Best Portable Blender UK (2024 Reviews)

Best Portable Blender UK The mini blender is a small, portable blender that is meant for personal use. These personal mini blenders are compact and quite cheap in price. Most of them are quite powerfully, they can crush ice, frozen fruits and even fruits seeds to give you a quality smoothie. You get the best personal mini blender from £20 to £60. Quite cheap compared to the full sized best blenders UK that go up to £100 plus.

Best selling Portable Mini Blenders UK:

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The price depends on the power of the blender, what else it can do and the brand. Check the Black Friday Blender Deals UK and Cyber Monday Sales.

You can use the mini blenders for making smoothies, milkshakes,coffee, iced juices and puree.

Below are our top 5 best mini blenders UK :

Best Portable Blenders
Best Portable Blender Reviews

1. Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker

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Like other portable mini blenders reviewed above, the Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker is a nice one to have.

  • It can blend frozen fruits and veggies and crush ice in seconds.
  • Compared to other personal blenders reviewed above, Breville bottles and attachments are dishwasher safe
  • You get 2 sports 600ml Tritan BPA free bottles with leak-proof lids and measuring guides on the sides
  • its blades powered by 300 watts motor can crush ice and chop nuts and tough fibre fruits in seconds
  • This Breville blender’s bottles are odour, stains and shatter-resistant for convenient use again and again
  • It comes with a recipe book to get you started.
  • It is currently going for under £ 40
  • If you want more, check the Breville Blend Active Pro Food Prep Personal Blender with Mini Food Processor and Spice Grinder VBL212.

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The NUTRiBULLET 600 Series – Nutrient Extractor High Speed Blender is one of the best selling, top-rated portable mini blenders UK. It is going for under £60.

The thing that makes this NUTRiBULLET blender stand out from the rest is its powerful 600 motor, built-in cyclonic technology and a special blade that make it capable of breaking down whole fruits, vegetables and nuts in seconds. It crushes ice and blends even frozen fruits with ease.

This saves smoothie preparation time while giving you maximum nutrients for your health.

  • NUTRiBULLET 600 Series comes with 2 blending cups (680ml and 511ml) with lids. The cups can also be used for drinking on a go. You simply blend your ingredients, when done, detach the cup, put the lid and there you go.
  • It produces a pulp-free smoothie as the blender blends everything to give you maximum nutrients
  • It is easy to use and clean. To clean it, you simply screw off its blade base and wash it in a running water
  • To get you started, you get a NUTRiBULLET recipe book
  • No doubt this NUTRiBULLET 600 Series - Nutrient Extractor High Speed Blender - 600W 8 Piece Set - Graphite (Renewed) is good value for money mini blender to have.

3. TOPESCT Little Portable Blender, Personal Mini Blender

The TOPESCT Little Portable Blender, Personal Mini Blender is the number one best mini blender you can get right now.

  • It comes with 6pc powerful stainless steel blades that blend fruits, vegetables and coffee in seconds. Foods need to be cut into very small pieces and ice crushed before adding them into this blender.
  • For perfect mixing, you need to shake it a little bit between mixing and after blending for making it tastier
  • Sames as , this TOPSECT personal blender is also a USB portable blender that can be charged on a computer, car or any USB device.
  • For safety reasons, TOPSECT will not work if its components are not set accordingly
  • When fully charged in 3 to 5 hours, it can make up to 30 bottles of smoothies thanks, thanks to its long-lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • It can self clean itself by simply filling in the water and press the button to start washing.

4. Olivivi Personal Mini Blender

Like Nuribullet personal blender reviewed above, the Olivivi Personal Mini Blender can crush ice, blend fruits and vegetables to make a health delicious smoothies.

However, what differentiates Olivivi from Nutribullet is that while Nutribullet mini blender can blend whole fruits and veggies without a need of cutting them into pieces; the Olivivi , on the other hand, you have to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces for it to blend perfectly.

With Olivivi, you also need to shake it between mixing to help it mix ingredients perfects. You get it under £30 compared to over £50 Nutribullet mini blender.

Apart from that:

  • This is a cordless, USB blender that can be charged on a computer, car or any other USB device for 2 to 3 hours
  • When fully charged it can make15 to 20 cups of smoothies.
  • As it is cordless, you can take it out to work or picnic with you and blend fruits on demand
  • It comes with a 414ml blending container, powered by 300 watts motor
  • Same as Nutribullet blender, you can use Olivivi bottle for blending and drinking.
  • The Olivivi has a battery status indicator that flashes red when it is charging and blue once fully charged. If it flashes both colours at the same time, it means the blender is not well attached to its base
  • its bottle has a handle that makes it easy to carry
  • To assist cleaning, you get a cleaning brush
  • Under £30, this is a good budget mini blender to have

5. Smoothie Blender,Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker

Same as Olivivi mini blender reviewed above, the Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker can also blend small pieces of fruits, vegetables and ice with ease. You also get it under £30.

  • It can make smoothie for 30 seconds. Don’t run it for over 1 minute if so make sure to let it rest for one minute before continuing blender to reduce overheat
  • This Homgeek mini blender comes with 500ml blending bottle that can be used for blending and drinking
  • Is bottle has a leek proof lid making it easy for you to carry it on a go
  • For easy to wash, its blades are detachable makes it ease to wash them and the blender on a running water
  • Under £30, this mini blender is worth it.

Which is your best portable blender so far?

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