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Best Stand Mixer 2022 UK Reviews– 10 Top Rated Food Mixers Worth Buying

Best Stand Mixer 2022 UK? Find out as we review and compare the top-rated food stand mixers UK 2022: stand mixers bring magic to your kitchen. They make dishes that are hard to prepare simple and easy. Check here for best budget stand mixer under 100 and or Black Friday stand mixer.

Having said that, the reason why chefs are so good isn’t because of their skills alone. Chefs can make wonderful dishes because they have the right tools to get their jobs done. The same also goes for you. If you want to get those recipes done right, don’t start cooking without the proper kitchen tools.

Allow me to show you the best food stand mixers that will transform you from zero to hero in the kitchen.  Surely, having these best food mixers at home will teach you that cooking home like a pro is not impossible with the right tools.

Of all the different models which one actually is the best mixer UK 2022 that is reliable, efficient and versatile? Find out below.

Best Stand Mixer 2022 UK

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1. Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.2L Food Mixers for Baking, Electric Kitchen Mixers with Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater (6.2L, Black) – Best Cheap Stand Mixer

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The Aucma Stand Mixer is available in two colors; light blue and red. Between these, I recommend you to go for the red one because it looks unisex. Aucma Stand Mixer has a very robust base. The robust base makes it possible for Aucma to avoid tipping on its own when mixing food fast. Buy this product if you’re looking for a highly stable mixer.

Features of Aucma Stand Mixer

  • powerful 1400-watt motor
  • a robust base for stability
  • Anti-Splash Guard
  • Dent Resistant Bowl

This product does well at mixing various ingredients for cookies, waffles, and pancakes. Mixing large quantities of fruits won’t be an issue with this product because its bowl is very large. Aucma’s bowl isn’t prone to dents. This means that you won’t have to worry about denting the bowl when mixing hard ingredients.

This product works great for mixing liquids such as milk and juice because it has a splash guard. The 1400 watt motor of Aucma is pretty powerful so expect liquids to splash all over if the splash guard isn’t installed. However, Aucma’s powerful motor ensures that you won’t have trouble mixing food.

Check it out, the Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.2L Food Mixers for Baking, Electric Kitchen Mixers with Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater (6.2L, Black).

2. Kitchenaid Artisan 3.3L Stand Mixer Empire RED 5KSM3311XBER – Best for Small Kitchen

This KitchenAid Empire Red Mini Mixer looks pretty similar to the previous product in terms of design. However, it’s base is more slender and its feet are wider. It is a new version of the former KitchenAid stand mixer that offers a perfect mixer for a small kitchen. Its size is just enough for you to use it as a personal food mixer for cooking classes, local cooking contests, etc.

Features of KitchenAid Classic

  • 3.3 litre bowl vs 4.8 of Kitchenaid Artisan reviewed above
  • 3 mixing accessories: a whisk, dough hook and flat beater
  • Non-bulky food mixer
  • Slender base and wide feet
  • Much quiet compared to other best stand mixers on the market today.
  • 5 years warranty

This product doesn’t have an anti-splash feature but this is just a minor problem. The 275 watts motor of this product isn’t too powerful so doesn’t leave a lot of mess. KitchenAid Empire Red Mini Mixer’s motor has just enough power for mixing fruits, vegetables, flour  and other ingredients without overspills.

Check it out, the Kitchenaid Artisan 3.3L Stand Mixer Empire RED 5KSM3311XBER.

3. Emperial Black Food Mixer – Stand Mixer 

The Emperial Black Food Mixer – Stand Mixer is a neat looking food mixer. Its head and base are finished with a gray color tone. I also love the silver-coated plastic that seals the head against moisture because it stands out. The look of Emperial Black Food mixer makes it a great addition to modern and minimalist kitchens. That said, this product won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a mixer that’s beautiful but not too flashy.

Features of Emperial Black Food Mixer

  • 12000-watt 6-speed motor
  • 5 Liter aluminum bowl with anti-splash cover
  • Soft Tilt-Head design
  • 2 Year Warranty

This black food mixer is great for making cake butter, bread dough, and cookie dough. The anti-splash guard makes this product ideal for mixing ingredients without messing up your worktop. Emperial Black Food mixer is also okay when used for baking.

I also love the fact that Emperial isn’t very noisy. You’ll hear the occasional whirring sound of the motor but this won’t bother you. The noise of the motor is bearable and you won’t have to worry about disturbing others while using it.

Check it out, the No products found..

Things to Consider Before You Buying the Best Food Mixer

Accessories and Attachments: You’ll most likely want the best stand mixer that comes with a balloon whisk, beater, and dough hook. The majority of mixers have splash guards to prevent splattering.

 Other high-end stand mixers like some of the Kenwood food mixers come with a food processor and blender. A processor attachment for your mixer will also allow you to perform a greater number of tasks. Including slicing, grating, and more. A blender attachment will allow you to blend ingredients and make soup and smoothies as well. Alternatively, check Best Blender UK 2022.

Some models may even come with mincers or even sausage makers. If you want these attachments included with your buy. Make sure the mixer you’re looking at has the capability to take extra attachments. 

Size: Another often overlooked factor when searching for the food mixer is its size. If you have enough room on your counter, the size doesn’t matter. But if you have limited space then consider a smaller, more compact mixer. Stand mixers like Bosch food mixers usually come with large bowls. 

Dishwasher Safe: Make sure that the stand mixer accessories included are dishwasher safe. Washing by hand isn’t the end of the world. But can be inconvenient, particularly if the mixer comes with a large bowl. 

Accessory Storage: Many food mixers come with a lot of accessories that can clutter up drawers. Try to get a model that has a compartment or box for accessory storage if you need it. Splash Guard Most mixers come with a splash guard. If the model you’re planning on buying doesn’t have one, you may have to pay for one out of pocket. 

Speed Settings/Wattage A higher wattage mixer will give you more power, but it doesn’t mean that it will excel at mixing. Go by food mixer reviews and evaluations of the product rather than speed and wattage alone. Because a model has a low or high amount of speed settings does not mean that it is the highest quality. Where to Buy A Food Mixer? If you are looking for the best price food mixer; Amazon UK online shop is a good place to start with.

Types of food mixers

There are mainly 2 types of food mixers: hand mixers and stand mixers. While hand mixers are for beating, mixing and kneading small batches; stand mixers, on the other hand, are meant for handling large amount of ingredients.

Example this can handle up to 2kg of ingredients per time.


Both hand mixers and stand mixers come with 3 main attachments: beaters for beating eggs or creams, whisk for whisking or adding air to cake mixtures and a dough hook for kneading.

Some of the stand mixers are multi-functional meaning that they can handle more than their primary tasks of beating, mixing and kneading.

The multi-functional food mixers tend to have extra attachments like a food processor, blender, mincer, pasta makers and many more. Some of these additional attachments come as a part of a stand mixer package and others need to be bought separately when needs arise. Check Best Food Processor UK 2022

Easy to use and setup:

Most of the food mixers reviewed in this site are easy to assemble, use and clean. They features variable speed control settings in which you have to read the user manual provided to know which speed is best for which type of ingredients.

Best Brands:

There are many food mixers brands in the market right now such as Bosch, Vonshef, Breville, Morphy Richards and many others but the 2 leading brands are Kenwood and Kitchenaid. You will find a great range of colors and designs to fit your kitchen needs and style.


Food mixers prices range from £15 for a hand mixer to up to £600 for a multi-functional stand mixer.

With a budget of between £100 and £200; you are sure of getting the best food mixer that can handle most of the tasks at affordable price like the Heska -1500W Food Stand Mixer - 4-in-1 Beater/Whisk/Dough Hook/Flex Edge Beater - 5.5 Litre Mixing Bowl with Splash Guard (Red) .

Check for instance the Bosc Bosch MUM57830GB Food Mixer, 900 W, 3.9 L - Brushed Stainless Steel is multifunctional but are quite cheap compared to the Kenwood Chef Mixers.

Don’t forget however that high-end mixers like Kenwood and Kitchenaid have the ability to take more extra attachments than any other stand mixers in the market today.


Best stand mixers will no doubt save you time and bring fun to your fine cooking and baking.

They also provide consistency due to the electric motor for best results. Food mixers are meant for people who want to make their life a bit easier or hone their culinary skills. They also provide you with the choice to transform into a one stop ultimate machine to cater for most if not all your cooking needs. You do this by adding more accessories.


The products that I mentioned here are the top 10, best food mixers that you wouldn’t want to miss. They’re the best because they don’t only mix ingredients well, but also performs great when used for other purposes. All the products that I presented may be fitted with different attachments so that you can use them as a kneader, beater, slicer, pasta roller, etc.

Having these products at home is a good investment. You can use them in different ways. That said, these best stand mixers don’t only save money, but also your kitchen space.

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