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Kenwood Chef Premier Mixer Reviews – with a 4.6 non-stick mixing bowl

Kenwood Premier Chef KMC577 Reviews: When we talk about food mixers; we sometimes find ourselves concentrating only on their main functions: mixing, whipping and kneading. But food stand mixers can actually do more than that. Let’s explore this by examining the Kenwood chef premier kmc577 reviews. (this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon; alternatively check the best selling  Kenwood kmix stand mixer).

Kenwood Chef Premier Mixer Reviews

The Kenwood premier chef kmc577 features a 4.6 non-stick mixing bowl that is good enough for a medium sized family. This is similar to other popular mixers like Kenwood kmc010, and Kenwood km330.

  • It features 3 power outlets and is motorized by a reliable 1000watts motor.
  • Made of metal, 23 x 39 x 28.5 cm size and weighs 10kg a bit heavier than the kmc010.
  • Comes with a number of attachments for added functionality.


Like any other stand mixer; the Kenwood chef premier comes with 3 basic attachments for whipping mixing and kneading:

  1. a dough hook (kneading),
  2. a whisk (for whipping creams),
  3. k-beater and flexi beater ( for mixing)
  4. you also get a food guard, (to guard your ingredients from spilling)
  5. meat grinder and
  6. thermo-resist blender.

This is unlike most food mixers in the market.

What Can You Do with the Kenwood KMC577 Premier Chef Graphite?

You can use the Kenwood kmc577 to achieve the following main functions with ease.

Kenwood Chef MixerSlicing and Chopping Vegetables such as onions

  • Creating dough for home made pizza , pasta etc
  • Blending and mixing ingredients for smoothies and homemade sauces
  • Beating eggs; mixing ingredients for cake, biscuits, bread etc
  • Kneading a dough etc.

Is Kenwood Chef KMC577 Worth It? What Do Buyers Say?

This Kenwood chef kmc 577 has a 4.7 star ratings as rated by 170 Amazon customer reviewers. Most customers say:

  • It comes with a decent cookbook
  • The ThermoResist blender is great for making soups.
  • It has a nice metallic finish.
  • It does what it says on the box.


  • Like other Kenwood Chef Mixers; you need to adjust the  kmc577 attachments manually at first; not a big deal though as the mixer comes with the key / spanner to make your life a bit easier.
  • Its bowl has no handles.
  • You need to buy accessories storage bag separately.

Should I Buy This Kenwood Mixer?

With a 4.7 star ratings from 170 reviewers who are raving about how reliable it is, additional attachment provided and competitive Amazon price; I think you will agree with me that the Kenwood chef premier kmc577 is a best buy mixer.(this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon).