Kenwood Kmix 754 vs 750 vs 760 Stand Mixer Reviews

What is the difference between Kenwood Kmix 750 vs 754 vs 760? The Kmix models come in three variants the Kenwood Kmix 760, the 754 and the 750 food mixer. Which of these will you choose and how do you distinguish between the three different versions of the KMIX. Well, below we explore the differences between the Kenwood Kmix 760 vs 754 vs 750.

Difference between Kmix 750 vs 754?

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The main difference between the Kenwood Kmix 750 and 754 is the makeup of their respective bowl. The Kmix754 has a glass bowl and pulse function while the 750 has a stainless bowl and has no pulse. There is also a variation in the colours that the two mixers come in. The 750 comes in predominantly red, beige and black colours while the 754 comes in white, cream, black, pink and pastel blue.

What is the Difference Between Kmix 750 vs 760?

The key difference between Kenwood Kmix 750 and 760 is that the Kmix 760 is the newer variant of the Kmix range that has a glass bowl while the 750 has a stainless steel bowl. The 750 does not have any pulse function (this is the function you can press to accelerate or decelerate the mixing according to how you want the mixing to progress).

What is the Difference Between kmix 750 vs 754 vs 760

Kenwood Kmix 754 , 750 and 760 Stand Mixer

The main difference between the Kenwood Kmix 760 vs 754 vs 750 is mainly centred on the type of bowl used in each respective model. The Kmix 754 and 760 edition comes with a five-litre glass bowl while the 750 has a five-litre stainless steel bowl.

Other differences are in the colours spotted by the mixers. The Kmix754 comes in five bold colours pastel blue, white, cream, pink and black while the Kmix750 colours are  (black, Beige and red) while the 60 comes in black coloured chrome, gold and rose gold colours.

The glass bowl is a tad huge and heavy in comparison to the stainless steel but it gives you the advantage of being able to monitor the progress of your mixing in time without having to lift up the lid to inspect progress. If you’ve a problem lifting up weighty items, then this is something to consider. 

Which Kenwood Kmix is the Best?

I would say it’s a toss between the 754 and Kmix760. They both have a glass bowl which though a bit heavy is quite helpful when baking because it gives you the chance to monitor the mixing in time. They both have pulse function which gives you maximum flexibility and control over the rate at which you can mix the ingredients. 

However in my opinion all factors considered the 760 edges it because it comes in chrome and a stylish finish that can rival the sleek Kitchenaid mixers. It also has other nifty touches like nine speeds, a power cord storage, automatic shut off and safety lock that really makes it stand out. It is a bit more expensive than the 754 but will give you value for money. If your budget cannot stretch to forking out upwards of 500 quid, you can go for the 754 which is favourably priced or watch out for sales like during Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions. Here below we review each respective Kmix 750 vs754 vs 760

Kenwood Kmix 760 Review

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This Kenwood Kmix 760 Chrome Collection is a high-end Premium Chrome stand mixer that has been introduced to rival brands such as KitchenAid.

The 1000W stand mixer provides an amazing design and exceptional performance to match. The brand new kMix features:

  • 9 mixing speeds
  • 5-litre mixing bowl with handles. 
  • stainless beater, dough hook and balloon whisk – and a spatula 
  • splash guard with a pouring chute so that you are able to put ingredients without stopping the kMix.

The sturdy machine will undoubtedly take care of whatever you throw at it, but does its overall performance – and also the shiny metal finish – justify the premium cost because of this Chrome Collection kMix?

What is Kmix 760 like?

Heavy. However, the hefty Kmix760 is resilient enough to deal with anything you want it for. It is likewise a beautiful looking stand mixer, with a chrome touch that truly gives it a pleasing upmarket aesthetic. It comes in three colours schemes ( black chrome, gold and rose gold).

The drawback to the metal finish on the 760 is that it appears messy quite quickly mainly due to the shininess becoming smudged by flour, batter, whatnot and fingerprints. On the positive side, performance is exceptional and several helpful touches truly help to raise this particular mixer above rivals.

A handle on the edge of the (relatively heavy) 5L stainless steel mixing bowl is much appreciated, as well as the remarkable Soft Start function which inhibits the mixer from beating or whisking the combination wildly in case you change it as much as a top speed. Rather, the intelligent speed control will keep your ingredients firmly in the bowl by starting the pace gradually.

The dial features 9 different speed options with the fold function, min and max speeds. Maximum is perfect for whipping whites of eggs and cream as the minimum is ideal for dry ingredients which have an inclination to create a mess.

The transparent, plastic splashguard is yet another helpful addition, particularly because it has a pouring chute so you do not need to stop the mixer and open the guard to increase the ingredients – which any person that bakes can concur is a tremendous annoyance. 

When adding disorganized products like flour, a small door on the chute closes so there is absolutely no splashes or maybe puffs of dry ingredients escaping.

Nevertheless, placing the splashguard on can be a touch tricky. It requires pushing onto the mixer head forcefully along with other premium stand mixers- though we do not believe it is a huge problem in reality. 

Overall, the ease of the style is among the favourite things about the kMix Chrome. There is one dial for speed options along with 1 lever on top of the right side for lifting the mixer head upwards at an angle, while the bowl just connects with arrows showing which approach to change it to secure it into position. Likewise, the attachments lock in with an easy turn.

The beater, considered the K beater (with a notable K shape incorporated in the design), balloon whisk and dough hook are stainless steel and also feel really durable. 

Is KMix dishwasher safe?

All of the attachments are dishwasher safe and they, together with the big bowl, are really simple to clean. 

The Chrome KMIX 760 is fairly silent as stand mixers go, with no discernable ratting while at high speeds with lots of combinations in the bowl. The instant turn-off if the mixer head is lifted plus non-slip base are good safety precautions.

For those who bake a whole lot or perhaps people who fancy getting much more into cooking, the 760 looks good and provides functionality across a selection of cooking techniques from bread and meringues to croissants and cakes.


  • Upmarket aesthetic
  • High-quality mixing accessories and bowl
  • Soft Start mixing


  • High list price (although usually cheaper online)
  • Chrome comes out messy quite quickly; smudges easily
  • Extremely big and heavy; makes storing difficult

Kenwood Kmix 754 Review

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The classic KMix 754 hits the ideal balance between performance and price – it is a great value stand mixer

Pros include:

  • Works well
  • Great capacity
  • Tremendous price


  • Heavy
  • Not as modern as rivals

The Kenwood kmix 754 is an effective stand mixer that is important for anybody that routinely generates cakes, loaves of bread or batters. Even in case you are a newbie, a well-equipped mixer is able to do great things for your baking


It helps you save considerable time and, in the situation of batch cooking and bread making, could do a better job than doing it manually..

The 754 is an entry-level mixer that is much more cost-effective compared to others in the market. Even though budget designs generally have inadequate motors and cannot mix very much volume, this model bucks the trend. So far as bang for money goes, this’s among the absolute best.

Kenwood Kmix 754 Dishwasher safe Attachments:

Almost all the accessories are dishwasher safe. There are furthermore a couple of recipe ideas are provided for inspiration.

  • 1,000W motor, 
  • 6-speed options
  •  a five-litre glass mixing bowl, 
  • a branded K shaped beater in the package, 
  • a stainless steel wire whisk, 
  • dough hook along with 
  • a clip-on splash guard, 

The accessories included are good enough for most baking tasks like baking cakes, bread, icing and sauces, which means you will not have to shell out for other things from day one. If you want more, however, you will find a wide range of attachments you are able to purchase from pasta making to juicing and mincing.

The attachments either slot into the regular equipment socket or perhaps via the attachment outlet at the front side of the mixer. 

It is able to keep up to 2.72kg of cake mix, 1.35kg of dough, 600g of pastry flour or maybe twelve whites of eggs – much more than enough for home bakers. 

Kenwood Kmix Stand Mixer Best Price

Other types of the KMix for example the Full Colour KMix 750 and also the KMix 760 extend the same specifications on the 754 but are a bit more expensive on account of the variants in colour & bowl material. Probably The newest Chrome Editions in addition has an official Quiet Mark, meaning in theory, it must be much more silent.

Kenwood KMix 754 Stand Mixer Analysis: 

The KMix still looks and can feel as a high-quality mixer. Weighing in at 10.9kg, it is quite a hefty appliance. Size-wise it comes in at 240 x 385 x 355mm (WDH), and  it needs a good bit of room.

The KMix’s splash guard is definitely the sturdiest I’ve observed on any stand mixer as well as, quite usefully, it connects on the top of the bowlr rather than simply sitting in addition to the bowl. What this means is it is not possible to knock off while in use. The beater is created in Kenwood’s classic K style to disperse mixture much more consistently compared to a normal beater. There is in addition an extra-large balloon whisk and, lastly, quite a standard, albeit hefty, dough hook.

Kenwood Kmix 750 Review

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Kenwood KMX750RD Stand Mixer, 1000 W, Red Kenwood KMX750RD Stand Mixer, 1000 W, Red No ratings yet £328.99

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The 750 likewise includes: 

  • An effective 1,000W motor 
  • 6-speed options 
  • a fold function 
  • Smart speed controls 
  • Dough hook, 
  • balloon whisk, and a beater 
  • Stainless steel bowl

While many people prefer glass bowls, metal bowls are definitely simpler to work with, as they are easier and lighter to wash. They are also less expensive to replace if for any kind of reason you have to purchase a new one.

The KMIX 750 has 1.3kg dough capacity and 2.7kg cake mix capacity, the kMix 750 Stand Mixer from Kenwood provides a welcome helping hand in all kitchens. Because of smart speed control this particular mixer has the ability to provide six different speed settings with no spillage, and a distinctive fold feature which will help carefully layer ingredients providing you with total control.

The smart Speed Control – smoothly and carefully increases speed without creating the spillage of ingredients, especially when blending in flour. 

The warranty is five years old.6 speeds and also fold option. The 1000W Power enables you to comfortably manage even the most difficult of doughs.

Dishwasher safe parts K Beater, dough hook and whisk offer you the versatility to produce a selection of meals.

It has 5L capacity stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean up.

The accompanying bowl tools attachments (K Beater, Whisk and also Dough Hook) let you develop flavoured breads, stylish cakes and inviting pavlovas with ease.

The innovative electrical speed control guarantees you smoothly and carefully make as much as the preferred speed without resulting in spillage of the bowl contents.

It has ergonomically designed easy fit attachment outlets and controls that are easily placed at the front side of the machine.

Is Kmix Dishwasher Safe?

Yes all Kmix models are dish washer safe, the bowl can be comfortably be washed in a dishwasher and so are the attachments.

What to Focus on When Looking for a Stand Mixer

When picking out a stand mixer, you can find many features you ought to consider before parting with the hard-earned cash of yours. 


Ensure your selected model comes with all the accessories you will need, to save you from investing much more cash on additional tools. It is also well worth searching out for these additional features: 


This covers the mixing bowl to avoid ingredients flying away and also spattering you during mixing. 


A standard beater with a flexible spatula advantage on one side. Perfect for scraping down the sides of the bowl after mixing. 

Jug blender 

Helpful for blending soup or smoothies – some can crush ice. Food processor attachment Could be connected to your stand mixer to enable you to slice or even grate ingredients.

Some other (less common) accessories consist of meat mincers, spiralizers, pasta makers, plus biscuit cutters. 

Size of Mixer and also bowl size 

You have to be certain you have received ample room on your own kitchen counter to support a stand mixer, particularly in case it is over the big side. 

You must also think about bowl size. In case you bake in especially large batches (more than 2 cakes at once), you will have to choose a mixer and have a large capacity bowl – 500ml or perhaps more. 

Speed options and wattage 

This is not a great concern unless you specifically call for a broad range of speed options. We have discovered that the wattage on the machine is not usually a sure indicator of quality. 

Nevertheless, you will find additional mixer settings well worth looking out for. 


Allows you to stop the mixer to include ingredients then restart it at the very same speed. Fold An easy folding movement to add flour into cake mixes without taking out all of the atmospheres. 


Even in case you begin the mixer on top speed, it is going to speed up gently and slowly to prevent your substances in the bowl. 

Dishwasher safe 

Look for dishwasher safe attachments, as washing them manually could be an enormous headache. Make sure you look at the clothes instructions, although, placing accessories in over a warm wash can possibly split the plastic.

Spare parts and storage 

Most well-established stand mixer makes, like Kitchenaid and Kenwood, can have a broad range of extra parts available. You must also consider where you are likely to store these.


The Kenwood Kmix 760 vs 754 vs 750 are quality mixers that will give you bang for money. The 754 and 760 have glass bowl which makes it easy to monitor what is happening in the mixing bowl, however it is a bit heavy when compared to the metal bowl that is in the 750. Whichever Kmix you go for be sure you are buying a quality stand mixer.

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