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Kenwood KM330 Review – Chef Classic Stand Mixer

The Kenwood km330 is one of the best Kenwood chef mixers. It is quite good at whipping, mixing and kneading. The km330 stand mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon. Alternativelly, chek:

But is this Kenwood chef classic km330 worth it? Let us find out.


  • Like the Kenwood chef classic km336 ; the km330 also features 800watts powerful motor.
  • Comes with a 4.6 litre mixing bowl with its splash guard.
  • Features 3 power outlets.
  • Comes with 3 basic attachments : a dough hook, a balloon whisk and a beater that are dishwasher safe.
  • Can accommodate more than 20 extra attachments.

Kenwood KM330 Review

The Kenwood km330 has three power outlets that can take up to more than 20 extra attachments. With the 3 power outlets; it implies that the mixer can do more than one task at a time eg mixing and blending .

Same as Kenwood Chef Titanium; the Kenwood chef km330 also comes with a 4.6 liter bowl and, a splash guard . A splash guard is for preventing food spillage while mixing.

  • The mixer comes with 3 basic attachments : a dough hook, a balloon whisk and a beater. This attachments is all you need for mixing, whipping and kneading tasks.
  • This best selling  Kenwood mixer operates using the planetary mixing action. The planetary mixing action cause beaters and mixing bowl rotate in opposite direction. This ensures the picking of all the mixtures up from all around the bowl, and thus efficient mixing.


  • The Kenwood km330 comes with 3 mixing tools that allow you to carry out specific baking tasks. All the tools are of steel (cast stainless) and dishwasher safe. You will also get a Flexi beater that comes with a flexible rubber edge.
  • The km330 K beater is able to reach all areas of the bowl. This becomes handy when mixing pastry, biscuits, traditional cakes and pasta dough.
  • Its balloon shaped whisk allows mixing of a lot of air into the mixture. This gives a full fluffy texture which is good for soufflés, cheesecakes, and even meringues.
  • Its dough hook allows you to mix and knead, making an elastic and smooth dough for a variety of pastries and bread.
  • You can get this stand mixer from various online stores including Amazon.


Like many other food mixers; this Kenwood chef classic mixer km330 is also a bit noisy while in operation.

Customers Feedback

  • This Kenwood kmm330 is a reliable appliance.
  • It is a quality product that performs well; the best kitchen aid ever.
  • This mixer is very efficient machine, affordable and durable too.
  • It is worth it