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Black Friday Cast Iron Cookware Deals UK 2020 (stainless, hard anodized, ceramic, all clad, copper and aga sets)

Find here the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020 UK on October when Amazon confirmed the specific date.

Black Friday cast iron cookware Deals UK 2020 (stainless, hard anodized, ceramic, all clad, copper and aga sets) and other best Black Friday Cookware sale and offers. We also feature Cyber Monday deals on cookware sets to save you money if you are looking to buy frying pans and pots.

Black Friday Cast Iron Cookware Deals

  1. Get 62% off Denby Oval Casserole, Halo, 28 cm
  2. Get 60% off Denby Natural Canvas Cast Iron 24Cm Round Casserole, 24 cm
  3. Get 58% off Denby Cast Iron Shallow Casserole, Natural Canvas, 30 cm
  4. Get 38% off GreenPan Featherweights 24cm Dutch Oven/Casserole Dish, 100% ToxinFree, Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cast Aluminium, Metal Utensil/Induction/Dishwasher/OvenSafe, Grey
  5. Get 30% off Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish With Lid, 26 cm, 2 Litres, Marseille Blue, 211802620
  6. Get 15% off ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dish – 28cm / 3.9L – Graduated Blue – Shallow Induction Casserole with Tough Enamel Coating
  7. Get 61% off Denby Round Casserole, Halo, 26 cm
  8. Deal Price: £35.99 AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dutch Oven – 5.67 L, Blue
  9. For more ongoing Cast Iron Cookware deals ,check it here.

Cookware Cyber Monday Deals

  • 82% off Tefal Jamie Oliver 4pc Stainless Steel Pan Set
  • 54% 0ff Tefal Ingenio Pots and Pans Set, Stainless Steel, 13-Piece, Induction
  • 21% off CUSIBOX Cookware Set Pan & Pot Set 10 Piece, Stock Pot, Saute Pan, Saucepan,Glass Lid | Induction | Nonstick |
  • 27% off GreenPan Mayflower 3-Piece Saucepan Set 16/18/20 cm, 100% ToxinFree, Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Metal Utensil/Induction/OvenSafe, Sky Blue
  • 21% off TOMSHOO 1-2 People Portable Camping Cookware with Mini Ignition Stove Backpacking Hiking Cooking Picnic Pot Cook Set Outdoor

Cast Iron Cookware Buying Guide

With so many infomercials and hard sells being thrown around, you might find it work hard work to find the right pan or pots . We have assembled some of the best cast iron Black Friday cookware sales and a guide on getting the best if you are looking to buy cookware, both non-stick, coated and cast iron (the three main types of cookware).

 Cookware is a commonly gifted item. It is a statement that one is settled or is the process of settling. One of the few useful gifts you can give to newlyweds, friends who have just moved to a new home or even graduates is cookware. This can be either in a set or separate pieces. Premium cookware can be expensive, to get a good deal, you need to shop at the right time, especially when tempting discounts are on offer. Cookware usually gets discounted during sales season. It is the best time to get rock bottom prices and it coincides with the time when most weddings take place: summer.

Know exactly what you want based on your style and the kitchen gadgets you have/use. Do want non-stick cookware, uncoated, stainless steel or something else. Once you have this figured, you will come with a solid plan on whether to go for a whole set or just a number of pots here are there.

Find out how ergonomic or heavy the pots are before you buy.

Depending on what you use to cook, you might want to avoid certain things like stainless steel and cast iron if you mainly use an oven to cook.

Types of Cookware

Cast Iron: These are pots and pans made from iron, they are the oldest cookware in human history. They are durable and reliable. However getting a whole set may be costly but a handful of cast iron pots and pans is a tidy investment. They come both as coated and uncoated. Consider buying both. They often need less oil to cook stuff, they keep the food warm and you can cook on high temperatures without problem. They keep food from burning and cook evenly. They are best for searing because they are great in transferring heat to your dish and keep the pan hot for long spells.

When cleaning, stick with a soft cloth or with salt and any other natural abrasive at your disposal. Once clean apply a thin layer of oil to avoid issues with rusting.

 Their only downside is that they need to pre-heat; they are bulky and need handling when hot (which can result in scalding).

Non-Stick. Well these are those in which food does not stick on the walls or base of the pot/pan. In most cases, they have a dark/greyish interior. The non-stick are made from nonreactive material and so does not pose any health risk. They are suitable for cooking any food that is likely to stick on the pan for example, eggs. They also work well with food that needs low to mid-range heat. Non- stick is not ideal for food that requires high heat. For best results check premium non-stick pans/pots because they tend to be more quality. The coating will be reliable and durable. To reduce the chances of scratching the coating, use wooden spoons or any other wooden utensils of your choice.

 These are quite convenient to use and clean. You don’t need to pad them with butter to avoid sticky food residue.  They enable you to use less amount of oil when compared to uncoated.

Their downside is that they can be easily damaged by scratches especially when using utensils made of metal.

Uncoated: These, by and large, are made of stainless steel. They are durable and are quite good at browning your dish to add flavor to it. They are also great for stir-frying, Heavier stainless steel pans/pots are preferable because they usually have a conducting metal like aluminum etched in between the stainless steel. This helps to evenly spread the heat to all areas of the pot.

The disadvantage with uncoated stainless steel is that food tends to stick on the base/surface which is hard to clean. However, there is a hack to help you with the cleaning. Heat the pan and then cool in cold water. This allows the core pores on the pot surface, the base of the pan to open up which loosens any stuck food.

Where to buy Cast Iron Cookware?

As with many kitchen gadgets, you want to have a touch and feel of your cookware to determine whether it is exactly what you need. However, cookware tends to be cheaper in online shops. You may want to browse online to get a good price. You could get a really good offer. In case you get a set of non-stick that has some scratches, return it get a replacement.

We will continue featuring Black Friday cast iron cookware Deals UK 2020 and also Cyber Monday discounts as offers keep coming in

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