Best Deep Fat Fryer Reviews 2018

1. Healthier Oil Free Airfryer – Black Key Features – Come in black color – Weighs 7 kg – Dimensions: 38.4 by 28.7 by 31.5 cm – 230 volts, 1425 watt motor, weight capacity 800 grams – Reliable Philips brand quality – Made with RapidAir technology – Comes with cord storage – Does not use … Read more

The Top 5 Best Mini Food Processor Chopper

Mini Food Processor Chopper

The mini food processor is the food processor designed for processing small quantities. These food processors most of them are small, lightweight, compact and cheap in price. You can get the best one for as low as £20 or even less than 20 compared to the full sized or multi-purpose food processors. The mini food … Read more

Top 3 Best Compact Food Processor 2018 UK

Compact Food Processor

Find the best compact food processors ideal for personal use. It is for people who prepare small batches of food per time. They are a bit small and compact, great for individuals with limited storage space. Below are our top 3 best compact food processors UK 2017. Best Compact Food Processor 2018 1. Kenwood FP126 Compact … Read more

The Best Food Processor with Dough Hook

Food Processor with Dough Hook

There are might be a reason why you would prefer to go for the best food processor with dough hook instead of buying the food mixer directly. It might be because you have a lot to do with a food processor than a mixer. While food mixers are meant for mixing, whipping and kneading; the … Read more

The Best Food Processor For Chopping Vegetables 2018

Food Processor For Chopping Vegetables

Any food processor can chop vegetables as that are what food processors are good at.  They can also knead, blend, shred, grate, and whisk depending on which processor you buy. But which is the best food processor for chopping vegetables?  Let us find out. 1. Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper When comes to slicing vegetables; The … Read more

The Top 3 Best Food Processor for Grating Cheese

Food Processor for Grating Cheese

From parmesan to cheddar to soft mozzarella; here are the best food processors for grating cheese. Apart from cheese you can also use these food processors for grating carrots. You can also grate vegetables, coconut meat, and potatoes. Grating cheese at home can be cheaper than buying it from the store. Grating cheese or veggies … Read more