Ninja Vs Cosori Air Fryer Reviews

Air Fryers tend to use less oil and electric power in comparison to other cooking gadgets. As a result of the popularity of air fryers many brands and models have popped up in the market such that it becomes hard work trying to work out which one is good value for money. A case in point is Cosori vs Ninja air fryers which are mid budget range models. So what exactly is the difference between these two?

Key Difference Between Ninja and Cosori Air Fryer

Ninja versus Cosori Air Fryer

The key difference between Cosori and Ninja is that Ninja has more options like more preset cooking configurations for most foods unlike Cosori. Ninja also comes with dehydrating capabilities which the cosori does not offer. However despite cosori being much cheaper than Ninja, it  has more or less similar basic functionalities of a modern air fryer just like Ninja. Ninja gives you more customization options as you will find out below in our comparative  analysis of Cosori vs Ninja. We touch on some key points like warranty, safety features, quality, value, coverage, ease of use and more.

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Which One Between Cosori And Ninja Air Fryer Is Easy To Use?

The Cosori air fryer features an extremely straightforward design. The outer casing does not have unnecessary fluff, plus you do not have to be concerned about cleaning out extra grills or even fiddly bits. It’s all easy and straightforward to work with. Furthermore, it has an extensive user manual which guides you through each step of utilising it for frying purposes.

Meanwhile the Ninja air fryer, is likewise an amazing device. But new customers are going to take the time to become used to turning dials and also pushing buttons and getting to grips with the different settings.

Which One Provides Better Quality

The main similarity between a Cosori air fryer along with a Ninja air fryer is the quality they possess. Both companies produce high quality products that are long and durable.

Value for Money: All things considered Ninja slightly edges it, only just because it offers you more customization options and has more preset options for different foods in comparison to Cosori. Nevertheless, each of these air fryers have disadvantages and advantages, but with regards to value for money, it is difficult to say because you have to factor in special individual needs and priorities. Ultimately, what matters most is you choose an air fryer that provides excellent value depending on your needs and circumstances..

Guarantee Coverage (Warranty):

Both companies’ air fryers offer a 1 year restricted warranty on components and supplies, and that is quite common among air fryers. Nevertheless, it does not cover depreciation from normal use. 

Which One Is Budget Friendly?

The Cosori air fryers are less expensive and have key functions you’d expect from an excellent high end model. Additionally, you will find several good extras as recipe books, accessories, as well as an instructional manual. If you are searching for a low cost option that will continue to provide you with excellent results without compromising performance or quality then this is one to consider.

Protection Features:

They (Ninja models and both Cosori) both have automatic shutoff options, so you will not need to be concerned about watching your fryer all the time. The Cosori model also offers an overheating sensor which will instantly turn off the device in case it detects it’s overheated. You are able to set timers to help make sure you do not leave what you are cooking in there for way too long.

Review Of Cosori Air-Fryers Models And Range

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Cosori Air fryer Pros 

The Cosori air fryers are meant to be easy to work with. They’re safer for elders and kids. They can be used without many risks that other cooking devices have often posed. Plus additionally, it signifies that anyone who does most of the baking in the house, is going to benefit from settings that are simple along with a much less stressful cooking experience throughout the round.

The control board on Cosori air fryers varies slightly. It has a considerable number of preset functions. Included in these’re foods like bacon, frozen foods, steak, chicken, greens and bread baking. For daily cooking, anyone who has just gotten to baking or even those that are very focused on investing many hours reading through recipe books, the Cosori Air Fryer range is the ideal option.

Cosori fryers can easily fry, broil, bake and grill perfectly and they’re renowned for constantly producing crispy food which has the deep fried flavor we enjoy. And you are able to cook scores of various dishes in Cosori air fryers and expect delicious food each time. The tray and basket are square shaped, and that is the greater compared to the fryers with a round style, as they offer a lot more baking space. And as a single level cooking is needed, this’s a crucial time when you’re determining what size of fryer is ideal for the needs of yours. The square style also would make the crisping basket simpler to slide in and out.

Cosori Air fryer Cons 

  • The mechanical settings feature isn’t the greatest. And many customers consider the temperature and timer buttons not easy to get used to, until they become used to the way they’re put in the control board. 
  • Additionally, air frying requires you start it and then food either turn or a shake the food during the baking process.
  • When eliminate the basket on the Cosori air fryer, the timer pauses, that is a great point, because you do not wish to get to continuously reprogram enough time and temperature. 

Nevertheless, whenever you close the unit to keep on cooking, it often provides a few minutes on the cooking time. So you have to be conscious of that and also make any needed time changes, in case it is going to affect the foods you are setting up.

Cosori 3.8 Litres -Air-Fryer For Two – Three People

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COSORI Air Fryer Lite 3.8L, 75-230℃, Amazon Exclusive, 7 Cooking Functions, Smart Control, 1500W, 1-3 Portions, Free with 110+ Online Recipes Cookbook, Dishwasher Safe, Grey is a very affordable model is the best size to cater for 2 or maybe three people. Plus it has a slim look to conserve room on the kitchen counter with a square fry basket inside that provides more baking space than round basket models. This model offers eleven handy preset buttons for chicken, bread, vegetables, fish, steak, fries and other things. It is a small design which produces excellent, super healthy food each time

Cosori Air Fryer: Cosori 9 In 1 4.7 Litre Air Fryer 

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The Cosori 4.7 litre is superb value for families of four to six people. It looks appealing with the stainless sections and is strong and made to last. The nine pre-set buttons allow it to be painless to pop in fave food choices, with no fuss. 

The manual controls are very easy to use, also. The temperature moves from 76 – 230 degree centigrade max. And also you get a helpful accessory, that is a dual layer cooking rack with five skewers for delicious homemade kebabs. 

This particular design is very easy to wash with removable parts that could be dish-washed or hand-washed. And also you get crispy, meal that is tasty with no unhealthy oil in it each time.

The 4.7L volume is going to give you 2 mains or maybe 4 side dishes from its deceptively small drawer. The removable components are dishwasher safe for cleaning that is easy as well as, because of its little body, it’s absolutely no faff to move it from countertop to cupboard if needed.

This air fryer has an easy-to-clean design,, tactile controls and a stylish appearance. Based on Cosori, cooking requires eighty five % less oil than deep frying foods, giving a much healthier way to have indulgent treats like fries plus chicken wings. 

What is more often, it’s also among probably the most budget friendly air fryers on the market. 

While it’s just about the most well-liked air fryer brands on the market, Cosori sells its air fryers exclusively on Amazon, plus they may frequently go on sale for as few as £100. For a gadget of this particular quality, that is a good deal.

The settings on the Cosori 4.7 litres are at the upper part of the fryer, therefore it will not need you to bend down. The drawer locks cleanly into place when pressed in, though you are going to need to press the button on the handle pulling the drawer back out.

A huge win with the Cosori 4.7 litres is the removable insert. This means that you are able to crisp up foods with a liquid in them, which might have fallen through the openings on the insert.


  • Produces crisp chicken and fries wings +5 quart / 4.7-liter capacity
  • Stylish design
  • Struggles with frozen foods
  • Requires a little experimenting to get evenly browned outcomes 

With a good capacity and also stylish design, I believe the is the best middle ground of every air fryer. It is typical in size and cost, but above average with regards to performance. Additionally, it often features in Black Friday air fryer offers along with other seasonal promotions. If you want something larger I’d recommend to try the Ninja

Cosori Air Fryer XXL 5.5L (with 100 Recipes Cookbook)

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The Cosori air fryer XXL 5.5 enables simpler as well as better “fried foods” using eighty five % less gas than conventional deep fryers. It has 14 cooking presets, the capability to preheat, and touch screen controls. The Cosori presets include: Steak, Root Vegetables, Vegetables, French Fries, Frozen Foods, Bacon, Shrimp, Seafood, Chicken, Desserts and Bread.

Key Features

  • Simple presets: This Cosori air fryer comes with presets for different foods that does allow it to be simpler to understand how long to prepare particular food and at what temperature.
  • Manual controls: You are able to additionally manually set this particular air fryer at any temperature anywhere from 170 to 400 degrees.
  • Square basket design: The square basket structure additionally provides for a significant bigger capacity compared to what you would find on additional air fryers with round baskets.
  • It comes with recipes for a hundred dishes which use these fourteen options, including seafood, root vegetables, bacon, bread, along with french fries.

The settings on the Cosori Air Fryer are very easy to work with. It is electronic and also you are able to pick from other large buttons and a setting by just pressing the touch panel. You are able to switch on the air fryer with the main power button. Next, it is simply a case of choosing your preferred setting and setting the temperature and also time if necessary.

The Cosori Air Fryer is an Amazon bestseller, with thousands of ratings that are good across the brand’s line of fryers. It is referred to as the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL in the US, and also in the UK it is the Cosori Air Fryer XXL. 2 things strike you about the Cosori on opening. First is its smooth matte, boxy style with LED touchscreen. Second is its size. 

The fryer basket features a 5.5 litre capacity – big enough for making 4 areas of chips at one time or even enough for 6 to snack on.

Both baskets are non-stick and barely require some scrubbing with a gentle sponge when cleaning. The internal components are dishwasher friendly for convenience and in addition BPA free; a good safety and health credential.


  • Large capacity 5.5l fit for family of 4 6, 
  • fourteen preset modes, 
  • Preheat function
  • Frozen method, 
  • Keep warm setting, 
  • hundred dishes recipe, 
  • Lightweight and with ergonomic handles, 
  • Dishwasher safe parts, controls that are easy to use


  • Not all preset modes work with some of your favourite dishes.
  • Not one other functions than air fry

Which one is better: Cosori and ninja Air fryers?

Obviously both Cosori and the Ninja brand air fryers cook food quickly, equally & with a fantastic, deep fried taste and crispy crunch texture. But there are essential differences between the 2 brand’s air-fryers.

Ninja Air fryer Pros 

The Ninja Air Fryer has an ultra simple control board & no presets at all. And so this’s probably created for much more skilled cooks, who’re confident while using air-fryers’ recipe book. 

The healthy recipe book which will come together with the Ninja air fryer range is quite comprehensive, simple to watch and well thought out, therefore anything you have to understand is enclosed. 

Nevertheless, you will find several cooking options including broiling, re-heating, roasting, and air-frying. Plus, a special bonus for all those that are keen on dehydrating food, the Ninja air fryer is a superb dehydration unit. So that gives it a huge edge over the Cosori air fryers for some people.

Ninja Air fryer Cons 

  • The main drawback on the Ninja is its shortage of preset buttons. This almost certainly restricts the appeal of its on a budget skilled cooks, who like the choice of brief frozen food dishes you are able to pop in, choose the right settings and forget about.

Ninja Air fryer models: 


Ninja Air Fryer [AF100UK] 3.8 Litres

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The incorporates the dehydration choice, the Ninja 3.8 litre Air Fryer, may be set from close to hundred F and a maximum of the typical best temperature of 204 centigrade. You can fry one kg fries for quick, crispy cooking. The large, It has nifty safety features like coated ceramic non-stick basket is ceramic coated.

Ninja Air fryer – Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker (Multi-Cooker [OP350UK], 9-in-1, 6L)

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The Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Multi Cooker, 6L with 9 Cooking Functions, Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Grill and more, Brushed Steel & Black, OP350UK is brilliant hybrid device is simply a pressure cooker, including a fantastic air-frying option. It is a multi-cooker which could truly replace as much as seven individual cooking units including: air frying, re-heating, slow cooking, steaming, baking, keeping pressure-cooking and warm.

The six litre pot is roomy for cooking a lot of food and you receive a big, three quart crisp basket for genuinely crunchilicious foods. In reality, the Ninja brand name is known for the crispiness of its crunchy food items. Check it out here

Ninja Max XL (AF161 Max XL) Air-fryer

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This is a high end  Premium Ninja air fryer, which has several additional features you cannot find elsewhere. Particularly, you are able to make as much as a heat of 230 degrees celsius which surpasses the highest temperature of most air fryers by 30 degrees centigrade. The fry basket takes as many as 1.3 kilograms of fries at a time. There is also a grilling option in case you like your food super crunchy with a well browned finish. This can take care of a big family or even cook food for special events and parties with dinner guests.

Cosori vs Ninja Which Would I Get?

For the ease of cooking daily fresh or frozen meals you’d generally deep fry, the Cosori Air Fryer is certainly the smartest choice. They have numerous preset settings for different kinds of foods that makes cooking effortless. It also has an instant switch-off function for additional safety and it is generally more affordable than the Ninja. However, when it comes to levels of customization and overall quality, it is not so great as the Ninja. The manual settings might pose a learning curve but once you get used to it, it is plain sailing and effortless cooking.  People quickly get over the original confusion of theirs and work with it with ease.

On another hand, the Ninja Air Fryer offers four useful food preparation choices, 

  • air fry, 
  • roast, 
  • re heat and also 
  • dehydrate, giving it an edge for keen food dehydrators. 

Ninja air fryers are mostly based on manually controlled cooking, exactly where you have a formula to let you know the perfect cooking and also temperature time. The good thing is that you will find recipes for over a hundred dishes in the Owner’s Manual. Plus it is less complicated to pause if you take out food for shaking or moving it around, without needing to set the timer. Ninja is quite good for people who are more accomplished cooks that do not have to rely on already configured presets to cook amazing food.

Whether you purchase from the Ninja or Cosori air fryer ranges, you will be certain of durability and quality provided you take good care of it.

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