Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals UK 2023

Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals UK by Kenwood, Kitchenaid, Aucma and other best stand mixers Prime Day deals. The event that will take place over two days from the 11th to 12th of July this year.

Today’s deals:

72% Off Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer | 500W | Black | SM50BU
38% Off Bosch Serie 2 MUMS2EW00G 3.8 Litre 700W Stand Mixer - White
37% Off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, 5L Stainless Steel Bowl, Removable Splash Guard, 1000 W, Editions Blue

Last update on 2024-07-17 at 12:19 / // Source: Amazon

Best selling stand mixers:

22% Off
Stand Mixer, Vospeed Food Mixer Dough Blender, 6.2L 1500W Electric Cake Mixer with Bowl, Beater, Hook, Whisk, Egg Separator & Silicone Spatula, Dishwasher Safe (Silver)
1,972 Reviews
Vospeed Stand Mixer Dough Blender, 5 QT 1000W Food Mixer Electric Cake Mixer with Bowl, Beater, Hook, Whisk, Egg Separator & Silicone Spatula, Dishwasher Safe (White)…
824 Reviews
3% Off
72% Off

Last update on 2024-07-17 at 12:19 / // Source: Amazon

Prime Day subscription offers a host of services and perks for a yearly fee. This includes next-day shipping for products bought in Amazon, video and TV Streaming, Kindle books among other benefits. Prime Day has been described as the mid-year Black Friday. This this year, Prime Day has been scheduled for July 11th to 12th. We track all Prime Day deals when they come around, so check this page and we will update you on all developments.

Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals UK

Best Stand Mixer Amazon Prime Day Deals
  • Get 55% off: Kenwood kMix 754 Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer
  • Get 48% off: Kenwood kMix 760 Stand Mixer for Baking, Stylish Kitchen Mixer with K-beater
  • Get 46% off: Kenwood Chef XL KVC4100.W Stand Mixer for Baking,
  • Get 41% off: Kenwood Chef KVC3100.W Stand Mixer for Baking – Stylish Food Mixer
  • Get 40% off: KitchenAid Stand Mixer “Classic” silver 5K45SSBSL
  • Get 40% off: KitchenAid Stand Mixer “Classic” silver 5K45SSBSL
  • Get 36% off: Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL, Kitchen Machine with K-Whisk, Stand Mixer
  • Get 29% off: Stand Mixer, Vospeed Food Mixer Dough Blende
  • Get 23% off: Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.2L Food Mixers for Baking
  • Get 20% off: Aucma Stand Mixer,7L Tilt-Head Food Mixer, 6 Speed Electric Kitchen Mixer (7L, Blue)
  • Get 21% off: Bosch CreationLine Serie 4 MUM58259 Stand Mixer with 12 accessories – 7 Speeds
  • Get 21% off: Kenwood Chefette Stand Mixer HMP54.​000SI, Stand Mixer All-in-One
  • Get 21% off: Bosch CreationLine Serie 4 MUM58259 Stand Mixer with 12 accessories
  • Get 16% off: Magimix 3200XL Premium Food Processor with Citrus Press
  • Get 16% off: Tower T12033RG 3-in-1 5L Stand Mixer with 6 Speeds

1. Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer Amazon Prime Day Deals UK

Kenwood Chef XL is a stand mixer with a dough hook that you should have for baking a lot of bread. It is our number one best stand mixer for bread dough UK.

Its 6.7-liter bowl ensures that you won’t run out of space for mixing different ingredients that complex bread dough needs. The bowl of this product allows you to mix tons of additional ingredients into the bread dough such as fruits and nuts.

Key Features:

  • color: white
  • capacity: 6.7 liters
  • weight: 7.66 kilos
  • motor: 6 speed, 1200 watts
  • size: moderate

Kenwood isn’t very heavy yet it is very stable. Kneading bread dough at full speed won’t cause this product to tip over. That said, you won’t have to hold Kenwood Chef XL to keep it in place as it works because its stability is further reinforced by the slip-free stand. You won’t have to worry about using this product on a slightly wet surface because it stays put perfectly.

This product’s motor works well at kneading smooth to very sticky bread dough. The motor ensures that the dough hook doesn’t get stuck. Furthermore, it doesn’t heat up too much when turning at high speeds. The motor’s performance power of 1200 watts stays consistent no matter how long you use this Kenwood mixer for bread dough.

Summary of Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer For Kneading:

  • works well for all types of bread dough
  • doesn’t heat up unnecessarily
  • very stable kneading performance

Verdict: We recommend the Chef XL because this mixer achieves consistency in kneading due to its motor power and variable speed settings that are sufficient to handle dense bread dough. It comes with multiple quality metal attachments to give you more versatility and has a high-grade stainless steel metal hook that does not struggle to mix dough even at high speed. It is the right weight (7.6 Kgs) to fit in most kitchen cabinets and has a large bowl size that is adequate for bread making. Check it out, the Kenwood Chef XL Stand Mixer for Baking, KVL4100W.

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer Amazon Prime Day UK Deals

Kitchenaid stand mixer Artisan is the best stand mixer for bakers that every woman dreams. Its curves are very sexy and its base isn’t filled with embossments. Artisan only weighs 11.1 kilograms. Its dimensions are 37 x 24 x 36 cm so it’s not very large. Simply put, you won’t have issues storing this stand mixer together with other kitchen appliances.

Artisan Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is available in Pistachio, Empire Red, Blue, and other color tones.

This product is a must-have item for hardcore bakers. Artisan Stand Mixer comes with the necessary features that make it an all-around baking appliance. This stand mixer has an anti-stick dough hook that’s perfect for making cookies, pizza, bread, pie, and other types of dough. Furthermore, you can even replace the dough hook with other attachments such as flat beater, 6-wire whip, etc.

A direct-drive motor powers Artisan Stand Mixer. In terms of performance, this product is exceptional. I love the planetary action feature of this product. This feature rotates the bowl counter-clockwise and turns the dough hook clockwise. With the planetary action at work, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your dough to finish.

Features of Artisan Stand Mixer

  • 4.8 Liter bowl
  • Planetary Action Feature
  • Comes With 10 Additional Accessories
  • Comes With Anti-Stick Dough
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Non-Bulky Yet Stable

Check it out, the KitchenAid 4.8 Litre Artisan Stand Mixer 5KSM175PS (Empire Red).

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3. kMix Kenwood Stand Mixer Amazon Prime Day Deals

Kmix Kenwood Stand Mixer looks a bit similar to Artisan Stand Mixer. However, it has a bigger head and a narrower base. This product’s color tone makes it suitable for contemporary, modern, and minimalist kitchens. kMix makes use of a black finish for its head and a glossy silver finish for its base. kMix is lighter than the previous product and only weighs 10.9 kilos.

This product is great for baking pies and cookies. It has a very large dough hook that allows you to make cookie dough that is perfect for making chipped cookies. On the other hand, additional accessories such as meat grinders and pasta rollers help you to make delicacies that involve the use of a food processor. All in all, kMix Stand Mixer isn’t just a cookie dough mixer but is also a semi-food processor.

A 1000 watt 6-speed motor powers this stand mixer. kMix Stand Mixer’s is very powerful. It works well for making sticky doughs. Furthermore, the 1000 watt motor makes the meat grinder attachment very effective. Upon using, I found out that kMix Stand Mixer’s meat grinder attachment is as good as conventional food processors for pork, chicken, and beef.

Features of kMix Stand Mixer

  • 5-liter bowl
  • Planetary Action Feature
  • Comes With A Very Reliable Meat Grinder Attachment
  • Comes with A Pasta Roller
  • 1000 Watt 6 Speed Motor

Check it out, the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer for Baking

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Aucma Stand Mixer is available in two colors; light blue and red. Between these, I recommend you to go for the red one because it looks unisex. Aucma Stand Mixer has a very robust base. The robust base makes it possible for Aucma to avoid tipping on its own when mixing food fast. Buy this product if you’re looking for a highly stable mixer.

Features of Aucma Stand Mixer

  • powerful 1400-watt motor
  • a robust base for stability
  • Anti-Splash Guard
  • Dent Resistant Bowl

This product does well at mixing various ingredients for cookies, waffles, and pancakes. Mixing large quantities of fruits won’t be an issue with this product because its bowl is very large. Aucma’s bowl isn’t prone to dents. This means that you won’t have to worry about denting the bowl when mixing hard ingredients.

This product works great for mixing liquids such as milk and juice because it has a splash guard. The 1400 watt motor of Aucma is pretty powerful so expect liquids to splash all over if the splash guard isn’t installed. However, Aucma’s powerful motor ensures that you won’t have trouble mixing food.

Check it out, the Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.2L Food Mixers for Baking, Electric Kitchen Mixers with Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater (6.2L, Black).

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KitchenAid Empire Red Mini Mixer looks pretty similar to the previous product in terms of design. However, it’s base is more slender and its feet are wider. It is a new version of the former KitchenAid stand mixer that offers a perfect mixer for a small kitchen. Its size is just enough for you to use it as a personal food mixer for cooking classes, local cooking contests, etc.

Features of KitchenAid Classic

  • 3.3 litre bowl vs 4.8 of Kitchenaid Artisan reviewed above
  • 3 mixing accessories: a whisk, dough hook and flat beater
  • Non-bulky food mixer
  • Slender base and wide feet
  • Much quiet compared to other best stand mixers on the market today.
  • 5 years warranty

This product doesn’t have an anti-splash feature but this is just a minor problem. The 275 watts motor of this product isn’t too powerful so doesn’t leave a lot of mess. KitchenAid Empire Red Mini Mixer’s motor has just enough power for mixing fruits, vegetables, flour  and other ingredients without overspills.

Check it out, the Kitchenaid Artisan 3.3L Mini Stand Mixer Empire Red 5KSM3311XBER.

5. Emperial Black Food Mixer – Stand Mixer Prime Day Deals UK

Emperial Black Food Mixer – Stand Mixer is a neat looking food mixer. Its head and base are finished with a gray color tone. I also love the silver-coated plastic that seals the head against moisture because it stands out. The look of Emperial Black Food mixer makes it a great addition to modern and minimalist kitchens. That said, this product won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a mixer that’s beautiful but not too flashy.

Features of Emperial Black Food Mixer

  • 12000-watt 6-speed motor
  • 5 Liter aluminum bowl with anti-splash cover
  • Soft Tilt-Head design
  • 2 Year Warranty

This black food mixer is great for making cake butter, bread dough, and cookie dough. The anti-splash guard makes this product ideal for mixing ingredients without messing up your worktop. Emperial Black Food mixer is also okay when used for baking.

I also love the fact that Emperial isn’t very noisy. You’ll hear the occasional whirring sound of the motor but this won’t bother you. The noise of the motor is bearable and you won’t have to worry about disturbing others while using it.

Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer

Prime Day sales have grown in popularity over the last four years. Last year’s Prime Day sales generated so much traffic online. They are going full-blown to generate more interest from customers. To participate in Prime Day sales you need to a subscribed Prime Day member.

If you have not signed up before there is a free one-month trial to start you off. Otherwise, a subscription cost £ 7.99 a month or £79 a year. With over 100 million subscribed customers Prime members, there are benefits to be had like free next day shipment, access to Prime videos, access to over 2 million songs ad-free among others. There are a number of pre-Prime Day deals being released daily to warm up people to what is shaping up to be the biggest sales event in the whole calendar year in the universe. You can also start shopping early in anticipation of Prime Day. Check out the things you wish to buy at discount and place them on your shopping cart. If they will be massively discounted on Prime Day, you will check out at a reduced price.

Every Amazon Prime Day, you are able to count on a huge selection of deals on household devices and probably the latest tech going and coming at super speed.

Amazon Prime Day is actually a worldwide shopping event produced entirely for Amazon Prime members, delivering large deals and bargains, like the sort you’d expect from Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday occasions.

When it concerns Prime Day, you normally run into 3 distinct kinds of deals.

Spotlight Deals: Reserved for probably the most popular items, spotlight deals are actually the first ones given to customers. They generally involve a higher need item for sale at a ridiculously small price tag.

Lightning deals are exactly where Amazon’s UX plays a substantial role and clients are actually provided with a concrete visual of just how quickly a product is actually selling. Amazon displays the fraction of these items which have been offered or perhaps are actually being held by some other buyers, as well as just how long shoppers have left to get the deal.

These kinds of deals are generally just encouraged for a couple of hours at a time. That said, scarcity is actually a huge component of the appeal. Clients like feeling as they’re getting something unique, particularly when the deal is going to be off the table in minutes.

Typical Prime savings & deals: Lastly, there are actually typical Prime savings & deals, that are provided for the entirety of the occasion.

How you can Get ready for Prime Day Stand Mixers Deals UK?

Put together a few lists: Waitlist, Watch, and Wish List Making a list might seem elementary, but Prime Day list-making can take a number of styles. Ultimately, list-making is actually all about stopping impulse purchases – by identifying ahead of time everything you would like and need to have. If taking pen to paper or even building a spreadsheet appears to be insufficient, Amazon provides a handful of resources to help. Use its Wish List feature to curate things you are already interested in. Watch is actually a tool you are able to apply to flag upcoming deals during Prime Day – you will receive alerts via the Amazon app when those deals go live. A waitlist is actually a tool you are able to make use of when you have missed one of numerous Prime Day Lightning Deals. (Lightning Deals are actually out there for a small time, typically in confined quantities.) If someone does not follow through and buy which deal after including it in the cart of theirs, you are able to possibly claim it.

As you are making the lists of yours, consider previous year’s models.

Start price monitoring:

Amazon cost trackers as Keepa and camelcamelcamel is able to enable you to get a feeling of the cost heritage of those noise-canceling headset you have had your eye on. (as Wirecutter, these cost trackers focus on affiliate revenue, therefore they might get a cut of the cart of yours in case you do create a purchase.) Although tracking will not reflect lightning offer or maybe coupon code price past, it is able to provide you with normal insights into whether that claimed purchase price is actually really worth the time of yours. When you place an item in the cart of yours, Amazon typically allows you fifteen minutes before it disappears. You are able to quickly do the research of yours and get those tracking insights at this time.Keep an eye out for bonuses and credits As in Prime Days past, Amazon offers a ten dollars credit to use to help businesses that are small during the event through their business storefronts. Based on an Amazon representative, over 2.5 million folks purchased items from businesses that are small in the very first twenty-four hours of the promotion.

Check Out for Credit:

Speaking of credit, in case you have got an Amazon gift card, add it to your account before Prime Day itself – that way, you will have the credit on file once the festivities start. This does much more than simply provide you with more buy agility – as recently as 2019, we noted issues of difficulty redeeming gift card credit during Prime Day, probably as a result of the volume of customers attempting to do it. As soon as you have included the favorites in your virtual cart, consider Amazon Day Delivery. Day shipping lets Prime members choose to get all available orders on a certain day, consolidating the number of truck trips to your residence of.

Check other merchants:

for competing product sales Though Prime Day might be Amazon’s own deals extravaganza, it is not the only significant retailer to provide discounts leading up to and during the two-day event: Best, Walmart, and Target Buy are actually all planning multi-day product sales set to run concurrently to Prime Day.

Historical Trajectory of Amazon Prime Day

In 2015, Amazon launched Prime Day – one day of sales as well as deals across – as a means to celebrate their Prime members on Amazon’s 20th birthday. The very first iteration of Prime Day happened on July fifteen, and ran for twenty four hours. Today, Prime Day costs for 2 days that are full. At first, Prime Day deals were only offered in 9 countries, though the list expanded each season, with the number of participating countries reaching eighteen in 2019.

The sales event continues to be a great success ever since – including the events of 2020 could not prevent it.

Key Day success over the years Amazon raked in a lot more earnings during Prime Day 2015 than it did during its record breaking 2014 Black Friday sales event. Furthermore, in the first year of its, FBA sellers globally discovered a 300 % increase in sales, with 34.4 zillion goods sold.

2016 The next year, in 2016, Prime Day grew. Belgium participated (bringing the entire number of participating nations to ten), sales globally were sixty % higher than in 2015, as well as 3P sellers offering deals almost tripled their orders year-over-year.

2017 Prime Day 2017 saw greater progress, not just in terms of items sold (fifty % over 2016) as well as participating countries (up from ten to twelve), but in the length of time the offer day lasted too – from twenty four hours to thirty.

2018 Then, in 2018 and also as a result of the good results of the extensive time, Amazon has taken it a step further and ran Prime Day for thirty six hours. Just as before, it paid off.

Prime members worldwide purchased more than hundred million products, SMEs (medium-sized and small enterprises) earned more than $1.5 billion in revenue, and it was Amazon’s largest day-and-a-half of product sales worldwide.

2019 Finally, Prime Day 2019 ran for forty eight hours, and sales eclipsed 2018’s Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday sales combined.

During that two day time frame, shoppers purchased much more than 175 million things, generating more than two dolars billion in revenue for third party sellers. Actually, several sellers reported encountering a growth in sales between twenty three % to 200 %.

2020 Amid concerns about the COVID 19 pandemic, which caused manufacturing slowdowns as well as the prioritization of important products, Amazon delayed Prime Day 2020 until October 13 14 in the U.S. Despite Americans’ widely decreased consumer spending during that time, Prime Day still charted record-breaking sales, with Prime members saving more than $1.4 billion over the course of the occasion.

Which is your Best Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals UK?

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