What are the Benefits of Masticating Juicers?

There are many benefits of masticating juicers when compared to other regular juicers. These benefits are the ones that also differentiate it and make it stand out from other competing juicing machines.

Benefits of Masticating Juicers

Extracts More Nutrients from Hard Fruits and Vegetables

What makes the Masticating slow juicers stand out from normal juicers is their ability to extract nutrients and vitamins even from the hard parts of the fruits and veggies. This is achieved using a slow-motion and a strong auger that crushes and grinds the ingredients separating juices from the pulp. In a nutshell, this machine takes time to make your juice, no rush.

It is Multipurpose

In the market today there is a lot of juicing machines and most of these are quite specific in what they do: Lemon Squeezers, citrus, wheatgrass juicers, centrifugals and more that handles only a certain type of ingredients.

But when come to Masticating cold press juicers, they take your juicing experience to another level, they can handle anything you put into them. With them, you can juice spinach, apples, ginger, cucumber, wheatgrass, carrots, and a lot more.

Bear in mind though you have to read the instruction manual that comes with them to know how to operate them efficient. To some you can put the whole fruit without cutting it while to others, you have to cut them into small pieces or put them in small bundles especially when dealing with root veggies.

It is Quiet when Working

Who wants a noisy machine in a quiet environment surrounded by unforgiving neighbors. You do not have to wake up everybody or alert them that you are now juicing something lo. Masticating slow juicers gives that peace of mind, it is quiet when it is working. This is because it works really slowly.And the best part is when you buy the one that you can input a lot of ingredients per time allowing you time to do other things while it does its work.

It is Affordable

Masticating juicers are quite affordable based on what they can do as discussed above. They accommodate all kinds of budgets from £30 to 250 pounds. 

Easy to Clean and Store

Masticating juicers are easy to clean when you clean them immediately after juicing. They come with a cleaning brush to help scratch the leftovers easily. And when you want to store it you can do so in its box or in a dedicated place in your worktop or cupboard.


The juice produced by a masticating juicer can be stored up to 72 hours before starting souring or browning. While the one made by other juicing machines especially the centrifugal ones has to be consumed immediately or on the same day at maximum. This is because the masticating uses the cold-press process to grind juice in a less/no heat environment 

You Get More Juices from them

As masticating takes time to grind ingredients, in doing so it extracts more juices. This is evidenced by the type of pulp it produces which is considered dry compared to that produced by other machines.

This makes better use of your ingredients, saving you money as it reduces food wastage. 

In summary, in a way to achieve your 5/10  a day (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-39057146)  making yourself live a long life while enjoying a healthy drink makes the masticating juicer your best buy product today. 

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