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Find the Best Pie Maker UK Reviews: A pie is a type of baked food made of fruits, vegetables, or meat covered with pastry dough. There is a variety of pies based on the ingredients used: cottage pie, quiche, fish, pork, minced beef, mushroom, apple pie, pot pie (made of vegetables and meat), steak pie, chicken pie, and more. Savory, sweet and crumble pies. Another type of pies varies in terms of the crust filling: bottom crust pie, top crust pie, or completely enclosed pie also called two-crust pie. You make the crust using shortcrust pastry, crumbs, mashed potatoes or baking powder biscuits.

Meat pies are more commonly in Britain while pot pie are more popular in America.

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Best Pie Maker UK

Best Pie Maker

British Pie Week

Britain celebrates pie week every year on the first full weeks of March. This is to encourage us to eat, make and learn everything about pies. Here in Britain, cottage, steak, and chicken pie are the most popular pie as we mostly prefer savory over sweet fillings. This is in comparison to Americans whose apple pie is the best. We prefer potatoes toppings over pastry filling.

How to Make a Pastry Dough / Crust

  • You need flour, butter (half the amount of flour), and two to three tablespoon of water or milk and a pinch of salt or sugar. Check the recipes here
  • You mix flour and butter using a stand mixer or a food processor for kneading dough until the mixture feels like fine breadcrumbs before adding a spoonful of water or milk
  • Only a bit of water is needed. Adding too much milk or water will cause gluten to develop and harden the pastry
  • If you want to add other ingredients, add them after mixing flour and oil, the same time you are adding sugar or salt
  • Pastry dough helps keep the meat juicy and away from drying out when baking
  • Your hands and ingredients need to be cold when making the dough or else it will become hard and tough
  • Leave the pastry dough to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes after making it and after taking it out of the fridge leave it for 20 minutes to come to room temperature before using it.

How to Make Pie

  • You can fill them with beef or chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas, slices of apples. Mix those you feel appropriate.
  • For taste, you can add herbs, cheese, oats, sliced potatoes
  • You can serve your pie with chips or a scoop of ice cream, yogurt or custard
  • Do not overmix the pastry dough or gluten will form and harden the dough to become like the bread dough
  • Use reusable stainless steel or ceramic pie weights to hold the pie preventing it from shrinking while baking
  • Use appropriate ceramic, aluminum, oblong sheet or glass pan that is big enough to fit in your filling
  • Use a pinch of cornstarch or flour to thickening your filling so that it does not become too watery and turn your pie soggy
  • Cover the crust edges with foil paper to delay browning while allowing the inner filling to cook well
  • Cook in your favourite Best Pie Maker

Is Eating Pie Healthy?

  • Its heavy pie crust can not be digested
  • high calories up to 450, sugar and fat content up to 20g, and if you serve them with chips more fat content added to your meal
  • Eat them occasionally or make some changes in your ingredients to make them healthy. For example, instead of using butter or lard, use unsaturated vegetable fat spreads. Also instead of putting completely covered crust, only put on top, this will help reduce the number of calories and fat intake significantly. You can also choose to buy filo pastry instead of making shortcrust pastry however despite its low-fat and calories content some of them tend to be too dry and break out easily. Filo sheets can also be used for making samosa and other handheld pastries.
  • Can replace pastry with mashed potatoes, mash them with milk, and unsaturated vegetable fat spread.
  • For meat pie, use lean meat and replace some of it with plenty of vegetables. And in the case of making fruit pies, taste the fruits to be used before adding extra sugar to your sweet fruit pie (a pie made of either apple, pears, bananas, peaches, and more).
  • Check apple and blackberry oat crumble

Which is your Best Pie Maker so far?

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