Kitchenaid Artisan vs Classic Stand Mixer Reviews

The main difference between Kitchenaid artisan vs classic is the motor power. The Artisan comes with a 325-watts motor while the KitchenAid Classic has 250 watts. There is therefore a difference of 75 watts which is quite significant when it comes to baking heavy dough like bread. When you produce a lot more than a loaf of bread weekly or perhaps maybe create baked treats for celebrations, you need the mixer with increased power. You get more volume with the KitchenAid Artisan five quart stand mixer than with the classic.

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Difference between KitchenAid artisan and classic

Kitchenaid Artisan versus Classic Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid Classic is an entry-level stand mixer or perhaps simply suited to a small family of 3 who occasionally bakes for the family unit or perhaps for the pupil as well as people who live alone. Its 4.5-quart bowl will keep two box cake mixes and perhaps two custom batches of custom cake dishes or simply a double batch of icing.

The Artisan series on the other hand can support three cake recipes, although it’s may virtually be full to the brim. Scraping content will be inconvenient and messy in this particular circumstance. No more than two meals of cake mixes wherein you have to subsequently add ingredients like chocolate chips or perhaps dried fruit will very easily fit in its 5 qt. Bowl.

The Artisan design is enhanced with respect to making bread. It has more energy and a larger capacity. However, you cannot constantly churn out bread because you will overwhelm it because it is not meant for tough dough like that used in bread making. Limit it to 2 times or even maybe even once a week, as well as just so many as loaves at a time. Though it is not for rough dough.

Which has Better Accessories & Attachments?

The KitchenAid Artisan edges it because it has a bowl with a handle that is user friendly. It’s easier to balance and control; as well as a lot easier on the wrist and arm than one without arms. The Artisan comes with a splash guard, unlike the Classic mixer. The splash guard is quite handy in preventing mess when baking.

You may not need a splash guard for just one recipe. Or perhaps maybe, actually think it is cumbersome since you have to remove it each time you have to scrape or perhaps even blend manually. Nevertheless, it is very useful for two dishes or more as it’ll help have ingredients in place without splashing out.

Both the artisan and classic have a flat beater as well as a dough hook that is nylon coated. They each have wire whisks.

The artisan comes in a variety of forty attractive colour choices, which makes it easy for you to choose a colour that matches your style. It also has an elegant glass bowl that is convenient when baking to monitor the progress of what is being mixed.

The classic is cheaper than the artisan, however, you get a smaller 4.5-quart bowl with the classic compared to the 5-quart bowl in the Artisan. You also get significantly less power and few extras with the Kitchenaid classic.

You pay more and get a lot more for the Artisan in convenience, performance and capacity.

Will price dictate your choice? That is a question to ponder. However here is our take, we consider the Kitchenaid Artisan best value for money.


The best choice is going to be the Artisan series stand mixer even if you are basically starting to bake. Here’s why: It is a median model. Not far too simple, not bulky and could serve well even if you are an amateur baker. The additional power in watts (75 watts) makes a significant difference in the capability of output, despite the fact that the bowl is only relatively larger.

The price difference between KitchenAid Classic versus Artisan is tiny for what you get if you choose the Artisan. It has much more vitality as well as far better accessories. Thanks to its superior motor power, it’s ready to get the extra load from attachments more efficiently. Unless you have budget constraints to consider the KitchenAid Artisan gives more bang for your money. Nevertheless, the Classic KitchenAid is a great little mixer and works as properly as the Artisan for what it’s designed for.

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