Kenwood Chef vs Kmix Stand Mixer Reviews

Kenwood chef vs Kmix? Chef and Kmix are two great stand mixer models that are renowned for their durability reliability and effectiveness. It is important to note that these two models are produced in a range of series such that there are sub-models of the Chef and the Kmix. However, for the sake of this post, our analysis will be based on the base models (Chef classic vs Kmix 754). So what differentiates between these two mixers?

Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer for Baking - Stylish Food Mixer in White with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 4.6L Bowl, 1000W, KVC3100, White
Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, 5L Glass Bowl, Removable Splash Guard, 1000 W, Black
Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, 5L Glass Bowl, Removable Splash Guard, 1000 W, Cream
36% Off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, 5L Stainless Steel Bowl, Removable Splash Guard, 1000 W, Pastel Blue

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Difference between Kenwood Chef and Kmix

Kenwood Chef and Kmix Stand Mixer
  • The main difference between Kenwood Chef and Kmix is the bowl material of each respective model. The Kenwood Kmix comes with a glass bowl which is quite suitable for baking because it allows you to monitor the progress of what you are mixing as you progress with your baking. On the other hand, the Chef comes with a stainless steel bowl that is lighter than the glass bowl and also easy to wash and handle. However, unlike the glass bowl, the stainless steel bowl in the Chef easily becomes grubby when you handle the sides of the bowl with hands covered in dough.
  • The Kmix comes in different aesthetically pleasing colours with a stylish finish, they look more like Kitchenaid mixers. The variety of colours allows you to express yourself since you have the option of choosing a colour that closely matches your style. This is unlike the Chef that comes in standard silver or cream colours.
  • The other difference is that the Kmix has a fold function feature that is not in the Chef. The Folding function allows better mixing of ingredients with minimal disruption to the pockets of air in the batter that allows you to bake delicate delicacies like brioche.
  • The Kmix also has a slightly bigger bowl (5 litres) when compared to the Kenwood Chef classic which has 4.6 litres bowl capacity.


  • They both have planetary mixing action which ensures that all ingredients are mixed adequately without missing ingredients that are the base or sides of the bowl.
  • Both have 1000 watts motor that is quite good enough for tough dough like bread dough.
  • They both have non-stick bowl attachments (kK- beater, balloon whisk and dough hook)
  • They both have a splash guard to reduce any instances of a messy worktop

Kenwood Chef Review

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The food mixer comes, with a 1000W motor. The additional punch in motor strength means it will have little difficulty dealing with sticky and heavy consistencies, which includes bread doughs or any other thick batters. People praise the mixer’s potential to overpower and whip with great ease, without overheating and or perhaps making any extra noise.

It’s a 4.6 litres bowl that for almost all individuals will likely be much more than sufficient to support a single batch of however much you are whipping up. As a guide, these’re the batters and ingredients (along with their measurements) that this particular Kenwood mixer is able to accommodate:

  • Cake: 2.72kg
  • Dough: 2.18kg
  • Egg whites: 12
  • Flour for pastry: 680g

A comprehensive range of non-stick cooking resources is furnished, such as the K beater, balloon whisk and dough hook. The planetary mixing activity in addition guarantees an extensive blend.

With more than 20 optional mixer attachments offered to help you to perform a lot more in the home and supply you with a lot more control over what you are making.

It’s electronic speed control along with a splash guard. The varying speeds and a pulse setting are ideal for whatever’s on the baking cards that morning and provide you with added influence over your bakes. If the dough of yours just requires a bit of extra kneading or maybe your meringue batter must develop slightly stiffer peaks, you are able to set the pace being the setting that is best for you.

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  • Effective performance
  • Durability
  • So much ease of use
  • dishwasher safe and sound for quick and easy cleaning 
  • Not very noisy especially on lower settings 


Include more attachments in the list price.

Kenwood Kmix Review

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The stand mixer is medium-priced, but Kenwood hasn’t scrimped on the design and looks. It looks quite classy and stylish. The Kmix is equipped with a generously sized balloon whisk, iconic K-beater, and dough hook, all made from ultra-sturdy stainless steel. This mixer can fit well in probably the most stylish kitchens. Its design merges the first Kenwood mixers from the 50s with a luxe, modern, chrome casing.

The shiny steel attachments are quality, and also should go in the dishwasher. The signature K mixer/beater does an excellent job of scraping every ultimate bit of cake mix from the sides of the bowl. That is also right down to the planetary activity and that moves the attachments in various directions to push ingredients towards the centre of the bowl.

Although the bowl has a 5-litre capacity, whisking small amounts (for instance, 1 egg) should not be a problem because the attachments may be’ unwound’ slightly to make certain the very bottom part of the bowl could be covered. The Kmix weighs 11 kgs and fits well on a kitchen countertop.

The speed control is user-friendly, and also the tilt head release button is found just underneath the top – where one would expect it to be. The control dials are clearly designed to last.

It has six speeds and a’ fold’ feature. Like lots of stand mixers on the market, the comes with a planetary action rotator. The kMix beater hugs the sides of the bowl on the cake test, bringing every last drop of batter collectively and also keeping the sides clean. The inclusion of the handle on the bowl makes pouring the batter out very easy. The 1000 wattage means the kmix performs through low hydration doughs and speedy whisking tasks with complete ease. This’s a well-constructed stand mixer that will get all of the basics done well.


Both the Kenwood Kmix vs Chef are medium-priced and provide comparatively similar qualities given that they both have 1000 watts motor that is sufficient for tough dough and have decent enough bowls. They are both Kenwood products which are considered quite durable. However in this contest the Kmix offers more since you have a choice of colours to choose from, a bigger glass bowl that easy to clean and enables you to monitor progress of your baking. We recommend the , however the is also a capable mixer and is slightly cheaper than the Kmix.

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