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This site is maintained by Tina, a passionate and engaged baker, and home Chef. Tina has more than ten years of experience writing content about baking and reviewing different kitchen gadgets that enhance food preparation and culinary skills. She has been a baker for over 20 years, she has a post-graduate degree from the University of Glasgow but has always been passionate about kitchen gadgets and honing her culinary skills ever since she was a teenager.

Coxonsitchen.co.uk is dedicated to providing detailed reviews, tips, and insights into the top-selling food mixers and processors in the market today.

On this site, you will find out which is the best food mixer or the best food processor to buy with confidence.  Do you need a food processor or mixer, blender, or juicer, click to find out the main difference.

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Tina Morgans (Website Editor)

Tina Peters

Tina Peters is the Small Appliance and Cookware Editor, she is an expert in all things kitchens, and is constantly reviewing the latest and greatest products to recommend to readers in our buying guides and reviews. She has formerly been a webmaster on other home, kitchen and garden websites.

After graduating from Glasgow University in 2010 (her degree was in Planning) she started working as a researcher and writer. After working with other publications and websites in the home and kitchen niche she started coxonskitchen.co.uk The name coxonskitchen is derived from Tina’s favourable tv celebrity chef Alan Coxon who has ‘mentored’ Tina via his award winning cookbooks and chef presenter/tv work. Tina’s hobbies include baking, writing, reading, and cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen. 

As a website editor, her job is to test and research kitchen appliances and new launches, be they stand mixers, coffee machines, food processors, air fryers, bread makers, or juicers, and give you her honest feedback and heads up. All my testing is conducted from my own home but is also heavily augmented by researching customer feedback and expert consultation by other experts in the industry.  

Some fun facts about Tina

Which place do you most connection with? 

I love Reading where I lived when I first got married, the city has a chilled vibrancy that I like. The city’s modern architecture is quite up my street, it blends well with my  passion with interiors and home décor. 

What peaks your interest? 

I love baking and like to whip up something sweet whenever I have time. When I am not writing about the latest kitchen gadget, I like reading cookbooks and following material produced by top chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Allan Coxon, the multiple award-winning TV chef.

 Our Editorial Policy.

As somebody with an advanced degree in planning, me and my team of consultants/experts fact check all our content to ensure that it is factual and verifiable.

Nevertheless, please note that coxonskitchen.co.uk is meant for informational/educational purposes to aid your consumer journey and baking/cooking tips. 

We consult professional chefs and bakers in order to fact check and also to discuss products. We also reference cookbooks by different experts in the field and research peer reviewed content to support the information we post on our website. Some of the content is outsourced to external writers including professional bakers and home bakers. We take due diligence to cross check the content that gets displayed on this website with a view to stand with our motto of providing reliable fact filled and variable information to our readers. Nevertheless if in spite of our precision you find something contentious in the articles, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

The way We Conduct Product Reviews

We put in the effort to conduct adequate research to ensure we cover all angles on the topic we are writing about. Any product, be it an air fryer, food processor, or any other appliance we review that does not meet our standards is not recommended. We will tell you instantly that it is not well worth your money or time.

We do not recommend anything we will not be happy to have in our homes. Most of the products we review are items we have used. In some instances we might get a manufacturer who will ask us to sample their products but we usually let them know upfront that we will not recommend the product if it does not meet our criteria of an effective and reliable product..

Below are our primary criteria when judging a product:


For every product type, we’ve a diverse set of conditions for functionality. Say whether it is a juicer, we try it for efficiency. Is the pulp still very moist after juicing, and could it be bone dry? Just how long will the juice last? We test different aspects to reach an accurate conclusion.


The intricacy of something is also something which we dig into. An excellent product must be very easy to use and does not have a steep learning curve that can throw someone off. Additionally, durability and ease of maintenance is something we give keen attention. Dishwasher-compatible solutions get the best marks in this specific place.

Value for Money

The product should actually save the buyer money in the long run either by the fact that it is effective, reliable and versatile. The price should also be competitive and resonate with similar products in the market 


We give additional points to items with advanced features because chances are as technology advances in society, if you have a product with smart features like wifi compatible, then that should be a bonus because it will give you differents options..


Finally, we also perform a ” feel and look test” on the products we review. Nobody wants a clunky gadget sitting on their kitchen top. Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so by all accounts you need to be a pleasing place to be and aesthetically appealing gadgets can help with this.

As always we are always available in case you have any questions.