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Best Blender UK 2020 – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Best Blender UK 2020? Find out as we review top 10 food blenders by Ninja, Magimix, Nutribullet, Breville, Vitamix and other top blenders for smoothies, soup, shakes, sauces and more.

Top blenders with multiple functions can mix your ingredients into a fine smooth mixture with consistency within a very short time. Perfect for nutrient-rich drinks and soups.

If you are into healthy dieting then getting the high-quality blender is a good addition to your kitchen gadgets. Blenders can make homemade soups, milkshakes, and smoothies.

Some blenders can chop, be used for making dips and puree. Top Blenders with more functionality like auto cleaning, heating for making hot soups and variable speeds cost more than basic blenders.

Best Blender UK 2020:

1. Magimix 11610 Le Blender – Best Overall

The Magimix 11610 Le Blender, Black Finish has a 1.8 litre large heat resistant glass jug

It is powered by 1200watts quite yet powerful motor that blends ingredients in seconds.

It has 4 auto-function settings for making smoothies, ice cream, soup, and for crushing ice at a touch of the button.

It features a water tight lid to keep the mixtures safe from messing up your worktop and non-slip feet for stability.

This Magimix Blender parts are detachable hence easy to clean and are easy to put them back to. It Comes with a recipe book that features more than 80 recipes to get you started.


  • You have to peel the fruits before adding them as the blender doesn’t do that for you when compared to the Vitamix.
  • Its blender jug is relatively heavy for an older person to use, weighing about 2kg
  • You pay more for choosing different color, with the black being the cheapest

Check it out, the Magimix 11610 Le Blender, Black Finish.

2. Ninja Blender and Soup Maker [HB150UK]– Best for Soup Making

Making soup at the comfort of your home has never been this easy. This Ninja Blender and Soup Maker [HB150UK] helps you to make a delicious healthy soup in minutes. It is engineered with a powerful 1000w motor that easily handles all the tough tasks for you.

Compared to other brands in the market, this blender is considered to be the best when it comes to vegan cooking. This is because of a unique feature where the 1.7L jug is thermal resistant. This feature allows you to make cold and hot food.

Besides, the jug has inbuilt heating elements that quickly cook your ingredients while still in the jug.

With this blender, you opt to sauté, make smoothies, soup, jam, and other healthy combinations and you will be assured of even and professional results. The recipe guide gives you an added advantage as you can use to try new recipes. It is equipped with a cleaning brush, which makes it easy for you to clean.

Key features

  • Has a 1000w motor
  • Designed with a 1.7L jug
  • The jug is thermal resistant
  • Fitted with inbuilt elements that cook your ingredients quickly


  • This is the ideal option for you if you love trying new recipes as it is equipped with a simple recipe guide
  • Using this blender, you can easily and safely prepare hot and cold meals thanks to its thermal resistance feature  

Check it out, the Ninja Blender and Soup Maker [HB150UK].

3. Breville Blend Active Pro Food Prep Personal Blender- Best Budget Blender UK

The Breville Blend Active Pro Food Prep Personal Blender is a high class kitchen aid that can serve a lot of functions. If you need to make a puree or a smoothie, this is the ideal blender to go for. With this blender, you do not also need to run up and down to your favorite coffee shop. This is because it can easily blend coffee beans and retain all the flavors and aromas.

 If you also want to make a cake, this Breville blender has got you covered as it can perfectly mix all your cake ingredients.It handles all the tough tasks easily and fast. It is a kitchen appliance that is easy to use as it fitted with an easy press button.

You do not have to worry about BPA residues as it is proven to be BPA free. Other than the strong and durable stainless blades, this blender also has a 300w motor, a grinding mill, and a food processor with a capacity of 450ml, and a recipe guide.

Key features

  • Designed with a 300w motor
  • Ideal for tough tasks in the kitchen
  • Perfect for blending coffee beans
  • It is BPA free


It is the ideal option for easily and safely handling tough tasks in your kitchen.

Check it out, the Breville Blend Active Pro Food Prep Personal Blender with Mini Food Processor and Spice Grinder VBL212.

4. New homgeek 2000W 10-Speed Smoothie Blender Commercial Blender – Best Commercial Blender

After a long day, all you need is a healthy and fresh smoothie. This New homgeek 2000W 10-Speed Smoothie Blender Commercial Blender is the ideal option in such situations. It is designed with a powerful 2000w motor. This motor handles all the tough tasks easily and fast. Thanks to the powerful motor, you can extract the entire nutrient from your fruits and yet get a fresh and even smoothie or a shake.

 Also, if you wish to blend tough vegetables, seeds, fruits, and superfoods, this is the perfect blender. It is fitted with a 2L jug that allows you to blend large and medium bathes. This glass jug is thermal resistant as you can safely make hot or cold drinks.

 Apart from being resistant to any impact, the jug is also BPA free. The attachments can be taken apart and tossed in the dishwasher for easy and fast cleaning. Compared to other blenders, this blender is engineered with 8 stainless steel and strong durable hence a perfect choice for crushing ice, pureeing, blending, and supervised processing.

Key features

  • Has a dial which can be rotated to control the speed
  • Fitted with inbuilt pulse function
  • Fitted with 8 stainless steel blades
  • The glass jug is resistant to impacts


  • This is the ideal blender if you want to a smoothie with all the nutrients because it has 8 stainless steel blades
  • You can easily adjust the speed of the blender using the dial that can be rotated in any direction

Check it out, the New homgeek 2000W 10-Speed Smoothie Blender Commercial Blender.

5. Homgeek 2000W Blender Smoothie Maker – Best blender for frozen fruit UK

If you want to make a perfect smoothie that has all the nutrients, look no further because the Homgeek 2000W Blender Smoothie Maker is the answer to your puzzle.

With this blender, you do not need to spend a lot of time handling the tough tasks. The powerful 2000w motor handles all the tough tasks easily and fast. It ensures all the tough fruits, seeds, and vegetables are blended perfectly to get a green healthy smoothie.

 If you want to crush ice to put in a drink during a hot afternoon, this blender has got you covered. It has 8 sharp, strong, and durable stainless steel blades that give you professional results. These blades also make it perfect if you want to extract all the nutrients, crush frozen fruits, blending, and pureeing giving you smooth and even results.

The glass jar has a capacity of 2L hence the ideal option for blending medium and small batches. This is considered as a blender that you can easily adjust and control the speed as it is designed with 8 speed controls. The dial can be rotated when the blender is working to ensure you get the envisioned results. The pulse function ensures you blend chunky ingredients safely and quickly.

Key features

  • It has a 2000w motor
  • Designed with 8 sharp stainless steel blades
  • Perfect for tough tasks in the kitchen
  • Designed with a glass jar that can hold a capacity id 2L


  • If you are missing out on enjoying the meals that require hard ingredients, you should consider buying Homgeek 2000w Blender and smoothie maker.
  • With this blender, you do not have to spend time in the kitchen as it is designed with a 2000w powerful motor than handles all the tasks easily and fast.

Check it out, the Homgeek 2000W Blender Smoothie Maker.

6. TENSWALL Portable Mini Blender – Best Portable

For those who would enjoy sipping a smoothie when camping or during a picnic, this is the perfect blender. Other than having a compact design,TENSWALL Portable Mini Blender is lightweight which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Compared to other common blenders, this blender has a switch that is magnetic sensitive which ensures the blender stops working after you releasing the switch.

 It has a capacity of making healthy, delicious, and even smoothies and can hold a capacity of 380ml. TENSWALL is engineered with 6 strong blades that blend all the tough vegetables, fruits, and seeds ensuring you get a smooth and even smoothie without chunks.

This portable mini blender does not compromise your health because it is made from materials that are eco-friendly and are free from BPA, ABS, and PP.

With this blender, you do not have to be connected to a power source to operate. This is because it has an in 2000mAh battery that can be recharged using a power bank, laptop, computers, and phones. The battery only requires 3 hours to be fully charged and can be used for more than 10 times.

Cleaning is easy and fast as you just need to add water and a drop of dishwashing soap.

Key features

  • It lightweight which makes it easily portable
  • Uses a 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • It can be recharged from the most common power source
  • Perfect for outdoor uses


  • This blender is the ideal option when their power outrage as it uses a battery to operate
  • It is a great option for camping and other outdoor related activities because it is lightweight

Check it out, the TENSWALL Portable Mini Blender, 380ml Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Fruit Mixing Machine.

7. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker

If you want to crush ice for your drink or want to make a hot drink during cold days, Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker has got you covered. It is a classic blender that simmers, cooks, blends, cuts, and stirs all your ingredients gives you the expected results.

This is the simplest blender to use because it is designed with a touchscreen display that is easy to use. With this blender, you can adjust the temperature from 75 degrees up to 100 degrees. It also has 3 speeds which ensure you get even smoothies without chunks. It is engineered with a handy timer thus it is ideal for batch cooking.

Key features

  • Designed with a touchscreen display
  • The temperature can be easily adjusted
  • Ideal for tough tasks
  • Can make a hot or cold drink


  • The finish of this blender is beautiful and alluring. The results are also heartwarming as the smoothie is even and chunk free
  • It is easy to use because it is designed with a digital display that is easy to use.

Check it out, the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker.

8. Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender – Best Vitamix Blender UK

This is the ideal blender if you want to make a healthy and tasty smoothie. Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender has strong blades that easily handle all the tough tasks in the kitchen. The blades can be used to crush ice during summer. You can easily adjust the speed of the blender as it is designed with 3 speed options. This way you can be sure to get professional and even results. It has a 2L glass jug which can be used to small and medium blending.

Key features

  • Has a 2L glass jug
  • Designed with 3 speed options
  • Ideal for ice crushing
  • Easily handles all the tough tasks


  • This is a blender that comes in handy during summer as it easily and quickly crushes ice
  • The 2L glass jug allows you to blend both medium and small batches

Getting a perfect blender is not easy. This is because there is a wide variety to choose from. The above 7 blenders are considered to be the best and will suit all your personal needs.

Check it out, the Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender.

9. NutriBullet 600 Series Blender – Best for Smoothies with ice

The NutriBullet 600 Series Blender is one of the top blenders that are small, lightweight and compact.

It comes with a number of attachments:

  • Extractor Blade – for breaking down and pulverising ,fruits skins, stems and seeds to creating high quality smoothie. No need to peel fruits before adding them into your blender. This NutriBullet blender can also crush ice in seconds
  • 2 cups, large and small for drinking on a go or storage purpose.
  • A recipe book to get you started

It features a powerful 600watts motor and ‘bullet cyclonic action’ that pushes all the ingredients into the extractor blades.

No pulp is being left behind with this blender, a great feature when making babies/kids drinks.

To blend you have to add ingredients to one the provided cups then screw that cup on the extractor and push it down to the power base until the motor start to function.


  • No pre-set programmes.
  • The extractor blades are not dishwasher safe.

All in all, this NutriBullet 600 Series Blender, 600 W, 8-Piece set, Red is worth it; helping you to get most of your fruits and vegetables.

10. Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender [BL642UK] with Auto iQ – Best for Milkshakes

The Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender [BL642UK] with Auto iQ, 1500 W is one of the best blenders for milkshakes UK. It is a 2 in 1 kitchen machine: a blender and a nutrient extractor.

It comes with a number of attachments for creating smooth and creamy mixtures in seconds:

  • Total crushing blade for crushing ice and hard seeds.
  • Pro extractor blade for extracting and blending vegetables, seeds, nuts, ice, protein shakes and even frozen fruits at a push of the button.
  • 2 dishwasher safe cups with lids, small and large for making small and large batches of nut butters, breakfast smoothies as needed. You can also use the cups for drinking on a go or storage purpose
  • 1 litre jug
  • Super secure lids for keeping ingredients in place while blending.
  • A recipe book

The Nutri Ninja Blender features 3 variable control settings plus ice crushing and a pulse button. It is powered by 1500watts motor.

The Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender [BL642UK] with Auto iQ, 1500 W can be used to make milkshakes, smoothies, sauces and soup

It is sturdy, and very easy to use. You just need to press the relevant button and let the blender do its work.


  • It is not to be used for blending hot ingredients such as hot soup.
  • A bit louder just like many other blenders.
  • It quite heavy too.

All in all, this Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642) is worth it. It is neat, stylish and very versatile in what it does.

Chek out this Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender [BL642UK] .

11. [easyazon_link identifier="B07D825BY6" locale="UK" nw="y" nf="y" tag="coxonskitchen-21"]Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack

Breville is one of UK leading manufacturer of small appliances. The Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack is powered by a 300watt motor that blitzes ingredients to make nourishing smoothies, shakes, slushies and blended drinks.

  • Breville blend-active personal family pack weighs 1.4kgs and has a 0.6 capacity jug with a lid. The jug is made of durable Tritan material that is odour, stain and taste resistant. The family pack comes with two 0.3 litre additional cups.
  • Runs on one speed and operates one speed and has a one touch blending button. The Breville blend-active is dishwasher safe. It has detachable blades which make it a breeze.
  • Perfect for both personal (personal training/gym work) and family (school, picnics)
  • Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack is currently going for a competitive price. It will surely provide value for money. You get measuring guides and recipes to get you started.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Blender

Blender Jug

Glass jug blenders are more durable and versatile than plastic ones. You are better of getting a blender that has a glass jug.


Blenders mostly have at least two speed settings. Variable speed settings are preferable because they give you control- you can vary the speed in which the blender mixes. More advanced blenders have pre-set programmes that enable you to perform tasks like making milk shakes, crushing ice, cocktails and desserts

Easy to Clean

Look out for blenders that have detachable/removable blades and those that are dishwasher safe. These are usually easy to clean.

Blender lids:

Whereas most blenders have lids, there are some whose lid can be affixed (you can remove it and insert it back). The removable lids are good because they allow you to add ingredients as you progress with your blending.

Pre-set functionality:

Some advanced blenders have in built capability to crush ice to make frozen drinks. Blenders that do not have ice-crushing capability will not work well when used to crush ice- the blades get worn-out.
Check, Best Blender for Smoothies with Ice and Frozen Fruit UK 2020.

Non-Slip Feet:

These are bases that have suction that make the blender not to move an inch when mixing ingredients.

Cable storage:

this is a place to store the plug when not in use to keep everything neat and tidy.

Motor Powerful

Blenders with high wattage generally work horses, they crush, mix and chop with great results.

Types of Food Blenders

There are 2 main types of food blenders:

An immersion blender also called a handheld or a stick blender:

An immersion blender also called handheld or a stick blender is a kitchen appliance in which using it involves immersing it into the food mixture, turning it on and let it do its job. It can be used for making soups, mayonnaise, whipped cream and even making baby food. It is handheld, easy to use and very cheap in price compared to the jug blenders.

The immersion blender is quite handy as it allows you to blend even hot food in its own pot. To make sure everything is blended properly; make sure to whirl the blender around the pot.

Countertop food blender also called jar or jug blender:

Countertop food blender also called jar or jug blender is a kitchen appliance with a blending container. Compared to the stick blenders where you have to insert a blender in the food mixture; with the jug blenders, you have to add the food mixture into the jar to be mixed.

The Countertop blending container can be of glass, plastic or stainless steel materials with the one with glass materials being more expensive compared to others e.g. Vitamix.

Jug blenders are more versatile, featuring various speed control settings and many more add-ons like cups .

You can use the jug blender to make smoothies, soups, sauces, frozen desserts and more.


Blenders’ prices range from £15 to £800 with the type of blender, materials used, accompanied attachments, the brand and your personal needs and budget determines the blender you end up buying. Check, Best Electric Food Mixers And Blenders Combo UK.

Best Brands:
The best blenders brands in the market today include Ninja, Vitamix, Nutribullet, Breville, and Magimix to mention but are few.