is going to fit under your kitchen cabinets.

Just how much control do you wish?

Food processors with a number of speed options provide far better options to control the process. In most cases, a two-speed processor is sufficient for day to day food preparation. Nevertheless, in case you are searching for even more refined settings, you can find sophisticated, albeit costly, models with multiple speeds.

Ease of washing, Stability and worktop:

It is advisable to go for a processor with slip-resistant features and one that can be easily disassembled because they are usually easy to wash, also check for noise levels, shoot for those that do not make a lot of noise especially if you are sensitive to noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much capacity should I get? The food processor should have the capacity you need, so it depends on your needs. If you do a lot of cooking, such as making sauces or dough often, a higher capacity will come in handy. Smaller bowls might not be able to handle large batches or tough ingredients such as fibrous veggies or frozen fruits without jamming.
  2. Is it good to have a variety of blades? Yes! More blades are better because they provide options for many different types of use – from shredding cheese to pureeing fruit to slicing potatoes. It’s important to buy a food processor with at least two speeds and would be best if there were three speeds
  3. What is the best size for my needs? Generally, a smaller bowl size does not limit you in what you can do with it. But if you have very limited space to store all your food processors, then a small bowl may be good.
  4. How much power is needed? A high-powered processor will handle both heavy and light batches well and be able to run continuously for quite some time without overheating. A higher capacity is needed when you are cooking for large groups or making a lot of dough.
  5. How much should I spend? The cost of an appliance is directly related to your needs and budget.  High-quality and durable food processors can last for years without a problem, but the “low” quality processors also have a high level of durability and will usually last far longer than the more expensive models.

Getting the best food processor with a glass bowl may be difficult for some as they are available in different sizes, materials, and functions. This is why the above 5 glass bowl food processors will help you as you choose a perfect machine for your needs.

Written by Themo Smith. The information used in this article is from my point of view as a buyer, Home Chef, researcher, and writer. It comes from personal hands-on use, surveying the web for customer reviews, interviewing experts, and getting feedback from other users of food processors.

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