Kenwood Chef KVL6300S vs KVL6100S Stand Mixer Reviews

Kenwood Chef XL KVL6300S vs KVL6100S are top stand mixers by a top brand that are said to be reliable. However what really differentiates the two? If you are looking for affordable stand mixer check this.

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Difference Between Kenwood Chef KVL6300S and KVL6100S

Kenwood Chef KVL6300S versus KVL6100S Stand Mixer
  • The main difference between the Kenwood Chef KVL6100S and KVL6300S is that the 6100 doesn’t have a folding action that is crucial for delicate bakes while the KVL 6300S comes with a folding feature in the stand mixer. However, you can buy a folding attachment externally. The folding action gives slow controlled folding action on delicate mixes. Folding is usually exclusively mixing light airy batters for instance whipped cream right into a heavier dense batter. Folding is a slow mixing method which includes the heavier and lighter ingredients without deflating the combination, keeping the environment which is integrated into the light mix. This will help to develop casual, airy, tall cakes & souffles.
  • The Chef XL Elite KVL6300S is quieter than the 6100
  • The other difference is in the pricing, the KVL6300S is more expensive than the 6100


  • Both have a high motor power that is sufficient for tough dough like making bread
  • They both have a large 6.7 litre bowl size.
  • They both come with standard three attachments (K-beater, hook and whisk)
  • They are both silver in colour
  • They both have variable speed control with pulse
  • Both their bowl are stainless steel and have handles

Kenwood Limited Elite Chef XL KVL6100S Review

  • The Chef XL KVL6100S is also called the batch baker’s buddy because of its  6.7L dishwasher safe bowl with handles. It weighs 11 kilograms and its entire body is made of brushed die-cast metal while the attachments are made of non-stick coated aluminium. The big 6.7-litre bowl is quite useful in that you can because you can bake as little or much as you wish. From a small white egg to batter for sixty-six cupcakes, you can tackle some bake with ease. Its 1400 Watt power output thoroughly combines ingredients with great ease, assisting you to plan delicious pure pasta and the best fluffy cakes. 
  • The unique fold performance offers you much more control for cooking delicate mixes such as brioche or maybe pizza dough, unrivalled versatility with over twenty-five optional attachments Remain in control with the electronic speed control and also maintain your kitchen area completely clean with the splash guard. Easy head tilt allows you to put ingredients
  • Whether you are blending homemade soup or perhaps mincing your own personal beef, its four accessories mean you will usually have the very best application for the project – and you are an outstanding dough hook, which takes the effort from producing mouth-watering homemade loaves. The adjustable speed options allow you to enjoy the perfect consistency, and also the pulse function delivers brief bursts of power which help you develop perfect mixtures to suit your tastes.
  • You can customise your Chef with a range of twenty-five optional attachments that can blend, make pasta, grate, shred, slice, slow juice… all to perfection.
  • You get Kenwood’s signature K Beater accompanies with a hook and whisk which are all dishwasher safe.
  • The planetary mixing spreads over the whole side, bottom part and centre of the bowl such that no mix is missed or maybe wasted. Almost all you are left with is perfection.
  • The electric speed control can be used to gradually add speed when you want it. For accuracy whenever needed


  • It does not have a glass mixing bowl to permit you to see the climbing dough.


Key Features: 

  • Electronic variable speed control to provide complete control over your mixing
  • Pulse function you can use to accelerate or slow down the mixing: this can help attain the ideal consistency
  • Planetary action for total mixing action:
  • Fold function
  • 1400 Watt power output

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  • Does it blend bread doughs quickly and if so as much as just how much without pushing the motor?
  • Answer: Yes it does. For major dough, use speed up to 1.5/2
  • For dough that is light (donuts…), you can make use of high speed up to 4 5.


The Chef XL KVL6100S is a good machine; it is able to handle as many as 2,400 grams of dough.

Buy this particular device in case you like homemade bread 

Kitchen Machine Kenwood KVL6300S

The Kitchen Machine Kenwood KVL6300S is perfect for large home cooking fans, the Kenwood Chef XL KVL6300 may be the perfect accompaniment for everyday home baking. There is all you have to batch bake. The variable speed at your fingertips of yours. 

  • Kitchen Machine Kenwood KVL6300S is an elite kneading machine, with a 6.7 litre stainless Steel. It weighs  9.4kg and has a  Pulse function. The 1400W motor and twenty optional accessories make it an effective machine that is really simple to use and clean.
  • The planetary activity together with the bigger whisk spreads over the bowl area very well.
  • The engine is adequate to deal with heavy dough. With a bigger capacity and motor, it easily deals with dough. The device allows the speed of approximately six for various other chores that are lighter and have to be whipped quickly.

It really works really well for baking big batches because of the big 6.7-litre bowl size. It mixes well and does not leave bits up the edge of the bowl. It’s not hard to put clean, all of the areas are stainless so they could be cleaned in the dishwasher.


If you are to choose between these two, there is really not much difference between them in regard to capacity and power to work through tough dough. We would recommend that you go for the budget-friendly Kenwood Chef Elite XL KVL6100S  simply because it cost less and still gives you efficient output. It is also quite durable.

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