Kenwood Chef Classic vs Titanium Stand Mixer Reviews

Kenwood Chef classic vs titanium are high-quality food mixers manufactured by Kenwood but what really differentiates them?

The main difference between the Chef classic and Titanium is the motor power. The Classic is modelled on the original Kenwood from the 70s and 80s albeit with a modern motor. The Kenwood Chef (classic) Stand Mixer (KVC3100) has a motor power of 1000 Watts and a 4.6-litre bowl while the Titanium has a motor power of 1500W. The titanium is based on modern design and has complementary features like an illuminated bowl that help you keep track of your mixing in real-time.

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Key similarities between the Kenwood Chef classic vs Titanium

Kenwood Chef Classic versus Titanium Stand Mixer

Apart from the MOTOR power and complementary features that are only found in the Titanium, which is actually a premium mixer in the Kendwood range, most other things are similar.

  •  They both have planetary action which ensures that your ingredients are mixed effectively.
  • They both have a tilt head for easy addition of ingredients to the bowl.
  • They both come with a non-stick K-beater, whisk & dough hook included in the accessories
  • They are both dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean
  • Electronic speed control that gives you control over how your mixing progresses.
  • Both come with a splash guard included in the accessories.
  • They both have the option of using a range of 25 attachments to enhance their food mixer into the ultimate kitchen machine.

Which Kenwood stand mixer should I buy? Between Chef classic vs Titanium

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This all comes down to your budget and style. The classic is the traditional original mixer that is usually very durable (Many people report that they have had a Kenwood classic in their family for decades). It is budget-friendly since it is (at the time of writing) cheaper than the Kenwood range. However, the 1000 watt motor in the classic might not be sufficient if you intend to mix heavy bread dough. Meanwhile, the Titanium though slightly pricier comes with a powerful motor to tackle tough dough. It also has pleasant additions like illumination in the bowl that make your cooking experience seamless.

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