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Best Blender for Soups and Smoothie

Best Blender for Soups and Smoothie UK (2023 Reviews)

Best Blender for Soups and Smoothie UK? Find full-sized and handheld blenders for soups and smoothies making.

The busy lifestyle we have these days, it is extremely hard to maintain healthy eating routines. For those looking for quick nutritious foods, a soup and smoothie maker is a wonderful option. These appliances considerably condense the process of soup and smoothie preparation while offering many options to cater to the individual tastes of everyone. While there are many good machines out there, we list 7 of the best below.

1. Waring WSM1U All-in-One Soup Maker/Blender


  • Power: 1000 W, capacity: 1.75 L, weight: 3.3 kg.
  • The soup-maker can blend, saute, cook, or simmer ingredients to make all kinds of soup.
  • The soup maker features variable heat settings, adjustable timer, and stir function for proper mixing of ingredients.
  • Can be used as a traditional blender to make smoothies, purees and to crush ice.
  • The glass jug has a triple seal lid to prevent spills.


  • One-Stop-Shop For Making Soup: With your blending, cooking, simmering, and sauteing needs covered, this soup maker simplifies the soup-making process considerably.
  • Quick-and-Easy To Use: The adjustable timer and stir function make the cooking easy and soups can be ready in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Equally Good For Cold Concoctions: The powerful motor can whip up delicious smoothies in no time, even easily crushing ice, which is often key to numerous smoothie recipes.
  • Relatively Affordable: It comes at a moderate price when compared with its counterparts.


  • With no auto programs, this machine might be too complicated or overwhelming for those who are just starting to incorporate soups and smoothies in their lifestyle.

The Waring is a powerful machine perfectly suited to those who are on a decent budget, have had soup-making experience, but want to cut down on time spent preparing it so they can do it frequently.

Check it out, the .

2. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker Blender

Preview Product Rating Price
Lakeland Touchscreen Soup & Smoothie Maker - Black and Silver 2L Glass Jug Lakeland Touchscreen Soup & Smoothie Maker - Black and Silver 2L Glass Jug 162 Reviews £149.99 £109.99

Last update on 2023-12-04 at 10:53 / // Source: Amazon


  • Power: 500 W motor, capacity: 2 L, weight: 7.14 kg.
  • It cuts, cooks, simmers, blends, and stirs with a digital touchscreen and comes with 4 auto programs.
  • Offers 3 blending speeds, settings for varying textured soups, and a countdown timer.
  • Switch off the heating and prepare a range of smoothies, milkshakes, and cold dips.
  • Additional features include auto-clean setting, removable measuring cup, and non-stick heating plate.


  • Multi-Functional: It offers all the functions of cooking, simmering, and stirring, which are needed to make soup.
  • Offers Variety of Textures: Can cater to the different preferences of people in a household, offering chunky to smooth textures.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Its auto-cleaning feature means cleaning is hassle-free.
  • Offers Hassle-Free Soup Making Option: If you do not have the time or experience to make soup, simply choose one of four of the auto programs and have your soup ready in 30 minutes.


  • The Lakeland Touchscreen has relatively limited motor power and is on the pricier side.

The Lakeland is an ideal purchase for those who are looking for a comprehensive soup and smoothie making machine that can cater to large groups of people.

Check it out, the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup & Smoothie Maker - Black and Silver 2L Glass Jug.

3. Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender for soup

Preview Product Rating Price
Russell Hobbs 22241 Food Collection Hand Blender, 200 W - White Russell Hobbs 22241 Food Collection Hand Blender, 200 W - White 23,307 Reviews £19.99 £15.00

Last update on 2023-12-04 at 10:14 / // Source: Amazon


  • Power: 200 W, weight: 780 g, stainless steel blades.
  • Features two blending speeds including pulse, and a detachable blending leg for easy cleaning.
  • Can help chop. slice and blend.


  • Economical: This appliance comes at a price affordable even to those on the tightest of budgets.
  • Light And Easy To Use: Weighing less than 1 kg and compact, it is easy to use and store.
  • Offers Varying Speed Settings: This means varying degrees of texture can be achieved to a certain extent.


  • This blender is considerably limited in the functions it offers in the preparation of smoothies and soups.

This hand blender is the perfect tool for someone on a very tight budget, looking exclusively for the blending function in the preparation of cold and hot concoctions.

Check it out, the Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender 22241, 200 W - White.

4. Tefal Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

Last update on 2023-12-04 at 10:14 / // Source: Amazon


  • Power: 1000 W, capacity: 1.2 L, weight: 2.48 kg.
  • The Tefal Easy Soup cooks and blends a wide range of soups. It can make smooth and chunky soups.
  • It features 5 programs and 4 recipes, and a self-cleaning setting.
  • The Tefal Easy also has modes to make smoothies, compotes, and the like.


  • Powerful One-Stop-Shop: With a 1000 W motor, there isn’t much this machine can’t blend while cooking it.
  • Varied Textures Possible: The Soup maker has the settings to make chunky or smooth soups catering to a wider range of preferences.
  • Hassle-Free Soup Making: Don’t know how to make soup? Just choose from among the 5 auto programs and all will be done for you. Furthermore, if you are looking to make soup but don’t know where to start, you have 4 recipes to help you start.
  • Easy-To-Clean: The self-cleaning setting is a click away. Done with your soup, smoothie, or compote? Press the button and cleaning up is done.


  • With a 1.2 L jug, this machine has a relatively limited capacity compared to other soup and smoothie making machines.

The Tefal Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker is a good fit for a smaller family with a decent budget, looking for comprehensive soup and smoothie making facilities possibly due to their busier lifestyles.

Check it out, the Tefal Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker, Stainless Steel, White.

5. Aicok Handheld Blender for Sauces


  • Power: 400 W, weight: 0.7 kg with a 700 ml beaker.
  • This stainless steel hand blender is designed to blend hard veggies and soft nuts to make chunky, salsa, sauce, and dips.
  • It features 2-speed settings, an ergonomic handle for easy grip, and dishwasher safe removable parts.


  • Light Yet Powerful: For a hand-held blender, it has a powerful motor, more than capable of effectively blending hard veggies and softened nuts.
  • Easy-To-Clean: Simply take the removable parts and place them in the dishwasher.
  • Affordable: It is priced so it is affordable by those on a tight budget.


  • It is limited in the functions it has to offer in the preparation of soups and smoothies.

This hand blender is perfect for those people looking to buy an appliance exclusively for blending purposes, are on a tight budget, and will be using it to cater to one or perhaps two individuals at most.

Check it out, the

6. Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie Maker

Last update on 2023-12-04 at 12:23 / // Source: Amazon


  • Capacity: 1.6 L, weight: 2.19 kg.
  • It comes with smooth and chunky settings along with the juicing option perfect for making nutritious juices and smoothies.
  • It has an added blend function to help fine-tune the consistency of soups made.
  • Additional features include a top-down blade that is easy to clean and a digital interface with a countdown timer.


  • Large and Stylish: With a capacity of 1.6 L, this is can produce a significant quantity of soup or smoothie in one go. Its aesthetically pleasing design means it doesn’t need to tucked away but rather it can be proudly displayed on the kitchen counter too.
  • Caters To Varying Preferences: With its chunky and smooth settings, the blender caters to different people’s preferences with regards to soup consistency. Additionally, its juicing function ensures that those looking for cold creations also get their fill.
  • Easy To Use: With a simple digital interface to use, the machine is simple to use. And the fact that it delivers soups of varying kinds in 21 to 28 minutes makes it an efficient appliance.


  • It does not come with a self-cleaning setting and needs to be washed under tap water with a sponge, which makes it an appliance that needs a little more cleanup time than many of its counterparts.

The Morphy Richards is the perfect machine for a household that is on a decent budget and looking for an appliance that does most of the job of preparing soups and smoothies. Additionally, those looking to add a stylish touch to their kitchen counter can also find this machine a good fit for them.

This is a diverse list of the best soup and smoothie making blenders. It ranges from the more expensive, sophisticated machines, to the simpler more basic ones. Once you know your budget, your requirements of the machine, and are aware of the number of people it will need to cater to most frequently, this list will have the answer for which soup and smoothie maker is the best in the business for you.

Check it out, the Morphy Richards Soup and Smoothie Maker 501016 Silver/Black Soupmaker and Smoothie Maker.

Can you use a blender for soup?

Yes, you can use a blender for making soup. Some blenders like the and many other blenders reviewed in this article, can blend both cold and hot soup, and even making soup from scratch, unlike many others normal blenders that can blend only cold soup.

Which is your Best Blender for Soup Making and Smoothie so far?

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