Kenwood Chef XL Elite vs Sense Stand Mixers Review

Kenwood Chef XL Elite vs Sense are premium food mixers that can revitalize your baking skills. However which of these two should you go for? What really differentiates between them?

Kenwood Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer for Baking- Powerful, Large Food Mixer, with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 6.7 Litre Bowl, 1400 W, KVL6100S, Silver

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Difference between Kenwood Chef XL Elite and Sense

Kenwood Chef XL Elite versus Sense Stand Mixer

The main difference between the Kenwood Chef XL Elite vs Sense is in the bowl that comes with each mixer. The Elite XL has bowl illumination which provides enough light for you to visually check how your mixing is progressing in real-time. The Sense doesn’t have illumination in the bowl but it has a big 6.7-litre bowl that has handles. At the time of writing the Sense XL was unavailable in Amazon so we have added two Chef options that are in the median price range just as the Sense that you might want to consider.

The other difference is that the Chef XL Elite has stainless steel attachments which are considered more classy and durable than the aluminium coated attachments found in the Kenwood Sense.


  • They both have electronic controls
  • They both have big 6.7 bowl sizes with handles
  • They all come with a 5-year warranty.
  • They both have 1400 Watt motor power.

The Kenwood Chef Sense XL Review

The Kenwood Chef Sense XL comes equipped with a large 6.7-litre mixing bowl, making it so easy to pour your ingredients directly into the bowl.  The bowl has handles which makes it easy to handle when in use. It also has a splash guard that ensures that your mixing is tidy and devoid of any mess which might be caused if the mix spills out. This makes it to be easy and effortless to use.

The Chef Sense XL arrives complete with five dedicated bowl tools to assist you to bake all your favourites of yours. The aluminium coated bowl tools, like the K Beater, Whisk and also Dough Hook.

The unique K Beater reaches every part of the bowl and is ideal for mixing dry ingredients or even smashing biscuits for cheesecakes.

The whisk is uniquely shaped to catch air while mixing and is perfect for creating fluffy sponges or swiss rolls.

The dough hook is created to draw all of the efforts from kneading bread and is ideal for doing those tougher doughs like brioche, stolen or maybe pizza bases.

The flexible creaming beater scrapes most materials from the edge of the bowl, combining them just for the smoothest icing or maybe cake mixture The folding tool glides through ingredients thoroughly, keeping the optimum quantity of air required for light macaroons & mousses.

You have the option of adding 20+ attachments to make your Sense the ultimate kitchen machine. Transform your Chef Sense XL into a real all-around kitchen tool with the number of optional attachments available. Make homemade pasta, juice everything from oranges to carrots or even create new beef burgers, all with only one machine.

The Chef Sense XL Intelligent speed control enables great blending each time, slowly increasing the pace of the 1400W motor from a smooth beginning to full speed to offer you complete control and lower the possibility of creating a mess on your cooking table. 

Additionally, the basic touch head lift lever permits you to use the bowl with one touch. It has electronic speed control which allows you to choose the accurate speed (Speed: Variable + Pulse) required for whatever you are making. Utilize the extra fold function to gently fold ingredients for the supreme souffle.

How heavy is a Kenwood Chef Sense XL? 

The Sense Weight:8.9kg which makes it considerably easy to handle when compared to other heavy mixers sold in the market.

The Sense is built-in die-cast metal body material but the bowl is made of stainless steel which is dishwasher safe and less bulky compared to glass bowls. The bowl tools ( K Beater, Whisk and Dough Hook.) are non-stick coated aluminium.

Kenwood Chef Elite XL Review

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Kenwood Chef Elite XL has a 1400 W motor with a 6.7 Litre bowl. This is sufficient size and power for heavier batch and dough baking, designed for baking, whisking, mixing and kneading.

The Chef Elite XL has a complete set of non-stick baking tools for your recipes including the K beater, balloon whisk as well as dough hook. It has planetary mixing capability that makes your mixture to be thoroughly mixed.

It has a unique fold function that gives you much more control when baking for delicate mixes such as brioche or perhaps pizza dough, unrivalled versatility with over twenty-five optional attachments

Stay in control with the electronic speed control and also keep your kitchen completely clean with the splash guard. Easy head tilt helps you put ingredients in the bowl effortlessly.

All Chef Elite XL baking tools are dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning.

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