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Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough UK 2021 – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Find the best stand mixer for bread dough UK 2021:The Stand Mixers For making bread dough UK 2021 that I’ll mention here will make kneading less strenuous for you. By the way, I have already reviewed 5 of these in the article titled, “Top 5 Best Stand Mixer For Cookie Dough UK 2020“.

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Baking is a wholesome activity. You get to make delicious goodies for people. Later on, their compliments about how good your bread is very rewarding. To make good bread, expect to put your hands in a lot of work. This is the tricky part about baking. Without kneading hard, you can’t expect to make delicious bread.

I won’t prattle about the general information of these stand mixers for bread dough. I will only be giving you a bullet presentation instead. After this, I’ll cut the chase and explain why the products in this review are great for kneading bread.

Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough UK 2021

1. Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer for Baking, KVL4100W – Best Overall

Kenwood Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Food Mixer, with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 6.7 Litre Bowl, 1200 W, KVL4100W, White
  • VARIETY OF DISHES: The original versatile chef, with a 1200 W motor and 6.7 Litre bowl for larger batches and heavier pizza dough or rye bread loads, designed to last and make food prep easy
  • NON-STICK BAKING: A full set of non-stick baking tools including the K-beater, balloon whisk and the dough hook, the planetary mixing action also ensures a thoroughly good mix for all your recipes
  • UNRIVALLED VERSATILITY: The machine has over 25 optional attachments available helping you do more in the kitchen and giving you more control over your creations
  • QUICK AND EASY: Stay in charge of baking with the electronic speed control and keep your kitchen clean with the supplied splash guard
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Mixer with baking tools are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning

Last update on 2021-05-06 at 16:16 / // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Chef XL is a stand mixer with a dough hook that you should have for baking a lot of bread. It is our number one best stand mixer for bread dough UK 2021.

Its 6.7-liter bowl ensures that you won’t run out of space for mixing different ingredients that complex bread dough needs. The bowl of this product allows you to mix tons of additional ingredients into the bread dough such as fruits and nuts.

Key Features:

  • color: white
  • capacity: 6.7 liters
  • weight: 7.66 kilos
  • motor: 6 speed, 1200 watts
  • size: moderate

Kenwood isn’t very heavy and very stable. Kneading bread dough at full speed won’t cause this product to tip over. That said, you won’t have to hold Kenwood Chef XL to keep it in place as it works. Stability is further reinforced by the slip-free stand. That said, you won’t have to worry about using this product on a slightly wet surface because it stays put perfectly.

This product’s motor works well at kneading smooth to very sticky bread dough. The motor ensures that the dough hook doesn’t get stuck. Furthermore, it doesn’t heat up too much when turning at high speeds. The motor’s performance stays consistent no matter how long you use this Kenwood mixer for bread dough.

Summary of Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer For Kneading:

  • works well for all types of bread dough
  • doesn’t heat up unnecessarily
  • very stable kneading performance

Check it out, the Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer for Baking, KVL4100W.

2. Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking

40% Off
Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, 5 Litre Glass Bowl, Removable Splash Guard, 1000 W, Red
  • STYLE AND RELIABILITY: For those that love baking, the Kenwood kMix stand mixer with glass bowl offers a stylish blend of colour, retro design and classic Kenwood reliability for all your cooking
  • NON-STICK BAKING: A full set of non-stick baking tools including the K-beater, balloon whisk and the dough hook, making baking bread and mixing cake batter easy and stress free
  • UNIQUE FOLD FUNCTION: Alongside the 5L glass mixing bowl is a 1000w motor, planetary mixing action for a good mix, unique fold function helps you create mixes like brioche
  • OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS: With over 10 optional attachments you can do more in the kitchen like pasta rolling and meat grinding, protect your kitchen sides with the supplied splash guard
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Mixer with baking tools are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning

Last update on 2021-05-06 at 09:57 / // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Kenwood kMix is a good alternative if Kenwood Chef XL is too much for you. The bowl of kMix is also ideal for making a lot of bread but you shouldn’t put too many additional ingredients to avoid overspill. The glass bowl of this product is prone to breaking and you can rest easy that it won’t get cracks when kneading at high speeds.

Key Features:

  • color: black and silver
  • capacity: 5 liters
  • weight: 10.9 kilos
  • motor: 1000 watt, 6 speed
  • size: moderate

The stability of kMix is the same as Kenwood Chef XL. It doesn’t wobble or shake even when the motor is set at maximum power. However, you shouldn’t put kMix on wet surfaces because it might slide a bit. That said, you shouldn’t turn this product on if the surface that it’s at is a bit wet.

This product’s motor allows you to kneed smooth to very sticky bread dough. This best stand mixer with dough hook kneads well but is not as good as what the previous product does. kMix’s performance lags a bit when kneading sticky bread dough and is not as fast as Kenwood Chef XL. Still, kMix works great. It doesn’t heat up or make strange noises when working hard.

Summary of Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer For Kneading:

  • kneads sticky bread dough but slower than Kenwood Chef XL
  • very stable but might slip on wet surfaces
  • doesn’t heat up unnecessarily

Check it out, the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking.

3. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (5KSM125BSN – Best Kitchenaid Mixer for Bread Dough

Last update on 2021-05-06 at 15:53 / // Source: Amazon Affiliates

This best KitchenAid mixer for bread dough is handy for kneading dough in small quantities. Its bowl is smaller compared to the previous products. However, you should see this as an advantage because this means that Artisan’s bowl is easier to cramp with other kitchen tools in the cabinet. Also, Artisan’s has a compact design and won’t make your kitchen countertop look cramped or tight.

Key Features:

  • color: pistachio, empire red, blue, etc.
  • capacity: 4.8 liters
  • weight: 11.1 kilograms
  • motor: 300 watts, 10 speed
  • size: moderately small

Artisan’s stability is fine from speeds 1 to 5. However, it starts to wobble or shake once you set it on speeds 6 to 10. You can solve this issue by holding this product as it kneads at high speeds. The dough hook of this product slams the dough on the sides of the bowl for a thorough kneading performance. This ensures that your bread dough gets the necessary consistency and stickiness that it needs.

This best stand mixer for bread dough works great for kneading smooth bread dough and bread dough with moderate stickiness. You can try using this product for kneading very sticky bread dough. However, you should know that the motor doesn’t have a lot of power to do this. That said, you may have to divide sticky bread dough in small quantities for this product to work well.

In general, Artisan has minor issues. However, these issues can be solved easily with your imagination and wits. The motor of this product isn’t powerful, but it consumes less energy. Also, Artisan’s size is comparably smaller than the previous products. That said, you need this food mixer with a dough hook if you’re running out of kitchen space.

Summary of KitchenAid Artisan For Kneading:

  • works great at kneading bread dough in small quantities
  • stores well in kitchens with limited space
  • non-bulky
  • doesn’t consume a lot of electricity

Check it out, the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (5KSM125BSN.

4. MisterChef® Professional Electric Kitchen 1400W Food Stand Mixer – Best Cheap

22% Off
MisterChef® PRO Professional Electric Kitchen 1400W Food Stand Mixer - BIG BOWL - 3 Attachments: Eggbeater, Dough Hook & Stainless Steel Whisk - 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 🍮 LARGE 5.5 LITER CAPACITY - Forget running out of bowl space for your ingredients. Our stand mixer comes with a super large 5.5-liter stainless steel bowl, which also comes with graduation measurements.
  • 🍩 MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN - It doesn't matter if you’re making cake, pastries or virtually any other type of dish you could think of, our standing mixing machine comes with all the attachments you need: an eggbeater, dough hook & stainless steel whisk.
  • 🍔 HASSLE-FREE CLEAN UP - Thick, hard-to-wash-off sticky ingredients? No problem! Just throw the bowl you used in the dishwasher and you're all set. No need to spend extra time cleaning everything by hand.
  • 🥨 MODERN, COMPACT & SLEEK DESIGN - Unlike other alternatives in the market today, our high-quality, ultra-durable food stand mixer is designed to fit perfectly in kitchens of all shapes and sizes, thanks to its super compact construction.
  • 🥐 TWO YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Mix without worries! Each purchase of the Professional Electric Kitchen 1400W Food Stand Mixer comes with a full two year warranty. That's how confident we are in our product's quality and durability.

Last update on 2021-05-06 at 09:57 / // Source: Amazon Affiliates

MisterChef Professional Stand Mixer is our cheapest best stand mixer for kneading bread dough UK. Its weight of 6.13 kilos means that you can always carry it using a large bag or kitchen appliance box. Also, MisterChef has a compact yet sturdy design. A compact yet sturdy design makes this product look sleek and resistant against damage.

Key Features:

  • color: white
  • capacity: 5.5 liters
  • weight: 6.13 kilograms
  • motor: 1400 watts six-speed
  • size: moderately small

This product works well at kneading very sticky bread dough. Even at the lowest speed, the motor turns the dough hook fast enough so that it won’t get stuck. Adjusting to higher speeds will allow the dough hook to beat the bread dough very hard. That said MisterChef Stand Mixer ensures that you won’t have to do a secondary kneading yourself. As soon as best stand mixer for bread doug UK finishes, all you have to do is slice the dough and bake.

Summary of MisterChef Professional Stand Mixer For Kneading:

  • good for kneading very sticky bread dough
  • ensures that you won’t have to do secondary kneading

Check it out, the MisterChef® Professional Electric Kitchen 1400W Food Stand Mixer.

5. Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer for Baking – Powerful and Stylish Kitchen Machine

15% Off
Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer for Baking - Powerful and Stylish Kitchen Machine in Silver, with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 4.6 Litre Bowl, 1500 W, KVC7300S, Silver
  • POWERFUL: 1500 W motor with 4.6 Litre stainless steel bowl for speed and power with heavy loads, in-bowl illumination for more control to see how your brioche mix is coming along
  • NON-STICK BAKING: A full set of non-stick baking tools is included, like the K-beater, balloon whisk and the dough hook, the planetary mixing action also ensures a thorough mix for all your recipes
  • UNRIVALLED VERSATILITY: Unique fold function gives you control over your creations and helps you create delicate mixes, unrivalled versatility with over 25 optional attachments, helping you do more
  • QUICK AND EASY: Stay in charge with this electronic speed control and keep your kitchen clean with a splash guard, it's all dishwasher safe. The easy head tilt lets you add ingredients while baking
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Mixer with baking tools are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning

Last update on 2021-05-06 at 16:16 / // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Kenwood Chef Titanium is a great stand mixer for kneading small batches of heavy bread dough. The 1500 watt motor of this product has high torque. As a result, the dough hook of this product picks and slams bread dough weighing 2.18 kilos. This is why Kenwood Chef is perfect for making pieces of bread that require heavy dough.

Key Features:

  • color: glossy gray
  • capacity: 4.6 liters
  • weight: 9.2 kilograms
  • motor: 1500 watt, 6 speed
  • size: moderately large

The aluminum bowl of Kenwood Chef Titanium is resistant against scratching. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged due to the force of the dough hook and other attachments. Also, the aluminum bowl doesn’t get dented easily so you can always cramp it together with other kitchenwares in the cabinet.

Summary of Kenwood Chef Titanium For Kneading:

  • has a high torque motor that’s perfect for kneading heavy bread dough
  • has a dent-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-stick aluminum bowl

Check it out, the Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer for Baking – Powerful and Stylish Kitchen Machine.


Each of the products that I reviewed is the best stand mixer for making bread dough. That said, having one of the stand mixers that I reviewed will free your hands from the pains that kneading gives. With these products at your disposal, you can make bread with lesser hassle and effort. All you have to do is put the dough in, let these products do the kneading, and bake afterward.

What is a Bread?

Bread or loaf is a baked food that is made of wheat flour, water, and yeast. To improve taste, sometimes people add milk, eggs, fruits, spices and sugar. This food is quite popular as one of the best staple food in the most part of the world today.

  • Manufacturers sometimes add additives such as calcium and sodium propionate and propionic acid to help keep the bread fresh, prevent bacteria growth, increase its shell life and improve its texture, nutrition, and flavor. They sometimes also add oxidizing agents and emulsifiers to shorten proofing time and making slicing easier.
  • Apart from the commonly used wheat flour, people also use rye or wheat flour plus less gluten flours such as oats, rice, sorghum, and millet flour
  • You can also make gluten-free bread out of cassava, beans, corn or almond flour . But, these types of bread is dense as they lack gluten. To improve its texture, you can add eggs or corn starch. This helps adds gluten to the non-wheat flour.
  • Gluten is the type of protein that gives bread its structure, elastic nature, making it important for bread making. It is commonly found in wheat flour, rye and barley
  • Air pockets in the bread is the result of produced carbon dioxide gas during bread leavening
  • Do not overcook, burn or overprocess your bread as doing so creates a crust that is carcinogenic. Check this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4745522/
  • You can eat bread with butter, soup or make a sandwiches. Apart from eating it, you can also use it for making breadcrumbs for thickening sauces or for coating other types of food
  • Bread is nutritious providing not only carbohydrates but also a good number of nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin B and selenium.It is also a source of dietary roughage and antioxidants

There are 4 common ways of making bread dough:

  • Straight dough – This is where all the ingredients (need to be fresh) are combined at once and mixed together using a stand mixer or a food processor with a dough hook . After mixing, the is dough is left to rest for 1 hour or longer before division. It is an easy and cheap way of making average bread
  • Sourdough process – this is the method of using sourdough as a raising agent versus using fresh yeast. It is used in places like Alaska where the environment is not favourable for yeast. Sourdough fermentation plus lactic acid bacteria helps add flavour, improve texture and increase shell life of the gluten free bread.
  • Chorleywood bread process – It is a UK industrial process of making bread in a shorter period of time. Instead of using yeast to kneed bread and wait for up to 8 hours for fermentation to take place, they use instead of water dissolved carbon dioxide. Wheat with low protein content is used; this is because Chorleywood process does not lose much protein as compared to long time fermentation, straight dough method. Vitamins, fat and yeast are also added in this process to quicken the process. The bread is full ready baked, sliced, and packed in a span of 3 to 4 hours time
  • Sponge and dough – is the method of making bread wherein the second stage of bread proofing, you add other ingredients such as fruits

How to Make a Bread Dough?

  • Familiarise yourself with the bread recipe https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/paul_hollywoods_crusty_83536 and the method of making it
  • Check if you have the tools needed to make your bread
  • Get ingredients ready. Weigh those that need so : all-purpose flour (for a high-quality bread use bread flour), sugar, yeast, salt, milk, vegetable shortening or butter.
  • Mix by the hand of dough mixing machine
  • Leave the dough to rest for 1 hour in a big covered bowl that will allow it to expand at a warm temperature of about 24 degrees centigrade. If you want quick fermentation to make sure to mix your dough intensely for a long. Intense mixing adds heat to the dough that helps it to raise quick, quite important, especially in a cold environment. But if the environment is hot, more than 26-degree centigrade, higher heating will cause oxidation to take place that results in loss of color and texture. To avoid this replace some of your mixing water with crushed ice or use a refrigerated mixing bowl to help keep the dough cool
  • The bowl cover helps it to maintain humidity that helps to soften it.
  • Leave the dough rest until it doubles the size until its peak starts to fall, that is about 70% of its fermentation time

How to Make Bread

  • Oil the baking tin
  • Take the fermented bread dough and punch it down on a floured surface. Punching it down also called degrassing is the act of stretching and folding the first raised dough to remove gases, air bubbles. First, stretch the raised dough with your hands then fold each side towards the center, one fold after the other. See how to fold herein pictures https://www.thespruceeats.com/how-to-fold-bread-dough-1446709
  • Put the folded dough on the oiled baking tin and let it rise again (double in size) to help relax the gluten
  • Use a large knife to shallow cut it on top to allow further rise on the oven
  • Bake at 220-degree centigrade for 30 minutes
  • Cool it on a rack
  • Note: Dry ingredients are measured as a percentage of the amount of flour. This method of measuring is more accurate when compared to measuring in volume. Get the water volume right too as too little or much affects the bread texture , most often they suggest 3 parts of water to 5 parts of flour. You can replace water with milk, fruit juice or add yoghurt, buttermilk or eggs to the mixture to sweeten your bread.
  • The amount of protein in flour that you use to make your bread determines the quality of your bread. This is why if possible you are advised to use bread flour versus all-purpose flour. Bread flour has a good amount of protein needed to make a quality bread when compared to other wheat flour. In case you end up using all purpose flour make sure to mix your ingredient for a short period of time to help improve gluten strength. Overmixing all purpose four results into white crumb bread versus cream crumb.
  • 500g of wheat flour will give you one loaf
  • Adding eggs and butter help holding the bread structure but, too much of it causes bread to divide.
  • Yeast is there to add air that as a results makes bread lighter and chewable. For quick or soda breads , you can use self raising flour and add buttermilk and baking soda to help produce gases
  • For best results, follow your recipe to small details

Types of Breads

  • Wholemeal bread – is a type of bread made of wholemeal flour. This contains more fibres, vitamins, and minerals and uses more water during mixing than the white bread. Gluten is added to it to help it contain its structure
  • Multigrain bread – is a type of loaf that uses two or more mixed grains: wholemeal, rye, white, barley, oats, millet, rice and more. Sometimes, edible seeds such as flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds are included in the mix, and gluten is added to strengthen the bread too
  • Rye bread – is a type of bread made of rye flour or a mixture of wheat and rye flour. It is commonly made using the sourdough process
  • Fruit bread – is standard bread that includes fruits on it. You can add dates, raisins, apricots, currants, and more
  • Flatbread – is a type of bread with no leavening agent on it

Can you use a stand mixer to knead bread?

Yes, you can use the stand mixer to knead bread. Kneading bread is what a stand mixer even cheap ones are used for apart from mixing and whipping ingredients. Every stannd mixer comes with 3 standard attachments: a dough hook for kneading a dough, beater for mixing ingredients and a whisk for whipping eggs and creams.

Does using a dough hook replace kneading?

Yes, using a dough hook that comes with your best stand mixer replaces kneading by hand. Just add the ingredients in your food mixer and let it knead your bread dough for you. Depending on the mixer you end up buying though there might be a need of using a spatula helping to scratch the mixer sides for perfect kneading but not you kneading with your hands.

How long to mix bread dough in stand mixer?

While kneading the bread dough with hands can take up to twenty-five minutes, kneading with a stand mixer takes eight to ten minutes time. You are advised to always start with low speed for at least 3 minutes until the dough clings to the hook and the bowl sides are clean then turn on to a high speed for 5 to 7 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic.

If you under knead it, your baked loaf will be dense and flat and if you over need the dough the end product will be tough, chewy bread. Always follow your recipe to the smallest detail to know how long you should knead your bread . If no recommendation given, stick to a standard 8 to 10 minutes time,

what is your best stand mixer for bread dough UK so far?

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