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How To Use Food Mixer

How to use a food mixer

Introduction: A food mixer can be a great addition to your kitchen. It can help you make quick and easy meals for your family. In this article, we will show you how to use a food mixer. Check out these inexpensive food mixers. Step 1: Place the Food Mixer on the Base Place the food … Read more

How Long Do Cupcakes Take To Cool

how long do cupcakes take to cool

Knowing when to begin frosting the cupcakes is a typical question. It seems there’s a wrong and right time on how long cupcakes take to cool in case you wish them to look as excellent as they taste. Just how long will it take for a cake to cool completely? We suggest you wait 2-3 … Read more

Kenwood Chef vs Kmix

Kenwood Chef vs Kmix

Kenwood chef vs Kmix? Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Kmix are two great stand mixer models that are renowned for their durability reliability and effectiveness. It is important to note that these two models are produced in a range of series such that there are sub-models of the Chef and the Kmix. However, for the sake … Read more

What Size Kitchenaid Mixer Do I Need?

What Size Kitchenaid Mixer Do I Need

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are a lot of different options to choose from. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what size Kitchenaid mixer do you need? There are three common sizes: the classic stand mixer, the large stand mixer, and the extra-large stand mixer. In case you … Read more

Kenwood Chef Classic vs Titanium

Kenwood Chef vs Kmix

Kenwood Chef classic vs titanium are high-quality food mixers manufactured by Kenwood but what really differentiates them? The main difference between the Chef classic and Titanium is the motor power. The is modelled on the original Kenwood from the 70s and 80s albeit with a modern motor. The Kenwood Chef (classic) Stand Mixer (KVC3100) has … Read more

4 Best Places To Service A Kitchenaid Mixer

where to service a kitchenaid mixer

If you’re looking for the best place to service a KitchenAid mixer, you’ve come to the right place. Otherwise for other stand mixers including budget stand mixers check hear. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of the top 4 places to service a KitchenAid mixer. 1. The KitchenAid Service Center  All Kitchenaid mixers … Read more

Which Is Better: Stand Mixers Or Hand Mixers?


When it comes to making delicious treats, there is no comparison between stand mixers and hand mixers. Stand mixers are the best option for large-scale baking projects, while hand mixers are better for smaller batches. So, which is better? The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a small, portable mixer … Read more

Do You Really Need A Stand Mixer?

Do You Really Need A Stand Mixer

Introduction: A lot of people are curious if they really need a stand mixer to make bread dough, cookies, or cakes. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using a stand mixer for making bread, pizza, cookies cakes and see if it’s really worth the investment. Do I Need a Stand Mixer … Read more

Kitchenaid Artisan vs Classic

Kitchenaid Artisan vs Classic (Which one is Better Value for Money)

The main difference between Kitchenaid artisan vs classic is the motor power. The comes with a 325-watts motor while the has 250 watts. There is therefore a difference of 75 watts which is quite significant when it comes to baking heavy dough like bread. When you produce a lot more than a loaf of bread … Read more

Kenwood Chef Titanium vs Kitchenaid Artisan

Kenwood Chef Titanium vs Kitchenaid Artisan (Key Differences)

The key difference between the Kenwood chef titanium vs KitchenAid Artisan is the motor power that propels the mixer. The is actually equipped at its engine with a 1400 Watt belt motor, against just 300 Watt for that of the Artisan. The nonetheless opted for a strong transmission with a motor incorporated into the mixer. … Read more

Kenwood Prospero vs Prospero Plus

Kenwood Prospero vs Prospero Plus

vs stand mixer is really a comparison of the old version of Prospero which has since been phased out of the marketplace in place of Prospero Plus. What’s the big difference between Prospero and Prospero Plus? The is the most recent Prospero design. Most Prospero mixers are designed for small tasks thanks to their standard 4.3 … Read more

Best 3 in 1 Doughnut Maker UK

Best 3 in 1 Doughnut Maker UK

Find Best 3 in 1 Doughnut Maker UK: A doughnut also referred to as a donut or dough rings is a type of sweet, deep-fried snack that comes in different sizes and shapes. It is often filled with sweet fillings such as custard or have some toppings and flavors on it and may include eggs … Read more

Food Mixer Or Food Processor – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions!

Which is the better appliance to buy? A food mixer or a food processor?
Food Processor and Mixer in one? Or two machines?
What should I get – a food processor or food mixer?
Can a food processor make the cake dough, whip cream; make buttercream, can it serve the same purpose a mixer does?
Can you make a meringue by a food processor
Can a food processor grind meat?

Top Andrew James Food Mixer Reviews

Andrew James Food Mixer

The Andrew James Food Mixer is one of the best food mixers out there. Generally, there are 3 Andrew James Mixers in the UK market right now. And these are The Andrew James multifunctional mixer, the Andrew James 800W Food Stand Mixer, and the Andrew James electric food stand mixer. These mixers come in red, … Read more

AEG Food Mixer Reviews

AEG Food Mixer Reviews

AEG Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer Reviews? The Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer comes in 2 colors to choose from: Tungsten Metallic Gloss and Watermelon Red. Apart from this; the AEG km4000 ultramix just like Kenwood Chef also comes with 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
But is this AEG km4000 ultramix kitchen machine worth it? Let us find out.

Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer Reviews

Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer

is one such model that is very popular among home-bakers in UK. What has made Tower stand mixer so well-liked and what it offers to its users is what we analyze here. Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer Key Features: Product dimension: 31.2×15.7×30.5 cm. Weight: 5 kg. Power: 1000 watts. Material: Plastic body, stainless steel bowl. Features … Read more

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Check these ongoing current deals as we are getting ready for the Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day, sales bonanza, is a day when Amazon offers subscribers of huge discounts to try and entice more people to sign up with Prime Day. Prime Day subscription offers a host of services and perks for a yearly fee. This includes … Read more

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Best Cake Pop Makers 2022 UK

Best Cake Pop Makers 2022 UK

Find the best cake-pop makers UK 2022. These cake-pop makers help you mold, bake, and decorate your cake pops faster. It is different from making them from scratch where you have to crumble the cake and mix it with icing. Best Cake Pop Makers 2022 UK 1. Complete Cake Pop Maker KIT- Best Overall The … Read more

Best Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine UK 2022

Best Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine UK 2022

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Steps to Take When Cleaning an Air Fryer

Air fryers are a remarkable buy in case you like crispy and fresh food, but wish to preserve things healthy(ish). These popular appliances will fry all kinds of meals quickly, with just a portion of the oil you will use otherwise. With consistent use, atmosphere fryers will steadily get caked with grease from every aspect … Read more

Bosch Mixer Black Friday Sale 2022

Bosch Mixer Black Friday Sale 2022

Find Bosch Mixer Black Friday Sale 2022: See which Bosch kitchen machines are on the Black Friday sale this year. Below are the current best-selling Bosch mixers prices and discounts to help you spot a deal quickly. Best Selling Bosch Mixers: Today’s deals: While still waiting for Bosch mixer deal to show up, cross check … Read more

Best Electric Food Mixers And Blenders Combo UK 2022

Find 5 food mixers and blenders in one? I mean food mixers with blender. Otherwise; you can also check individual top 5 best food mixers reviews or the top 5 best blenders UK 2018.

With the best food mixer and blender in one; you will be able to whisk, mix, make dough and blend food ingredients with the same kitchen machine to make breads, cakes, soup, smoothies, sauces and more.

Below is our top 5 best food mixers and blenders we fo

Food Preservation Methods

Food Preservation Methods - how to preserve food

Food preservation is the method of reducing food waste by making it last longer. This is done by preventing the growth of bacteria, slowing oxidation of fats or inhibit visual deterioration. Food Preservation Methods – how to preserve food Food preservation involves more than one method ranging from boiling to sugaring and sealing to salting, … Read more

Tortilla & Best Quesadilla Maker UK

Tortilla & Best Quesadilla Maker UK

Find Best Tortilla & Best Quesadilla Maker UK: A Quesadilla maker shortens the cooking time and reduces extra calories by grilling both sides of tortillas at one and without using any oil. What is Quesadilla? Quesadilla is a tortilla filled with cheese and other savory ingredients such as shredded cooked meat, vegetables, and spices and … Read more

Best Frozen Pizza UK

Best Frozen Pizza UK

Find the Best Frozen Pizza UK: Pizza, one of the most popular food in the world, is a type of flavored baked flatbread originated from Italy. It is made of a round dough with some toppings on eat such as cheese, pepper, tomatoes, onions, meat, mushroom, sauces, and more. You can make homemade pizza from … Read more

Best Pie Maker Reviews

Best Pie Maker Reviews UK

Find the Best Pie Maker Reviews: A pie is a type of baked food made of fruits, vegetables, or meat covered with pastry dough. There is a variety of pies based on the ingredients used: cottage pie, quiche, fish, pork, minced beef, mushroom, apple pie, pot pie (made of vegetables and meat), steak pie, chicken … Read more

Best Mini Cupcake Maker

Best Mini Cupcake Maker

Find the Best Mini Cupcake Maker: Cupcake or cupcake is also referred to as a fairy cake, patty cake a quarter cake. It is a small round mini cake made of four ingredients : 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 1 cup butter, and 2 cups sugar. You add nuts, chocolate chips, raisins and or … Read more

Aucma Stand Mixer Review

Aucma Stand Mixer

When you think of a stand mixer, you normally imagine it in a restaurant kitchen churning away ingredients to make delicious dishes. However, there are many stand mixer models in the market designed for use at homes. Stand mixers are powerful machines that can take over all your mixing tasks in the kitchen- and deliver … Read more

What is the Best Sous Vide To Buy 2022

Best Sous Vide 2022

What is the best sous vide to buy? There are different brands of Sous Vide devices starting from Anova, Aicok, Wancle, Joule to Andrew James and other top Sous Vide precision cooker brands on Amazon. Which one should you go for? We have assembled top-performing products below to help you choose one that will offer … Read more

Kenwood kMix Black Friday Deals 2022 & Cyber Monday Sale

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer Black Friday Deals

The Kenwood kmix stand mixer is one of the best selling, top rated food mixers UK. Comes with a 5 year guarantee . But is this Kenwood kmix kmx52g worth it? Let us find out.


The Kenwood kmix stand mixer features a see through 4.6 litre glass bowl
Its bowl has handles as compared to Kitchenaid K45SS.
Features a powerful 500watt motor vs 300watts of the best selling Kitchenaid K45SS
Comes with a pouring shield and a 5 litre stainless steel bowl
Includes a 3 non stick bowl attachments: balloon whisk, dough hook and K beater