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Best Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine UK 2022

Find Best Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine UK 2022: Candy floss also known as cotton candy is a confection made of thin strings of sugar wrapped around a stick. This sugary treat is often found in the funfair, festivals, carnivals, and circuses.

Note: For best flosssugar to be used with your candy machine go for

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Best Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine UK 2022

1. KuKoo Candy Floss Making Machine / Cotton Candy Maker

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Quite expensive but very good candy floss maker is the KuKoo Cotton Candy Maker.

  • It comes with a detachable large 50 cm stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe.
  • It has an in-built drawer for storing its attachments and extra ingredients
  • KuKoo also comes with 500 candy floss collecting sticks
  • It has an on and off button plus a heat button and fuse to give you control over the floss making process
  • KuKoo floss maker comes also with UK 3pin plug
  • For peace of mind, you get 12-month warranty
  • You can use normal sugar with fluorine or go for any optimized floss sugar for better results
  • The machine is pink in color, weighs 13.5kg, of 44X54x54 cm dimensional size, and 900watts power

2. Sentik Electric Cotton Sugar Candy Floss Maker Machine

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The Sentik Electric Cotton Sugar Candy Floss Maker Machine is one of the best candy floss makers in UK. It uses both normal, granulated, and ready-made flavored floss sugar.It is, however, produces a small amount of floss candy when compared to the ones seen on festivals. But, can add more sugar to make it bigger when the first spoonful of sugar is finished.

  • Sentik comes with a spoon for scooping sugar and 10 bamboo sticks for collecting candy floss
  • It includes a dishwasher safe cover to keep it out of dust when not in use
  • It comes with a UK 3pin plug and one year standard Amazon warranty
  • After finishing making candy floss, remember to rinse your machine in warm water

3. Best Selling Cotton Candy Floss Maker 2022

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What is a Candy Floss Maker?

Invented first by a Dentist, a candy floss maker is the simple machine for making cotton candy or floss fair. It includes a spinning head, a sugar bowl, and a heater for melting sugar.There are both commercial and home use cotton candy machines. Commercial ones can hold up to 1.4kg of sugar compared to a spoonful of sugar used by home machines.

How to Make a Cotton Candy Floss?

  • Prepare your sugar by adding colorings and flavors if you want or use ready made floss sugar
  • Heat the candy floss machine
  • Add a spoon full of sugar into a candy floss maker machine
  • Let the machine heat, melt, spin and force the sugar out through tiny holes. As the hot melted sugar come out through tiny holes, it meets air that cools it. This causes cotton-like fine strings of sugar buildup
  • Twirl a stick or cardboard cone around a bowl rim to collect it and make large fluffy stuff.
  • Ready to eat or store in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place away from sunlight. If kept well, it can stay up to 2 to 3 weeks long
  • When the moisture is high this process might turn out messy, and sticky. Thus make sure there is little or no humidity when making and preserving them.

Why is Cotton Candy Pink and Blue?

Cotton candy makers use colors or dye to improve the look. You can use any food coloring but, the most popular ones are pink vanilla and blue raspberry. You can also see these colors in toothpaste, ice cream, and bubble gums.

Does the Candy Floss Machine Use Regular Sugar?

While some candy floss machine allows the use of regular sugar most of it will come out unmelted and wasted. Some sugar crystals are too big for the floss machines, as a result, slows down the whole process of making candy floss. It is wise thus to use recommended packed floss sugar. These have adequate crystal size and melting characteristics that is suitable for the spinning head and heated holes.

Does Cotton Candy have a Lot of Sugar, Is Cotton Candy Bad for Your Teeth?

Candy floss is sugar mixed with food coloring and flavors spun into the machine to make it light and fluffy. A typical one contains up to 105 calories. This is less sugar compared to a can of coke, funnel cakes, and candy apple found in festivals. But, it is still sugar with the same calories as a can of soda. While still pretty light on sugar, sugar is sugar not good for your teeth. Hence, have this treat only once in a while, not every day.

What Makes Cotton Candy Melt?

  • Humidity: When the moisture is high, it causes cotton candy fibers to absorb water and melt
  • Temperature: High summer temperature and house heat cause the floss plastic storing bag to shrink. Continued heating causes the floss to melt and turns into caramel.

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