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Kenwood Kmc570 Review – Chef Premier Stand Mixer

The Kenwood KMC570 is considered as one of the best Kenwood chef mixers out there. The kmc570 stand mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon. Alternativelly, chek:

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But is this Kenwood chef premier kmc570 worth it; let us find out.


  • Features 1000 watt motor.
  • Comes with a 4.6 litre stainless steel mixing bowl.
  • Comes with 4 attachments: K beater, dough hook, balloon whisk and a creaming beater.
  • It also comes also with a 1.6 litre glass blender that is a thermo resister.
  • Unlike Kenwood km330; the kenwood kmc570 body is of metal (aluminium).
  • Features 3 power outlets.
  • You get free UK Delivery by buying it from Amazon.
  • Suitable for a medium family.

Kenwood Kmc570 Review

The Kenwood kmc570 features variable control speed and pulse function that enables you to have a full control over the speed to which the ingredients get mixed.

  • Has a powerful 1000 watts motor- this is what handles all the mixing, kneading and beating tasks.
  • It employs Planetary action technology- a test of high-quality performance is a how fine the mixer operate, most beaters always rotates in circular motion but the premier revolves in all directions to give you that perfect mixture. The beater makes moves all round the bowls.
  • Has 3 power outlets: slow speed outlet, high speed outlet and a bowl outlet. These power outlets are there to help the stand mixer take more additional attachments such as multi food grinder and ice cream maker.
  • Comes with a 1.4 litre liquidizer – this allows the mixers to blend smoothly.
  • Easy to use and it compliment any décor in your kitchen, with it silver color it will definitely fit well in your kitchen.
  • Comes along with a DVD and user manual that gives you full details on how to install and use the Kenwood Chef. The DVD and user guide also give you a peak on how the kmc570 basically functions.
  • Same as Kenwood chef kmc010; the kenwood chef premier kmc570 also comes with a 4.6-litre stainless steel blow- which is enough room for 2.2 kg dough, 680 g of pastry. The bowl also comes with a useful splash guard for preventing food going everywhere.

Click to download Kenwood kmc570 user manual.


There are 4 attachments in which all of them are extremely easy to slot in or out:

  • Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 A dough hook for kneading, a flexible beater for mixing stick mixtures like cake, pastry, fillings and biscuits,
  • A balloon whisk for adding extra air into light mixtures like meringues, egg whites, batters, mousses mixtures giving them a light texture and
  • A creaming beater for soft mixtures.
  • On top of it is the thermal glass blender for blending mixtures together and a spanner for adjusting attachments to enable them reach the bottom of the mixing bowl for thorough mixing.
  • As compared to other stand mixers; the kenwood silver ‘kmc570’ chef premier attachments are all dishwasher safe.


The Kenwood kmc570 silver is a bit heavy so make sure that you have space to keep it out on the bench or work on your arm muscles. Much heavier which is a good thing as it keeps it in one place when mixing dough.

  • Not the quietest of machines but as it is so thorough in the mixing you shouldn’t be needing to run it for too long.
  • The blender is very heavy and made of glass perfect for soups.
  • The body of this Kenwood mixer is made of metal and is fairly heavy as it houses a massive 1000w motor as compared to Andrew James Food Mixers that are of plastic material.
  • Excellent but a bit noisy.
  • Storage for the mixing accessories not provided..

Issues to Care About

There are might be some issues while operating the kmc570 such as the beater failing to reach the bottom of the bowl or the mixer stop working. In case the beaters failed to the reach the bottom remember to use the spanner provided to adjust the beaters.

The stand mixer will stop working if you overload it; in case this happened remember to switch it off, unplug it, reduce the ingredients and allow it to stand for some few minutes before starting using it again.


  • The Kenwood chef premier kmc570 includes a flexi beater that is very hand for mixing sticky mixtures.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Includes a decent recipe book and a CD ROM with cakes, soups, bread etc recipes, that gives you a starting point to master your device.
  • Lighter than the Magimix food processor.
  • Has a handy spanner for adjusting attachments. This enables the beater pick and mixes the ingredients on the bottom with ease.
  • The kmc570 blender is a hefty piece of glass. As compared to other blenders; this one comes apart to enhance safe cleaning the sharp blades.
  • There is a plastic splash guard over the bow that makes it easy when you add more ingredients as you flip up the lid and add anything like flour, eggs, milk or dry fruits etc.
  • Pair of DVDs included, one with recipes, the other an introduction and in effect an extended advert for the accessories which you can buy (there are lots of these).
  • It a bit cheaper than the Kenwood KMM020 .
  • It is a beautiful machine and so robust!
  • You can use it to make breads, cakes, biscuits, pizzas dough etc

What do you think about the Kenwood KMC570?