Best Magimix Blenders UK (2024 Reviews)

Best Magimix Blenders Reviews: Magimix might be what you need if you’re looking for the best blenders with good performance. I will talk about the features, their advantages, and their downsides if there are any.

Best selling Magimix blenders:

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Best Magimix Blenders

1. Magimix Le Blender – 11619 Reviews

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Magimix 11619 Le Blender - Satin Finish Magimix 11619 Le Blender - Satin Finish 699 Reviews £189.99

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  • auto function
  • shiny satin finish
  • easy turn knob and sensitive buttons

The Magimix 11619 Le Blender - Satin FinishMagimix 11619 Le Blender [/easyazon_link] is pretty moderate in size. It measures 11 centimeters and isn’t very wide. Still, with a weight of 4.8 kilograms, you might want to give this blender an exclusive spot in the kitchen since it may bump into things or fall at the floor with a loud bang if your cooking space isn’t very spacious.

The buttons and easy turn knob of this blender are commendable. The knob doesn’t loosen easily even when turned haphazardly. Furthermore, the buttons are very sensitive. Together, these make this blender very easy to use.

Magix Le Blender has 4 auto preset programs for making desserts such as smoothies and slushies. Its auto function is pretty reliable in a way that it doesn’t induce over blending which may destroy the taste and nutrients of blended fruits.

The container of this blender has a capacity of 1.8 liters. Therefore, it works as the perfect blender for a family consisting of four or 5 people.

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2. Magimix Power Blender – 11630 Reviews

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Key Features

  • Quiet Mark Approved
  • Heat Resistant Glass Container
  • Powerful 1300 motor

With regards to look, the Magimix Blender Power 4 | Quiet Mark Approval | Metal/Glass | 1300W | 1.8L | Satin | 11630 is similar to the previous product. However, this one weighs at 6 kilograms which I think is kinda heavy. However, given that its motor is powerful, manufacturers might have done this on purpose so that it won’t suddenly tip while being used.

Because it’s heavy, this blender is very stable and will be a great appliance to mobile homes. A sudden shake or turbulence while traveling isn’t enough to knock Magimix Power blender. Thus, there’s no need to screw this product on a mobile home’s kitchen worktop.

I was skeptical about the manufacturer’s claims that this blender is quite mark approved. So I measured its noise using a sound level meter. Results showed that the sound produced by this blender measures at 22 decibels. Simply put, the sound of this product’s motor isn’t very noisy and will be great for users suffering from phonophobia.

Aside from smoothies, it’s possible to blend soups and hot brews using this blender. First of all the motor’s performance isn’t affected by heat which I think is remarkable. Furthermore, the glass container doesn’t crack or become foggy when subjected to hot temperatures. Individuals who are crazy about soups and hot brews will find this blender useful.

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3. Magimix Power Blender Chrome With Free Accessories

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Key Features:

  • citrus and mill attachments
  • auto-cleaning function
  • energy-efficient motor
  • 700 ml and 400 ml blender cups

Magimix Power Blender Blender Chrome New 1300 w 22000 g (with 3 Accessories: Mill Attachment + Citrus -Blender Cup Magimix Power Blender Blender Chrome[/easyazon_link] is the most expensive Magimix blender out of all products that I reviewed in this article. Still, don’t be discouraged because it comes with free items that justify its price. Upon buying this blender you’ll get a mill attachment, a citrus juicer, and a blender cup for additional cooking purposes.

A cleaning function is installed in this Magimix blender. It works well on removing drops of liquid and bits of fibers that settle on the blades. It doesn’t clean the blender completely, but at least all you have to is to rub the inside with sponge a bit then rinse with water.

The free blender cups, though not very large are really useful. They may serve as perfect carry bottles for kids with delicate hands since they are slip-free and leak-free.

The motor is quite powerful yet energy-efficient. Blending capacity scales from slow to very fast speeds and will be useful for blending hard and fibrous fruits. Aside from this, the motor excels in crushing ice finely. Even powerful, the motor doesn’t consume a lot of power.

By the way, Magimix Power Blender Blender Chrome New 1300 w 22000 g (with 3 Accessories: Mill Attachment + Citrus -Blender Cup Magimix Power Blender Blender Chrome has the key features of the previous products.

Final Verdict

Magimix blenders are cheap heavy-duty blenders that you should have. Though cheap, their performance goes toe to toe with more famous brands. All blenders that I’ve showcased here are capable of blending ingredients at different speeds in manual or auto mode. That said aside from smoothies or slushies, these products will help you prepare salads, condiments, and other foods.

However, a problem with Magimix is that they’re kinda heavy. Their heaviness is good if you’re looking for a blender for your mobile home. In normal settings, these blenders need to be placed away from other appliances since might bump and crash into things when not used properly.

All in all, heaviness is just a minor issue and you can easily solve this problem by being careful and organizing your kitchen. Get Magimix now and experience its top-notch performance.

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