Best Andrew James Food Mixer Reviews

The Andrew James Food Mixer is one of the best food mixers out there. Generally, there are 3 Andrew James Mixers in the UK market right now. And these are The Andrew James multifunctional mixer, the Andrew James 800W Food Stand Mixer, and the Andrew James electric food stand mixer. These mixers come in red, cream, silver, and black colors to match your lifestyle.

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Best Selling Andrew James Food Mixers:

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#1: Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer 

Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer

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The Andrew James electric food stand mixer in stunning cream is one of the best-selling mixers UK. It comes with a 5.5 litre mixing bowl. The bowl is more than enough for a medium family.

Not only the bowl, but you also get a 4 standard attachments: a dough hook, flexi beater, whisk and a beater blade. While the beater blade is for mixing non-sticky mixtures, the flexi beater is for mixing stick mixtures. The whisk for beating eggs and the dough hook is for kneading a dough.

Apart from the bowl and attachments; you also get a free 128 pages cookbook with bread and cakes recipes. Furthermore is a splash guard for preventing splashes and spillage and a 2 year warranty.

Key Features

This Andrew James food mixer in stunning cream has 6 control speed settings. This helps you control the speed in which to work on.

  • It weighs 7 kg and of 38.7 x 23.8 x 31.9 cm size.
  • It is cream in color, powered by 800 watt motor.
  • You can use it for making cakes, cookies, biscuits, marshmallows, pizza dough, and more.

The mixer shows a lot of promise but does it actually deliver what it says on the tin?


  • The attachments like beaters if not used and cleaned per instructions seem not to last long.
  • All attachments are not dishwasher safe.
  • It is a bit loud like many other mixers.


  • Easy to use, clean and change attachments.
  • The mixing bowl is of good size, 5.5 litre.
  • Its free cook book is great.
  • The price range is good. Good value for money.
  • The flexi blade mixes deals with sticky stuff like egg. It also creams butter well without the need to stop and scrape the bowl.
  • The splash-guard has an opening so you can pour in things while the machine is running. And also removes with a twist.
  • It is elegant and expensive-looking and
  • Its instructions are so simple in a way that you can try it out right away.

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#2: Andrew James Multifunctional Food Mixer Reviews

The Andrew James Multifunctional Mixer is a three things in one: a food mixer, a meat grinder and a blender. Besides the 3 things, you also get other free add-ons: sausage maker and kibbe maker.

(This Andrew James food mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon)

As a food mixer, this Andrew James food mixer comes with a 5.2 litre mixing bowl with a splash guard. The splash guard is great for helping preventing food splashes and spillage. This stops the flour from flying out. The mixer is also accompanied with 4 attachments: a dough hook, a flexi beater, a beater blade and a whisk.

The meat grinder too has 3 cutting discs: fine, medium and coarse. And the blender includes a 1.5 liter glass container and is excellent for making smoothies and baby food.

Key Features

The Andrew James multifunctional has a robust built and a glossy stunning red finish. It has a 800 watt motor and weighs 10.60 kgs with suctions at the base for stable mixing.

  • Features 1 to 6 control speed setting, 1 being the lowest and 6 the highest.
  • Comes with 128 pages Cookbook by Norma Miller filled with baking recipes.
  • The mixer is in red color and comes in the size of 23 x 59 x 42 cm.
  • It has a 4.3 stars rating out of 5 Amazon customers star ratings.
  • It is a bit expensive compared to the best selling Andrew James food mixer in stunning red. But the increase in price is due to the added attachments: a meat grinder and a blender.

Like other Andrew James Mixers; the multifunctional also comes with 2 years warranty.

What Customers Say?

Here is what customers say about this multifunctional Andrew James food mixer.

  • Great for making breads and cakes.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Good value for money.
  • You can also buy an Andrew James ice-cream maker attachment to go with it.
  • Its beautiful metallic type red colour is gorgeous.
  • Very elegant to look at any kitchen countertop designs.
  • It is sturdy and solid and does not move around.
  • Great customer service.


Like everything else the Andrew James red food mixer has its own limitations. Here are the key things a prospective buyer needs to know about:

  • It is quite loud.
  • The instruction manual has inadequate instructions on how to use the mincer .
  • Not sure of how long will it last. But, you have 2 years warranty for peace of mind within this period of time.


These are some of the things you are to take care when using the Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 Food Mixer:

  • Remember to clean it before you start using it.
  • When in use take care of your fingers and other accessories like spatula. Do not place them close to the moving objects.
  • In case the spoon or any object fall into the bowl while mixing; remember to put off the gadget fast. Do this before removing the object.
  • You are to use only the attachments provided by Andrew James.
  • You are not to operate the gadget for more than 4 minutes; especially when mixing heavy loads. Per every 4 minutes mixing time; you have to leave t to rest for 15 minutes before setting it up again. If you push it, it may crock on you, so stay within the recommended timings.
  • Apart from Andrew James requires you not to exceed the maximum capacity as indicated in the instruction manual provided.
  • Do not use more than one attachment at the same time.
  • The 5.2 stand mixer will not function if not assembled well.

Final Verdict

Most users recommend the Andrew James Multifunctional Mixer. It is very versatile, fashionable, and very easy to use. This is ideal for amateur or even professional bakers and chef alike. It has a high star rating of 4.3 which is a stamp of approval. This indicates 84% of customers consider the multifunctional mixer great value for money.

If you are looking for a mid-range and functional food stand mixer without spending a lot. Then buy with confidence. (this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon)

#3: Andrew James Food Mixer In Stunning Black Reviews

The Andrew James  Food Mixer in Stunning Black is well priced below £100.

(currently unavailable on Amazon)

It comes with a comprehensive cook book filled with recipes for cakes and breads. You also get 4 standard attachments: a flexible beater, whisk, beater blade and dough hook. Besides a spatula, a splash guard and a 2 year warranty.

It comes with a 24 months warranty. This warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the accompanying attachments. And in case you are not happy with the gadget; remember to return it within the first seven days for a full refund.

Key Features

The mixer has different pulse settings and 6 power levels: 1 to 6, one being the lowest and 6 the highest. The pulse setting gives you control on the speeds your gadget runs at. For achieving consistency while mixing ingredients you need to read the user guide. This will help you to know which speed goes with what you are cooking. Yet all kinds of recipes always starts will the lowest speed first and increase it then after.

  • Weighs 6kg and of 19 x 36 x 35 cm size.
  • Has 1500 watts motor.
  • It comes in lush, loud black and a clean finish. Needless to say, because if its sleek and beautiful design. It can also find its own way to fit into your kitchen countertop.


The New Andrew James food mixer in stunning black key accessories include:

  • The dough hook blade for creating heavy cake and dough mixes,
  • The flexible beater blade is to make sure that all sticky ingredients are mixer well. You can also use it for batters and cake mixes.
  • The balloon whisk is for whisking creams and egg whites.

Is the Andrew James food mixer black any good ? Let us find out by breaking some of the customer feedback.

What Customers Say?

This Andrew James mixer is very easy to operate and clean.

  • It is stylish and adds beauty to your kitchen.
  • Its spatula is handy in ensuring that everything is removed from the bowl.
  • Some customers say it is as good as Kenwood Mixer especially in the art of kneading and whipping. But, I think that the Kenwood is a class apart, hence the price difference.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Of good quality value for money.
  • Easy to unpack, operate and clean .
  • It is stable while in use. It has suctions on its base that make is quite secure in a standing position.
  • You can use to make meringues, sponges, bread dough, pastries, beating eggs


  • It a bit hard to take the bowl out of the AJ000195 as the mixing bowl does not have handles on it.
  • The lower speed setting is much slower than expected.
  • Its attachments are not dishwasher safe.
  • Sometimes you need to scoop out stuff in-case the beaters failed to reach the bottom. This tends to happen when the mixing attachments seem not reach the bottom of the bowl.
  • It is doesn’t seem to last longer as compared to Kenwood.


As a conclusion, when you take all these things into balance, the Andrew James food mixer in stunning black is actually worth your money. Here is the kicker: when it comes to the basics of fine cooking: baking, kneading and whipping.

The Andrew James is as good as any top gadget out there provided you follow the instructions. Besides this, you have a solid two year guarantee.

If you are looking for a mid range gadget to complement your fine cooking skills then definitely grab the AJ000195 while the price is still this low.

It is not by mistake that the Andrew James food mixer in stunning black is currently one of the bestsellers at Amazon uk.

Are Andrew James Food Mixers Any Good?

Close to 700 people at Amazon UK agree that Andrew James food mixers are the best. they are cheap and of good value for money. You get 2 years warranty for peace of mind. But, like anything else there is always some issues to take care off:

Efficient use of your gadget: When you take time to read the accompanied user manual. The manual states that you should let your mixer to cool down after every 4 minutes of continuous use. Remember it is of plastic material.

Compared to Kenwood where you get keys for adjusting the mixing attachments. There is no keys with Andrew James food mixers. Incase the ingredients are not mixed ; You have to help it a little by scrapping the bowl sides.

No repair parts : You get 2 years warranty in which your gadget can be repaired . After 2 years in case you break your gadget or the attachments. You have to buy a brand new gadget as there is no available spare parts for sale anywhere. You can get something like bowls, cover, whisk on Ebay but not motors etc.

Attachments are not dishwasher safe.

Bowl with no handles etc .

Yet you can’t go wrong with the price; hence making the Andrew the choice of many people.

All mixers come with a user manual: if you don’t get one you can find and download online.

Where to Buy Andrew James Food Mixer?

You can buy any of the Andrew James food mixer reviewed in here at the best price on Amazon UK. Clicking the buy now button will take you direct to Amazon. Apart from Amazon you can also get one for sale at Ebay, Manufacturer sites and more.

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