Why are Juicers So Expensive?

Juicers like other high end kitchen appliances are so expensive and there are many reasons that cause this to be so. Follow us we discuss the top 5 reasons as to why juicers are so expensive.

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In most cases the main cause for the costly cold press juicers is the brand name. For instance Omega cold press juicers, they are quite expensive. You can get one Omega for up to 400 pounds. 

Popular brands like Omega, Kenwood, Kitchenaid and others have been in the markets for years. They have perfect the way they make their kitchen appliances. With Omega for instance you not only get a juicing machine like any other but also a quality and durable juicing machine, something that can last you for years.  And when you juice with it your heart has full confidence that the end product is good no guess working. If not good, the machine is faulty.

Will you pay 350 for an Omega cold press juicer that is stress free and that will last you for as long as you care for it or pay 30 pounds for one that struggles here and there and not sure for how long it is going to last. They keep saying “You get what you paid for”. 

All in One Juicing Machine

Cold press juicers are multi-functional kitchen appliances. They can act as citrus, centrifugal or wheatgrass juicer. With them you can juice anything, no need to buy extra gadget to handle other juicing tasks unless you want to do small scale juicing for instance juicing one lemon for your salads.

If you have a family or serve a large number of people per time and you often have juice in your meal, cold press juicer is all you need. You can get a vertical or horizontal one based on how big or small your kitchen.


Have you ever bought a kitchen appliance and feel like throwing it or hiding it away. Feeling like you wasted your money? With expensive cold press juicers especially those from top brands you will be feeling  happy even wanting to leave your gadget on display. It makes you happy when you see and it and you even tell yourself, this one is quite expensive but worth it. It is the same story we hear from those who bought Kitchenaid or Kenwood mixers, joy in the house.

The Technology Employed

Another thing that makes cold press juicers to be quite expensive is the type of technology they use to produce juices. As in our masticating cold press juicers vs centrifugal, you realise that these machines use slow motion,no heat process to grind fruits and vegetables. As a result, juices made by cold press juicers are of high quality, you get more juice out of the ingredients you put than those made by other juicing machines. They last up to three days and have more nutrients and vitamins . This is because the machine can grind even hard parts where nutrients hide with ease.


Sometimes the day you buy your cold press juicers determines whether you will pay more or not. This is especially important to those masticating juicers under 100. The under 100 they often run off of stock quickly and when they are about to run out of the stock sellers tend to increase the price. You will not be surprised to see yesterday it was under £100, today over 120 pounds . We see this occurring in most budget kitchen appliances.

You can also buy your favourite slow cold press masticating juicer during Black Friday, Cyber Monday , Prime Day, and other sales seasons. However, popular brands like Omega rarely discount their products. This is probably because the demand  for their products from celebrities is always there.

Here in terms of timing you are more likely to get a 100 pound cold press juicer going for 60 pounds during sales season. 


In summary you get a cold press juicer in a budget of 30 to 400 pounds. Invest on the one you like based on its functionality, your needs and budget. There is always one to fit your budget, not all of them are too expensive, some are cheap and affordable like the one under £50 or what do you think?

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