Best Donut Maker UK (2024 Reviews)

Find the Best Donut Maker UK: A donut also referred to as a doughnut or dough rings is a type of sweet, deep-fried snack that comes in different sizes and shapes. It is often filled with sweet fillings such as custard or have some toppings and flavors on it and may include eggs and milk among other ingredients. You can glaze it with icing sugar or spread some chocolates or cinnamon sprinkles on it.

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Best Donut Maker UK

Best Donut Maker UK


  • Donuts with holes also called ring doughnuts – This is a type of donut that has a hole in the middle, shaped like a ring. To prevent raw dough on the inside of the donut, captain Gregory of Rockport invented the hole. This helps to cook the donut evenly and avoid eating cooked doughnuts on the outside and raw on the inside that leads to indigestion. You make a hole by using a doughnut cutter or by joining 2 ends of a long skinny piece of dough. Once finished frying, you can glaze it. For glazing recipes, check
  • Donuts without holes – These types of donuts can be filled with creams, jams, jelly, and other sweet fillings using a piping tip inserted in the middle of the doughnut. inject it with your favorite sweet filling like custard or fruit preserves. You can also top it with frosting or simply dip it into different flavored glazes
  • Long johns are rectangular-shaped doughnuts
  • Yeast doughnuts – these use yeast as a raising agent
  • Cake donuts – these use baking powder as a leavening agent
  • Potato doughnuts -these are made using mashed potatoes
  • Twists – these are long and twisted donuts

National Donut Day

Every first Friday of June, people around the world join celebrate National Donut Day. It is more popular though in America where it originated than here in the UK. It was created by the Salvation Army as a means to honour their members who served donuts to soldiers in times of their need, during World War I.

Like cotton candy floss, doughnuts also are typically packed in generic pink boxes. This is the most popular color in the desert industry.

Cake vs yeast style

There are two types of doughnuts: cake donuts and yeast doughnuts. They both contain the same ingredients (flour, raising agent, eggs, sugar, water, salt, milk, shortening, and flavors) but differ in terms of flour used and the use of a raising agent. Yeast doughnuts use plain flour and yeast as a raising agent while cake doughnuts use cake flour and baking powder. The yeast ones are light, airier and chew while the baking powder ones crunch on the outside, cake like on the inside and are compact.

Deep Fried vs Baked Donuts

The yeast donuts are suitable for deep frying while the ones made using cake flour are good for baking. You bake them at 375F for 14 to 16 minutes.

Is Doughnut Healthy?

Like cakes, cookies and most pastries, doughnuts if eaten in excess is not healthy. This is because they contain high amount of sugar and calories.

How to Make Donuts:

  • To make a donut, you need plain flour, whole milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, and cooking oil. To make them tastier you can add vanilla extract
  • For deep-fried donuts recipe, check or or
  • For baked doughnuts, check
  • Your yeast needs to be active as inactive one will ruin your donut. To proof dissolve it in warm milk or water and leaves it to rest for 10 minutes. If it is active, it will bubble.
  • All other ingredients need to be at room temperature before using them
  • If you are using active dry yeast, the dough need to raise twice, if instant yeast can make it rest only once
  • You use a donut or cookie cutter to cut the shapes
  • After finishing cutting out the shapes, you need to cover them with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap and leave them to raise, double their size.
  • After finishing cooking immediately brush your donuts with butter and dip them all sides in the sugar mixture (can combine 200g of sugar with 1 teaspoon nutmeg) and let them cool on a rack
  • You can also decide to fill them with jelly, jam, custard, creams, vanilla frosting or eat them as they are. Or glaze them with melted cholate and add your favorite toppings.
  • Glazing is a game-changer that turns plain donut into a crisp, tasteful doughnut
  • Alternatively, you can make a donut sandwich by cutting the already fried doughnut into 2and add ice cream, cheese and meat, eggs and bacons, and more.
  • To keep them fresh store them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months time.
  • To eat them from the freezer, thaw them first at room temperature then microwave them for 15 seconds

What to Avoid when Frying Doughnuts?

  1. Too small pot – Doughnuts expand when heated so if you use a small pot to fry them it will cause them not to cook well. They will absorb much oil and become greasy and might cause the oil to overflow on your cooker depending on the number of donuts you fry per time.
  2. Not cooking at the right temperature. If the oil is too hot will cause them to cook faster on the outside and remain raw on the inside. And if the oil is not hot enough, they will absorb the oil before start cooking. Use a deep-fry or candy thermometer to keep in control of the temperature
  3. Not draining them properly – You need to double drain your donuts before glazing them: first using a strainer shake them for few seconds to remove oil then use a paper towel and lastly place them on a cooling rack so that they do not continue sitting on the absorbed paper towel oil.

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