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3 Best Coffee Machine With Milk Frother 2021

Best Coffee Machine With Milk Frother? If you love milk in your coffee, you need to hook up with one of the best coffee machines with milk frother. There are many ways to make milk-based coffee drinks: the most common methods involve using automatic/semi-automatic or manual. The manual way has a bit of learning curve to perfect especially when it comes to making the milk froth.

  • Making coffee with milk from manually takes training and practice. Its Barista stuff. You have to hold the container under the wand and manually from the milk.
  • However with the advancement of coffee making, thanks to compact coffee machines that comfortably sit in all sorts of domestic kitchens you can now easily whip a coffee shop standard cup in the comfort of your home thanks to coffee machines with milk frother.
  • There is an array of espresso coffee makers in the market, so the challenge really is to get one that is decent enough yet fitting your style and budget constraints. We assembled five best coffee machines with Milk frother below for you.

 Best Coffee Machine With Milk Frother

We have considered all price range from basic entry level to premium quality. The key difference between the different price points is the level of functionality.

1. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Jovia Coffee Machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine by Krups – Black is one of the cheapest coffee maker that automatically froths milk. It has a wide frothing range, it can do up to 40 different types of frothy drinks. From lattes, cappuccino to frothy macchiatos. It has 15 bar pressure that enables you to make velvety frothy coffee

  • It’s easy to use and clean: all you need to is pop in the pod and all the ground coffee stays sealed in the pod, no mess. It has a removable tank for the water that is easy to clean.
  • You can adjust the tray to cater for both long and short cups


  • It doesn’t have an auto-stop, so you have to manually stop it once your coffee is made.

All in all a decent compact low priced coffee machine that can whip up to 40 frothy drinks on the go that are coffee shop quality.

2. De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Dedica Style, Traditional Pump Espresso Machine, Coffee and Cappuccino Maker, EC685M, Silver gives you Barista experience coffee at the comfort of your home; it has three filters that produce rich creamy frothy drinks.

  • It comes with electronically controlled temperatures and a professional filter and pump to effortlessly whip quality lattes, macchiatos, caffelatte, lungo and cappuccino.
  • It comes with customizable dosing buttons that gives you consistent results irrespective of whether you are making a simple or double shot.
  • It’s fully automated with auto-stop, auto standby feature. It has a high 15 bar pressure pump and a removable one litre water tank that is easier to clean.
  • It has a double tray for two cups and variable steam arm controls that make it to make velvety lattes. It employs thermoblock technology that produces steady temperature.
  • It’s quite compact. There is a compatible professional grinder that you can buy separately to get real barista quality homemade coffee.

3. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

De’Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver is a standard bean to cup coffee machine that makes all kinds of drinks (latte, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, flat white, single and double espresso/long coffee).

  • It comes with an integrated burr grinder that you can use to grind your own coffee.
  • The controls allow you to customize your coffee’s length and strength. It comes with a traditional milk frothier and a double tray delivery that allows you to make two cups of coffee on the touch of a button.
  • It has a stylish stainless finish that looks quite solid. It is quite durable and comes with a two years guarantee.

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