Andrew James 1400 Watt Electric Food Stand Mixer Reviews

The Andre James mixer is a budget mixer that can do the job most premium mixers do. It is effective and reliable. It comes with a selection of valuable attachments and , additional stuff including: Balloon whisk attachment for cream and whites of eggs.Flexi,Beater Dough Hook,six speeds and adjustable control pulse mode which allow you the pace you like and also just how you like it. You also get a Dough hook attachment for dough, Rubber beater attachment for gooey mixes, Removable splash guard
and a rubberized spatula.

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Key Features of the Andrew James 1400

Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer

Good range of power (800-1400 max): The Andrew James food mixer’s power wattage can tackle most home baking tasks, the power wattage can max at 1400 which is adequate for kneading dough and baking bread. It is definitely the ideal addition for cooking at home. The Dough Hook, Flexi beater and Whisk are perfect for blending batters, doughs, cake mixes and fluffy meringues.
Multiple Speeds (six) and Pulse give you ultimate control: Choose your ideal mixing rate with the very easy-to-make use of the switch on the cooking area mixer thanks to the pulse feature.
Huge bowl with locking mechanism: The great 5.5l standing mixer bowl quickly locks into position on the stand mixer’s base. The mixture bowl also includes 2 handy handles for quick transfer.
Multiple attachments and spatula for different cooking tasks: Mixers for cooking are irritating without the appropriate accessories. With the Andrew James, you get a Flexi beater with silicone tips, a balloon whisk, a dough hook along with a regular beater. There is also a spatula for your convenience.
2-Year Guarantee: Andrew James mixer has an entire 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and thirty-day cash back guarantee should you want to send back your baking mixer for just about any reason.


The extremely potent 1,400-watt max engine is perfect for doing all dough types for pizzas and bread, therefore you will never ever need to knead by hand once again. I have used it once every fortnight to generate bread dough which often produces ideal results. Because of the good motor, the mixer is able to handle incredibly heavy, difficult doughs – saving you hours and hours of kneading/

Additionally, it includes 6 different power options, which include pulse, ensuring you generally have the perfect environment required to whip up whatever you are craving. The massive 5.5-litre dish is able to get as many as 2kg of whatever mixture, perfect for batch-making treats, savoury dishes & doughs.

Not merely is the bowl big, though it is additionally dishwasher safe and I have discovered that with only a small quantity of oil rubbed all over, it gets essentially entirely non-stick – something that bread bakers will like.

The removable splash guard is one thing I am really thankful for nearly each time I use this particular mixer. Many mixers do not instantly has a splash guard and also need you to purchase one individually in case you need it – not together with the Andrew James Stand Mixer! I cannot actually start to think about the number of times this particular splash guard has saved me from covering myself in brilliant red velvet cake batter, dairy and dry flour. Plus since it is removable, the splash guard is super simple to clean.

Like everything that was not enough, the mixer in addition includes a cookbook with all kinds of dishes ideal for everybody – from very first-time bakers to skilled cooks. Without giving something away, the recipe book features sweet and also savoury dishes, pastries, cookies, cakes, crumbles, and crackers, including loaves of bread, bars and muffins. It is a superb added freebie.

How to Use Your Andrew James Stand Mixer

  • In order to raise the mixer head, gently depress the mixer head and at exactly the same period, depress the top lock button. The mixer might increase to the top part locked position. In order to bring down the top, depress the top lock button and also lightly push the head right down to the reduced locked position.
  • The mixing bowl is usually eliminated by rotating anti clockwise and lifting it in the starting. In order to install the bowl properly, locate it on the starting and also rotate clockwise to secure into place.
  • Fit the attachments included by aligning the engine drive pins with the attachment, push higher to compress the springtime, and also spin clockwise until it locks firmly. To remove, push as many as compress the spring & rotate anti clockwise.
    So what can I Make in My Stand Mixer?
    A number of cakes, Yorkshire puddings, batter for fish that is fried, sauces, brownies, pizza dough, doughnuts – just select from the six speed options available.

Variety of Attachments The adaptable beater with silicone edging is utilized for many jobs, there is also a stainless beater, dough hook, and balloon whisk.

Planetary Motion

With 800 watts of power (Max 1400W), this particular device could breeze through most heavy-duty mixing tasks. The mixer works by using a planetary motion mixing method to guarantee that every aspect of your ingredients is combined.
It is recommended to mix your dried-up ingredients together first with a spatula so there’s little dust if you switch on your stand mixer. Additionally, be sure that the bowl clicks in position along with the mixer head whenever you pull it down.


What Can I Make use of the Flexible Silicone Beater for?
Scrape every drop of batter from the sides with this particular connection. This specific attachment is ideal for the thorough blending of cake and pastry, and frosting, buttercream and biscuit batter.

How about the Stainless Beater?
With the stainless beater, you are able to tackle crepe or maybe sponge mixtures that are heavy although not as heavy as you want the dough hook.

And also the Balloon Whisk?
Along with churning butter, the balloon whisk functions really well for specially light mixtures like blancmange, egg whites, and cream. You are able to also fold ingredients into the mixture of yours readily as well as for quick bursts to stay away from overprocessing.
Does this particular pick orbital mixing? (moves around advantage in a group not only spins, therefore it becomes all of the sides etc)
Yes this particular mixer does make use of orbital mixing.

The bad points are extremely minimal. The primary problem will be the sound – it can make quite a good deal of sound when you’ve it set over the final energy environment, but in comparison to the prior mixers I have run, it can make around as much noise as virtually any other mixer.

General, in case you are searching for a formidable, reliable and powerful stand mixer that will stand as much as all you toss at it (all for a fair price tag, may I add) the Andrew James Stand Mixer is undoubtedly for you.

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