Best Small Kitchen Appliances Reviews UK 2024

Good food and culinary skills starts with the best gadgets and small appliances at your disposal. With the right kitchen tools and gadgets you can produce chef level quality of food. Cooking will be fun. That is why we blog about best small kitchen appliances, Gadgets, and tools that can elevate your culinary skills to the next level.

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Best Small Kitchen Appliances

Food Mixer or Food Processor – Which One to Buy?

So what is a food mixer anyway? To put it as simply as possible – a  food mixer is a small kitchen appliance that is being used to aid the process of beating, whisking, mixing and kneading food ingredients. It is a handy kitchen appliance for busy people, for chefs, for a big family, for people who want to hone their culinary skills and even for people who just love everything cooking.

We have reviewed a lot of top-end best stand mixers to cheap food mixers that get the job done.

As you might be aware for instance making cake mixtures or kneading the dough for making pizza or bread for a large family can take a great amount of time but, with the food mixer, it is just a matter of few minutes if not seconds.You just need to get the right food mixer for your needs, and with most food mixers coming with a recipe book to get you started – cooking becomes even more fun than ever before.

What can you use a food mixer for?You can use a food mixer for beating, whisking and mixing ingredients needed to making bread, cakes and pastries.And if you end up buying the multifunction food mixer like Kenwood Chef or KitchenAid among others, you can use it to also make smoothies, soups, pasta and much more depending on extra attachment you get.

Food Processors
Like food mixers; food processors can also be used with almost any type of cooking, be it for baking, creating sauces for pasta, salad dressings, and even when making your homemade ice cream! However, while food mixers are more into whipping, mixing and kneading; food processors, on the other hand, are into breaking and slicing through the toughest foods. They normally have a very powerful motor of about 500 to 1200 watts that help them break down solid ingredients like seeds with ease.They usually have 2 controls setting speeds: low and high and to some have a pulse button to help you control the cutting speed.

Also just like food mixers; food processors also come in different types and sizes. In case you decide to own a food processor; here are our top-rated best food processors UK . There is a lot to choose from; there are those that are suitable for grating cheese, chopping vegetables, with a dough hook, with blender combo and more. There are also mini food processor choppers for light tasks like slicing vegetables and fruits.

Blender or Juicer – Which One to Buy?

Blenders are great small kitchen appliances that are good at helping you achieve ’10 a day’ equivalent to 800g a day of fruits and vegetables. As you might be aware the United Kingdom is one of the countries that promote a ‘World Health Organisation (WHO)’ campaign of eating at least 10 portions a day of fruits and vegetables each day. Previously it was ‘5 a day. Studies indicate that eating ’10 a day’ helps to reduce diet-related chronic diseases and gives longer lives. Here are our top 10 best blenders UK to start with. Apart from that Food Blenders and smoothie makers are more or less the same. The key difference is that the smoothies maker has a tap attached to the jug you use to pour the smoothie. Blenders do much more than smoothies maker. You are better off buying a quality blender than a smoothie maker because it does much more than what a smoothie maker does.

So what is a juicer? A juicer is a kitchen appliance used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetable by simply crushing the ingredients, squeezing them, then separating them from the pulp to give you a clear drink.

The juicer is a bit different from a blender in which while the juicer separates the juice from the pulp; the blender mixes them together (juice and pulp) to make a smoothie.

Blenders give you most of your fruits and vegetables by crushing all of the ingredients together without removing the pulp to make a smoothie when compared to juicers that take the pulp away from the juice.

But if you just want a clear drink; juicer is the way to go and here is our best juicers UK.

Multicooker vs Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker – Which One is Better?

Multicooker: The multicooker is a type of small kitchen appliance that perform more than one task: Can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, saute, steamer, oven and more. There is manual and electric multi cooker with both of them being quite cheap. You get one for under 100 pound.

If you want to save money over buying a lot of kitchen gadgets or have a small kitchen, then, a multi cooker is the best kitchen tool to buy. Check our detailed review of the best multi-cooker UK.

Pressure cooker: The pressure cooker is a small kitchen tool that cooks food 70% faster than traditional methods of cooking. This saves you time and money. There is electric and stovetop pressure cookers. Some of them are multicookers like Ninja foodi. It can bake, grill, air fry, steam, roast, boil, air crispy, delay cook and keep food warm until you come back home.

Here is a detailed reviews of the top best pressure cookers UK.

Slow Cookers: Do you like making homemade soup, stews, casseroles, curries, from inexpensive meat. Then slow cooker is what you need. It is good at making cheap cuts of meat like chicken legs and thighs, pork shoulder and brisket tender, juicy and very taste simmering them up to 10 hours.

Some slow cookers have a delay timer in which you can set at which time it should start cook. And when it finish cooking it turns itself into keep your food warm up to 4hours long automatically.

Here are our top rated, best slow cookers with timer UK.

Rice cooker: If you are into making large quantities of rice per time or cooks rice often, then a rice cooker is all you need. It cooks rice for you with no supervision. You add the rice and spices, set the cooker on and let it do its work. After finishing cooking it will auto turn itself into keeping your food warm until you are ready to eat.

Here are the top rated, best rice cookers UK.

Cake Pop Maker or Cotton Candy Floss Maker?

Cotton Candy Floss Maker: Ever been to festivals or carnivals and saw those mouth-watering floss fair or cake pops and wished you could make one for kids, wedding or parties, then, check our best cotton candy floss makers UK and or best cake pop makers.

British Pancakes vs American Style Pancakes vs French Crepes

Do you make pancakes or crepes often? On the frying pan on a hob? Then you will love the pancake makers. They can make multiple pancakes or crepes per time or make a one big one. The best part, they offer even distribution of heat when compared to cooking on the hob.

Learn more about pancake makers in our detailed best pancake and crepes makers UK.

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