Best Deep Fat Fryer Reviews 2018

1. Healthier Oil Free Airfryer – Black Key Features – Come in black color – Weighs 7 kg – Dimensions: 38.4 by 28.7 by 31.5 cm – 230 volts, 1425 watt motor, weight capacity 800 grams – Reliable Philips brand quality – Made with RapidAir technology – Comes with cord storage – Does not use … Read more

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews – Brushed Chrome Look

Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews: The Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor is a smooth looking food processor that will fit right in to your kitchen instantly! This brushed chrome food processor will take you from a basic home chef to a seasoned pro in no time.

(This processor is currently unavailable on Amazon).

This food processor uses high quality stainless steel Japanese blades so that you can process foods simply and efficiently without worrying about blade quality. The motor is also commercial grade so that you always get the power you need. It gives you the professional results that you need in the kitchen and is always ready to go, so you can get your meals and dishes together quickly and easily.

Bosch Food Processor Review -great design while still bringing the functionality

Bosch Food Processor

Bosch Food Processor Reviews? The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver Vs. Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor with Eight Attachments.

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor Reviews
The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver offers up great design while still bringing the functionality. It’s the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, and this model is definitely something special.

The Multi Motion Drive helps bring all the power that a food processor needs and ensures that you’re getting the results that you want!

Hotpoint Food Mixer Review – Multi-Functional Kitchen Machine

Hotpoint Food Mixer

The Hotpoint food mixer also referred to as the Hotpoint Multi-Functional Kitchen Machine is a compact stylish stand mixer with UK free delivery.

It comes with a 5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl that is of ample size for mixing, easy to remove and easy to clean.

It has a little LED light under the motor head that illuminates the bowl while it is mixing and has a large handle on the bowl that makes it easy detach it from the machine.

Andrew James Food Mixer Reviews – Best Selling Stand Mixer

Andrew James Food Mixer

The Andrew James Food Mixer is one of the best food mixers out there. Generally there are 3 Andrew James Mixers in the UK market right Now. And these are : The Andrew James multifunctional mixer, the Andrew James 800W Food Stand Mixer and the Andrew James electric food stand mixer. These mixers come in red, cream , silver and black colors to match with your lifestyle.

See the comparison table below.

Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer Reviews – Best Selling Food Mixer

The Kenwood kmix stand mixer is one of the best selling, top rated food mixers UK. Comes with a 5 year guarantee . But is this Kenwood kmix kmx52g worth it? Let us find out.


The Kenwood kmix stand mixer features a see through 4.6 litre glass bowl
Its bowl has handles as compared to Kitchenaid K45SS.
Features a powerful 500watt motor vs 300watts of the best selling Kitchenaid K45SS
Comes with a pouring shield and a 5 litre stainless steel bowl
Includes a 3 non stick bowl attachments: balloon whisk, dough hook and K beater

A Food Mixer Or A Food Processor?

Food Mixer and a Food Processor

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions!

Which is the better appliance to buy? A food mixer or a food processor?
Food Processor and Mixer in one? Or two machines?
What should I get – a food processor or food mixer?
Can a food processor make the cake dough, whip cream; make buttercream, can it serve the same purpose a mixer does?
Can you make a meringue by a food processor
Can a food processor grind meat?

Top 5 Electric Food Mixers And Blenders Combined UK 2018

Food Mixers and Blenders

Find 5 food mixers and blenders in one? I mean food mixers with blender. Otherwise; you can also check individual top 5 best food mixers reviews or the top 5 best blenders UK 2018.

With the best food mixer and blender in one; you will be able to whisk, mix, make dough and blend food ingredients with the same kitchen machine to make breads, cakes, soup, smoothies, sauces and more.

Below is our top 5 best food mixers and blenders we fo

Kenwood Chef Premier Mixer Reviews – with a 4.6 non-stick mixing bowl

Kenwood Chef Mixer

Kenwood Premier Chef KMC577 Reviews: When we talk about food mixers; we sometimes find ourselves concentrating only on their main functions: mixing, whipping and kneading. But food stand mixers can actually do more than that. Let’s explore this by examining the Kenwood chef premier kmc577 reviews. (this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon; alternatively check the best selling  Kenwood kmix stand mixer).