Which is better, Cold Press or Centrifugal?

In summary, both cold press and centrifugal juicers are better. They are best based on what you want them for. If you like leaf green juice on top of soft and hard fruits and vegetable juice then the cold press juicer is the best. It will take some minutes though to produce it.

But if you just want a quick drink out of your seasonal fruits and vegetables and forget about the leaf green juice then Centrifugal juicer is all you need. You get your juice in seconds and drink it immediately to cool you from hot summer temperatures.

There are many other things that differentiate centrifugal from cold press juicers. Follow us in this article as we review cold press vs centrifugal juicers: Which is the best one to buy today?

Cold Press versus Centrifugal

Wants Lots of Juice Faster or Do not Mind Waiting

Want to offer your visitors homemade juice on the spot while waiting for a meal? Like the idea of having a juicing machine that turns your fruits and veggies into juice faster? Then go for a centrifugal juicer. But if you would rather want a machine that produces quality juice worth waiting in 6 to 7 minutes; if waiting a little bit longer is not an issue to you and your visitors then Masticating cold press juicer is all you need.

Time Saving Machine

Most centrifugal juicers have wide mouths. This reduces the need to cut your ingredients into small pieces. Simply cut them into big chunks and insert them into a feeding tube. This saves you the time needed to do other things. But with cold press masticating juicers, you have to cut your ingredients into small pieces, or if it is veggies you need to bundle them. And not only cutting but also having to add them into the machine in small groups/amounts per time. This can turn into a boring kitchen task especially if you are producing juice for many people.

Juice Yield

Do you want a juicing machine that gives you the most of your ingredients? Would you rather wait to get more juice out of your fruits and vegetables? Then go for a cold press juicer. They take time to crush and grind your ingredients, juicing every bit of juice they can get from your ingredients. This is evidenced by the dry pulp they produce in comparison to the wet one produced by the centrifugal also called fast juicers.

More Foam on Juice or Not

Is it ok if you get more foam on your juice as long as you get it fast? If you do not mind having bubbles on your juicer as far as it tastes nice then go for a centrifugal juicer. But if you would rather get a clear, smooth juicer with less foam then the cold press is all you need.

Technology Used

How centrifugal and cold press juicers make juices differs. Centrifugal produces juice very fast and so they are called fast juicers. But cold press does it slowly using less energy/heat and so they are called slow juicers.

What happens is that as centrifugal work fast, heat generates causing your juice to oxidize faster. For your drink to taste better you need to consume it immediately but for the one produced by the cold press you can store it for up to 72 hours

Dry Pulp vs Wet One

Centrifugal juicers produce wet pulp. This results in a lot of food wastage unless you plan to use that pulp for making other foods. This is in comparison to the cold press juicers. With them, you get lots of juice as it squeezes every bit of your ingredients and produces a dry pulp. 


You can get the best centrifugal juicer for under £100 but for the best cold press juicer better prepare for up to £400. However, there are many other good cold press slow masticating juicers for under 100 pounds, even under £50. Get one that meets your needs and budget all you need to do today. What do you think?

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