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Lavazza versus Nespresso A Modo Mio Coffee Machine

Lavazza vs Nespresso A Modo Mio Coffee Machine Reviews

Capsule espresso machine provides coffee lovers with a practical approach to creating a good cup of coffee without actually having to use much effort. This’s very appealing in a fast-paced lifestyle. With regards to selecting a pod espresso machine, you are confronted with a plethora of choices.

There are many big-name models like Lavazza and Nespresso in the coffee machine industry and a multitude of smaller companies creating pods.
While Nespresso was the original manufacturer to give off a pod machine, others have come up which makes it harder to choose the right one for your needs.

Best selling Lavazza coffee machine:

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Best selling Nespresso A Modo Mio coffee machine:

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Which of these two is the best, Nespresso or perhaps Lavazza?

Nespresso espresso machines and Lavazza machines appear to be sort of similar. However, that is not surprising given that both devices had been developed by the very same bloke.

In the mid-1970s, a Swiss engineer by the title of Eric Favre patented his Nespresso idea after he joined the Nestle company. Nestle snapped up the chance to retail the device but at the beginning of the 90s, Favre left and started a different brand that he owned but utilizing exactly the same patent.

The implication of this is that, while you can find several differences between the 2 makes, the espresso machines are based upon the exact same concepts as Lavazza. Whichever you choose, you are likely to receive a similar though not the same cup of coffee. That being said you will find nevertheless key differences between the models.

Key Differences Between Lavazza and Nespresso

The Jolie is an even smaller style and is just about the most well-liked Lavazza machine. It’s likewise the quietest machine from Lavazza and also is available in a bright colour so is equally as fashionable as it’s possible.
Lavazza also has a selection of other coffee machines which includes an incredible espresso machine with pre-made Alexa. Plus several of their biggest selling devices have an integrated Lavazza milk frother.


  • Nespresso costs around £60 while Lavazza goes for around £40 for the cheap models.
    The Capsule Price is slightly more expensive with Nespresso pods, Genuine Nespresso Capsules cost between 33p – forty-one pence each. Lavazza pods are way cheaper whereby compatible capsules trade from around 20p each. Genuine Lavazza capsules From 27p each, compatible capsules from around 17p.
  • Genuine Nespresso has twenty-six capsule varieties. There are also a lot of Nespresso-compatible pods offered, which include speciality compatible capsules. Genuine Lavazza has less variety; you only get- fifteen choices right now. However, there is a growing variety of competitively priced compatible pods available.
  • Genuine Nespresso capsules are available exclusively from Nespresso online or even in Nespresso stores. While Lavazza coffee pods are available both online as well as on the main street, right away from and from some other sites including Amazon. Many supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury also stock Lavazza pods, and there are a variety of sites providing compatible pods.
  • With regard to capsule price, it is really worth mentioning that Lavazza pods have much more coffee in them. Lavazza pods have 7.5g, when compared with 5g in Nespresso Espresso Pods, and 6g in Nespresso Lungo pods. And so in that regard, you get much more for the money of yours with Lavazza.
  • Something to keep in mind would be that the Lavazza capsules do not need aluminium, therefore they are much more earth helpful in that regard, but however, a selection of Nespresso compatible pods are completely recyclable or perhaps completely biodegradable.
  • Lavazza has a number of models including the Aeroccino, Modo Mio Jolie and Creatista that offer integrated milk Frothing. Nespresso equally has models like Gran Latissima and Creatista series that have milk frothing wands integrated.

Different Models

Nespresso pod coffee machines has 2 different kinds of coffee pod machines: the Original and the Vertuo. One of the primary issues for a lot of coffee fans about the Vertuo is the fact that this particular machine uses pods that are patented by the manufacturer.

This implies that you have no option other than to use Nespresso pods which can be a bit pricy. Having said that, the Vertuo offers a much better selection of drinks such as long drinks and full cups.
The Original version of Nespresso uses pods which aren’t patented by Nespresso. This implies that you get a wide variety of capsules, typically at cheaper prices. Generally, the Original is much better for individuals who wish to make espresso-based drinks.
Meanwhile, Lavazza’s assortment of coffee pod machines is known as the A Mio Modo collection and there are many versions within this, based on what you’re searching for. These models are based around size with the Tiny device being favoured by people who would like a small design which does not compromise on quality. It produces delicious espresso drinks easily and quickly.

Differences in Taste (Nespresso vs Lavazza )

They do not create exactly the same coffee capsules, so obviously, there are bound to be slight differences in taste because they are created by using various coffee beans, but in general, I’ve to suggest that the flavour between the 2 was usually that similar.

Differences in Power and Heat.

When making a similar amount of espresso, Lavazza is stronger – as you would expect given the point that there is more coffee in Lavazza capsules, therefore in theory, you are able to possess a somewhat bigger cup of coffee with exactly the same power as Lavazza in comparison to Nespresso.
This seems logical also, as Lavazza pods have 7.5 grams of coffee in them in comparison to the 5g in a Nespresso Espresso pod, and also 6g within their lungo pods. This may not seem like a huge impact, but it implies that a Lavazza Modo Mio pod contains fifty % more coffee than a Nespresso Espresso pod, along with twenty-five % far more than in a Nespresso lungo pod.
I am discovering that the coffee being made via the Lavazza machine is somewhat hotter compared to the Nespresso.

Difference in Flavour

The difference in flavour truly comes right down to the pods themselves. Nespresso has a great selection accessible to them, especially with the Original version which has numerous compatible pods. Lavazza on the other hand is said to produce somewhat hotter brews.

Nespresso Vs Lavazza – Speed

The general impression is that Nespresso machines are a little faster. They have a fast heat-up time and they seem to finish making the coffee more quickly. The flow rate with my Nespresso machine does appear to be considerably faster compared to the flow rate with the Lavazza machine. We are speaking seconds, although, therefore I would not personally think this is a deal breaker. A brew prepared maybe 20-30 seconds quicker may not make much difference in the grand scheme of things.

Nespresso Vs Lavazza – Range of Models

There’s certainly a larger selection of models accessible to Nespresso at the moment, in comparison to Lavazza. This may change in due time if new ventures make compatible Lavazza machines. The thing going in Lavazza’s favour is that they do not make use of Aluminium, so that is a plus for the environment, nonetheless, they still work with recyclable plastic material.


Lavazza pods are cheaper than Nespresso pods, they also have more volume of coffee in the pods. However, the coffee tends to have a distant burnt taste from the earth pods – whether it is medium roast or maybe dark roast.

Lavazza aluminium pods are not readily accessible on the high street (though they are available to order on Amazon) whereas there are numerous famous brands such as Costa, Illy and Starbucks that are offered in Nespresso compatible pods. Even supermarkets like Morrisson sell coffee in Nespresso pods. These alternative pods are available for sale every so often.

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