What Colour Kitchenaid Mixer Should I Get? 40+ Different Colours

When it comes to Kitchenaid mixers, there are a lot of choices to make. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is what color mixer to get. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. Find affordable best cheap stand mixers here.

What Colours Do Kitchenaid Mixers Come In?


The KitchenAid have over 40 colours of stand mixers to choose from. Differents shops sells a select few of these different colours. You can get one on gloss or matte finish colour

  1.  Blue (ice blue (the latest blue mixer), blue velvet, crystal blue, ink blue, blue willow, colbalt blue, twilight blue, sea glass, ocean drive, aqua sky, azure blue  ) https://youtu.be/jkmbgOOlcyw
  2. Black (onyx black (the best selling kitchenaid mixer colour), cast iron black, matte back, cavior, imperial black) https://youtu.be/Kj-viUWKx8c
  3. Purple (lavender cream, boysenberry,plumberry, black violet) https://youtu.be/6iL05XNVVqU
  4. Silver (contour silver, medallion silver, mettalic chrome, silver metallic, pearl metallic) https://youtu.be/zzv9HsUcoMw
  5. Red (Empire red (the most popular Kitchenaid mixer colour), ruby red, gloss cinnamon, bordeaux) https://youtu.be/kJwRLe77h9w
  6. Grey (Matte grey, truffle dust) https://youtu.be/xTaVnNyHjQs
  7. Brown (Espresso, apple cider, copper pearl,satin copper, champagne gold)
  8. Pink (silk pink, feather pink, Guava glaze, cranberry, raspberry ice) https://youtu.be/PZgdTGF5Nr8
  9. Orange (Bird of paradise, tangerine, persimmon) https://youtu.be/qiI2PpPZZ5c
  10. Watermelon
  11. White (almond cream, milkshake, frosted pearl, matte white, white, white on white) https://youtu.be/_lXIA1u7T00
  12.  Yellow (Majestic yellow, buttercup)
  13. Candy apple
  14. Fresh linen
  15. Green (green apple,pistachio, sea glass) https://youtu.be/t_pitEVaC1k

If you are looking for a mixer that will make all of your favorite colors, then you should get the KitchenAid Professional Series Mixer in Medium Green.

Best selling Kitchenaid mixers:

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8 Litre Stand Mixer, Die-Cast Metal, 300 Watts 5KSM125BER (Empire Red)
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KitchenAid UK - KitchenAid Stand Mixer(5K45SSBOB) + Vegetable Slicer and Shredder (5KSMVSA), BUNDLECLASSICVEGGIE_UK, Black
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KitchenAid Stand Mixer 'Classic' silver 5K45SSBSL
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What Color Kitchenaid Mixer Should i Get?

There are many different colors of KitchenAid mixers, so it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Some people prefer black mixers because they think they look more professional.

The light colors have a vintage feel to them, whereas the metallics, Black and White, feel more timeless. 

A yellow or blue mixer would be a great way to brighten up your kitchen and make it look cheerful!

If you’re looking for a kitchen color that will complement your décor, I recommend getting something in a favorite color. You don’t need to stick to the traditional “matching” colors; go with something that looks nice and bright. For example, green apples or empire red would look great in there!

Pick whatever makes you happy! Just make sure it matches your heart. Post a picture of it to show us when you choose!

 Ultimately, the best decision is probably based on your own needs and preferences.

What is the Most Popular Colour for KitchenAid Mixer?

According to KitchenAid’s survey, the most popular color for Kitchenaid stand mixers is Blue Velvet. Aqua Sky, Kyoto Glow, Empire red and onyx black .

What was the Original KitchenAid Mixer Color?

In the early 1950s, KitchenAid mixers were available in white and silver. However, starting in the early 1955s, five new color options became available: pink, yellow, copper green, and chrome. It took two decades to nail down the now-iconic shape and another 20 years to come up with all of the colors that are currently offered.

How Many Colours of KitchenAid Mixers are There?

There are over 40 colors of KitchenAid mixers. These colors includes black, white, blue, green, red, silver, purple, and watermelon.

Can You Paint Your KitchenAid?

Yes, you can paint your Kitchenaid stand mixerit can be done nicely with very good results.

KitchenAid mixers come in a variety of colors, but what does that mean for painting? In general, the darker the color, the more difficult it will be to paint. For example, a black KitchenAid mixer will be very difficult to paint because of its black color. On the other hand, a white KitchenAid mixer will be relatively easy to paint because it is mostly white.

How to Choose the Right Color Mixer for Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right color mixer for your kitchenaid, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about what colors you already have in your kitchen and which ones would look best with your new mixer. Second, consider what type of mixer you want. 

If you’re looking for a mixer that will match your kitchen’s décor, then you should consider getting a mixer in your favourite color. For example, if you have a white kitchen with blue accents, then a white mixer would look great. Alternatively, if you have a kitchen with lots of bright colors, then a mixer in one of those colors would be perfect.

If you’re not sure what color mixer to get, we recommend going with one that’s neutral in color so it can work with any kitchen décor. Neutral mixers include black, white, and grey mixers.

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer, which is white, is a great option for most kitchens. The grey one, may be better suited for smaller kitchens with limited counter space.


When it comes to mixers, the color really does matter. Make sure you choose the right color Kitchenaid mixer for your kitchen so that you can easily find it and use it every time.

If you have a bit more money to spend, the color options available for the higher-end mixers are more diverse and beautiful. For example, if you’re interested in getting a pink mixer, there are several models available that come in this color.

Best selling Kitchenaid mixers:

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8 Litre Stand Mixer, Die-Cast Metal, 300 Watts 5KSM125BER (Empire Red)
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KitchenAid UK - KitchenAid Stand Mixer(5K45SSBOB) + Vegetable Slicer and Shredder (5KSMVSA), BUNDLECLASSICVEGGIE_UK, Black
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KitchenAid Stand Mixer 'Classic' silver 5K45SSBSL
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KitchenAid Velvet Blue Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer
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KitchenAid Artisan Mixer 4.8L Matte Grey (5KSM125BFG)
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KitchenAid 5K45SSBWH Classic Stand Mixer, 4.3 Litre, White
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Kitchenaid 5K45SSBBM Classic 4.3L Tilt-Head Stand mixer K45 - Matt Black, 700046734
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Kitchenaid Artisan 3.3L Mini Stand Mixer Empire Red 5KSM3311XBER
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