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The Best Food Mixer For Cakes UK 2022 – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good cake? And who doesn’t love a good mixer? Cake mixers make the process of creating cakes and other desserts a breeze. But with so many different food mixers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Best Food Mixers For CakesCompare Prices
Best overallKenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer for Baking - Powerful and Stylish Kitchen Machine in Silver, with K-Beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 4.6L Bowl, 1500w, KVC7300S, Silver£480.06View on Amazon
Best Kenwood Cake MixerKenwood Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer for Baking- Powerful, Large Food Mixer, with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 6.7 Litre Bowl, 1400 W, KVL6100S, Silver£465.00View on Amazon
Best Small Cake MixerKitchenAid 5413184120863 Artisan 3.3L Stand Mixer Almond Cream 5KSM3311XBAC, Stainless Steel£399.00View on Amazon
Best Kitchenaid Mixer for CakesKitchenaid Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer Matte Black 5KSM125BBMPrice not availableView on Amazon
Best affordable cake mixerStand Mixer, Vospeed Food Mixer Dough Blender, 6 QT 1500W Electric Cake Mixer with Bowl, Beater, Hook, Whisk, Egg Separator & Silicone Spatula, Dishwasher Safe (Black)£99.99View on Amazon
Best for beginnersAucma Stand Mixer, 6.2L Food Mixer 1400W Tilt-Head Electric Kitchen Mixer with Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater, 2 Layer Red Painting (6.2L, Red)£109.99View on Amazon
  • 1. The whisk attachment on an electric mixer is perfect for making smooth and lump-free frosting.
  • 2. The flat beater attachment on an electric mixer can  help you mix cake batters, doughs and other ingredients quickly and easily.
  • 3. The dough hook on an electric mixer can help you create pizza and other bread-like dough with ease.

The 5 Best Food Mixers for Cakes Reviews

When it comes to making cakes, there are a few key tools that you need in order to create a delicious and fluffy creation. However, many home bakers may not have all of these lying around their kitchen, which is why food mixers can come in really handy.

Without a food mixer, mixing together the eggs, sugar, butter and other ingredients can be tricky and time-consuming. However, with the help of a good food mixer, this process can be sped up significantly.

Here are five of the best food mixers for cake-making that will make your cake creation a total breeze:

1.Best Mixer for Cakes and Bread – Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Stand Mixer

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This reliable stand mixer is perfect for those who want a large cake mixers with a traditional design. With five different speeds, it can be used to create everything from light and fluffy batters to dense doughs.


  • With a 1500 W motor and a 4.6 L bowl, this mixer weighs 9.2 kg.
  • Comes with non-stick baking tools, which include the K-beater, a balloon whisk, and dough hook, and has the popular planetary mixing action technology.
  • Features variable electronic speed control, pulse function, splashguard, and easy head tilt design.
  • Dishwasher safe parts and bowl.
  • Over 25 optional additional attachments separately available


  • Powerful And Large: With a powerful 1500 W motor this beast can mix the heaviest of batters, and it will do it in large batches. The 4.6 L bowl allows you to whip up to 2.72 kg of cake mix in one go.
  • It Has All Your Mixing Needs Covered: It has variable speed control, which at its gentlest is perfect for folding in the egg whites for your cake, and at its brisker settings will get you just the right fluffy texture for your cake mix.
  • Easy-To-Use: Its easy head tilt design means you can keep adding ingredients while mixing and the splashguard protects you and your kitchen from a messy affair.
  • Easy-To-Clean: Done mixing? Simply pop the tools and bowl in the dishwasher.
  • Versatile: With over 25 additional attachments available, you can customize this mixer to fulfill a range of prepping requirements for other dishes.


  • It is a pricey and heavy machine.

The Kenwood Chef, our number one best food mixer for cakes, is the perfect machine for those who have the budget to splurge, are passionate and regular bakers, cater to a large group of people, and who have other requirements the machine can fulfill as well.

Check it out, the .

2. Kenwood Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer for Baking

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This top-of-the-line KitchenAid stand mixer is perfect for those who want an advanced level of performance when it comes to mixing cakes. With its powerful motor and multiple attachments, this mixer is perfect for creating light and fluffy batters, as well as doughs and other ingredients.

3. Best Small Cake Mixer – Kitchenaid Mini Stand Mixer:

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This mini food mixer is perfect for smaller kitchens or apartments, as it doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. It also has a variety of attachments that make it ideal for mixing cake batters and other ingredients quickly and easily.

4. Best Kitchenaid Mixer for Cakes – Kitchenaid Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer

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This powerful KitchenAid stand mixer is perfect for those who want to create dense doughs and batters. It has a wide range of speeds, as well as multiple attachments that make it ideal for mixing together ingredients like eggs, sugar and butter.

5. Best Affordable Cake Mixer – Vospeed Stand Mixer:

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This affordable cake mixer is perfect for those who want a mixers with basic features but don’t want to sacrifice performance. With its powerful motor and multiple attachments, it can be used to mix together ingredients quickly and easily.

6. Best Cake Mixer for Beginners – Aucma Stand Mixer

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  • Power: 1400 W, capacity: 6.2 L, weight: 5 kg.
  • Comes with beater, dough hook, and whisk. A splashguard is provided with a hatch to add ingredients without causing a mess
  • Has a pulse function, a 6 speed-setting, and anti-slip feet.


  • Powerful With Extra Large Capacity: The 1400 W motor makes this a powerful mixer capable of regularly mixing even the thickest and stickiest of doughs and batters. The 6.2 L bowl means extra-large batters can be whipped up in one go cutting down on prep time when hosting a party.
  • Affordable: Relatively economical and light compared with its counterparts offering similar features.
  • You Baking Needs Are Covered: It comes with all the required tools, variable speed setting to cater to gentle and brisk mixing, and the pulse function, which can come in very handy.
  • Mess-Free: The splashguard protects you and your kitchen from messy spills and splashes while making your cake mix or dough.


  • It does not have additional optional attachments that could add to its functionality.

The Aucma would be best suited to those who are looking for an economical yet powerful and extra-large mixer. This machine is perfect for the hardcore baker- who has no plans to use the mixer for other forms of cooking- who frequently caters to a large group of family and friends.

All these stand mixers are class-acts. You can’t go wrong in picking one from among them. So, know your budget, your requirements of the mixer, and how many people you plan to cater to. Once you know this, choosing the right machine from this list will be a piece of cake.

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What Size Mixer Do I Need for a Cake?

When it comes to cake mixers, the size of the mixer you need will depend on the recipe you are using. However, most cake mixes call for a standard home size mixer. So if you are using a boxed cake mix, a basic home size mixer like a KitchenAid Stand Mixer will be sufficient. If you are making a cake for a big crowd, however, you will need something bigger like an Kenwood chef xl. And finally, if you are using an electric hand mixer to beat the ingredients together, either type of mixer will work just fine.


With so many different types of cake mixers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Hopefully, this article has helped you make a decision about which cake food mixer is best for your needs.

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