The Top 5 Best Mini Food Processor Chopper

Mini Food Processor Chopper

The mini food processor is the food processor designed for processing small quantities. These food processors most of them are small, lightweight, compact and cheap in price. You can get the best one for as low as £20 or even less than 20 compared to the full sized or multi-purpose food processors. The mini food … Read more

Top 3 Best Compact Food Processor 2018 UK

Compact Food Processor

Find the best compact food processors ideal for personal use. It is for people who prepare small batches of food per time. They are a bit small and compact, great for individuals with limited storage space. Below are our top 3 best compact food processors UK 2017. Best Compact Food Processor 2018 1. Kenwood FP126 Compact … Read more

The Best Food Processor with Dough Hook

Food Processor with Dough Hook

There are might be a reason why you would prefer to go for the best food processor with dough hook instead of buying the food mixer directly. It might be because you have a lot to do with a food processor than a mixer. While food mixers are meant for mixing, whipping and kneading; the … Read more

The Best Food Processor For Chopping Vegetables 2018

Food Processor For Chopping Vegetables

Any food processor can chop vegetables as that are what food processors are good at.  They can also knead, blend, shred, grate, and whisk depending on which processor you buy. But which is the best food processor for chopping vegetables?  Let us find out. 1. Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper When comes to slicing vegetables; The … Read more

The Top 3 Best Food Processor for Grating Cheese

Food Processor for Grating Cheese

From parmesan to cheddar to soft mozzarella; here are the best food processors for grating cheese. Apart from cheese you can also use these food processors for grating carrots. You can also grate vegetables, coconut meat, and potatoes. Grating cheese at home can be cheaper than buying it from the store. Grating cheese or veggies … Read more

Best Food Processor Under £50 : Is Cheap Any Good?

Food Processor Under £50

Find 5 Best Food Processor Under £50 UK 2018 that are quite cheap and offer good value for money. Best Food Processor Under £50 1. Kenwood Food Processor FPP225 – Silver The features the latest Kenwood in bowl technology for fast processing and increased bowl capacity The Kenwood FPP225 is powered by a 750 watt … Read more

The Top 3 Best Food Processor Blender Combo 2018

There are many food processors blender combo in the market today. Some of them come with a jug blender and others offer the use of a food processor bowl for blending. Below are our top 3 best food processor blender combo that comes with a jug blender as a separate unit. The blender and the … Read more

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews – Brushed Chrome Look

Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews: The Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor is a smooth looking food processor that will fit right in to your kitchen instantly! This brushed chrome food processor will take you from a basic home chef to a seasoned pro in no time.

(This processor is currently unavailable on Amazon).

This food processor uses high quality stainless steel Japanese blades so that you can process foods simply and efficiently without worrying about blade quality. The motor is also commercial grade so that you always get the power you need. It gives you the professional results that you need in the kitchen and is always ready to go, so you can get your meals and dishes together quickly and easily.

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