Best Single Serve Coffee Maker with Frother UK (2024 Reviews)

The best single-serve coffee maker provides the convenience of making only one cup of coffee at a time, precisely how you like it. If you are living by yourself and as such do not have to brew a lot of coffee each morning, or maybe your household members each have their very own specific coffee tastes, a single-serve coffee maker is perfect for you.

Although they are predominantly used at home, single-serve coffee machines can also be good in offices. It indicates there’ll be absolutely no wasted coffee or time since you are just brewing just sufficient for yourself, plus you are usually guaranteed a new, warm cup correctly if you need it. Some of the key things we look for when looking for a single-serve coffee maker are:

ease of use, just how simple is the coffee making part, does it take long? Is it easy to clean? We evaluate how simple each unit is usually to create and use, in addition to just how easy it’s cleaning the espresso machine after use. We also think about ease of use with regards to filling the water container, brew time and preheat time.

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3 Top Single Serve Nespresso Machines

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker with Frother

1. Nespresso Essenzza


Appreciate the complete selection of Nespresso® coffee 0.6 litre capacity

Heats up fast so you are able to enjoy your coffee sooner

Removable drip tray for effortless cleaning

Two year manufacturer guarantee for reassurance the pods are completely recyclable.

can actually make cappuccinos and lattes like the shops do

cons: Not big enough cup rest for a big mug unless you remove the drip trays (the maximum mug hight with dip tray is 90mm and without tray is 130mm)

the Nespresso Essenzza makes quality brew with frothy crema constant in temperature and amount every time. It is able to additionally brew other great tasting single serve coffee drinks, which includes double espresso, lungo and also regular coffee. When brewing coffee, our tasters have been pleased by the foamy but smooth crema which made the coffee appear to be silky smooth.

The coffee maker has a modern and sleek look that we found to be easy and functional to work with.

Coffee is prepared with only one touch of a switch, without fussing with brew size or maybe coffee kinds because the maker reads the barcode on the coffee capsule and brews it accordingly.

The Nespresso Essenzza has a high pressure bar that produces a rich frothy brew. It is also quite fast.

It is quite compact and portable.

It has an auto-off feature after a nine minute interval of inactivity, this helps you save on energy consumption.

Cuisinart SS 10CRM Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker, Cream

Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Brewer has a removable water container which removes the necessity for regular refills and comes with a reusable filter which is brilliantly concealed in a compartment on the side of the machine.

It has a central LED lit control board that’s very easy to use. The programmable rinse cycle flushes out residual flavours between brews and well-rounded coffee filled with flavour.

Purchasing Guide: Things to Consider

When making espresso, we determine just how much coffee splatters during brewing and just how much drips afterwards. Check to determine the temperature and how many cups of coffee can be brewed from the same device. The coffee machine you go for should to produce a full blended cup of coffee with very little to no bitterness and acidity.

Also considered: the price and accessibility of coffee pods, refills plus paper filters.

Consider Whether you want Single-use coffee pods vs. reusable filters:

Most single serve coffee makers use store bought coffee pods, like the famous K Cup pods from Keurig. Pods are small plastic or maybe aluminium cups that contains pre portioned ground coffee and a built in filter.

K-Cups as well as capsules are handy to make use of, but they cost considerably more than using own ground coffee. Even though several pods are recyclable, like K Cups, you have to eliminate the grounds and foil first, and also talk with your neighbourhood recycling centre that they are able to process the kind of plastic your pods are produced from.

Soft pods are a favourite alternative: The ground coffee is available in a tea bag like round paper filter, which removes the plastic waste.

If you choose a coffee maker without any pods, you can find single serve devices which include a recyclable filter to fill up with the own ground coffee. Reusable filters are certainly the more eco-friendly choice, but remember that the screens do need to be cleaned after each use.

 All the recyclable filters we tested had been very easy to detach from the espresso maker and dishwasher safe.

Water reservoir: Consider just how frequently you brew coffee.

For 2 or even more servings each day, you will gain from a big water reservoir and that means less refilling. When it relates to refilling, some water reservoirs are removable and also have handles that make it painless to refill and also clean, while others are completely connected to the espresso maker. Others lack a drinking water reservoir altogether and need you to calculate and add the quantity of water you wish to brew every time.

Brewing options:

While several single serve coffee makers brew one size of any cup, several versions give even more brewing options from single espresso (perfect for a travel mug), with coffee choices ranging from basic (like strong or regular brew coffee) to fancy (think iced drinks, or maybe perhaps lattes and also cappuccinos on higher versions which have milk frothing functionality).


One benefit of single serve coffee makers is the fact that you are able to make a cup of coffee quickly. Several versions have a strong heating mechanism which can boil water and brew coffee in under two minutes! Others want you to heat and put your very own hot water over the ground coffee

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