Kitchenaid Classic vs Kenwood Kmix Stand Mixer Reviews

 The key difference between Kitchenaid classic vs Kenwood Kmix stand mixer is in the motor power that propels the mixer. The Kmix has 1000 watts which is sufficient for large batches and making bread while the classic stand mixer only has 250 watts which is mainly suitable for small batches, It can make bread but not more than 1-2 loaves of bread in a go. 

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1 KitchenAid Stand Mixer 'Classic' silver 5K45SSBSL KitchenAid Stand Mixer "Classic" silver 5K45SSBSL 333 Reviews £499.00 £325.00

Last update on 2024-04-14 at 23:47 / // Source: Amazon

Last update on 2024-04-14 at 23:47 / // Source: Amazon

Key Difference between Kitchenaid Classic and Kenwood Kmix

Kitchenaid Classic versus Kenwood Kmix Stand Mixer
  • The other key difference is that the Kenwood KMix has a glass bowl that helps to see how well your ingredients are mixing while KitchenAid Classic has stainless steel. 
  • The Kmix has a splash guard that is very effective in reducing any mess when mixing while the classic doesn’t have a splash guard. 
  • The Kitchenaid Classic bowl has no handles while the Kmix has handles which makes it easy to carry the bowl from the stand mixer. 
  • The Kmix has 5 litres bowl capacity while the classic has a 4L bowl.
  • The KitchenAid classic comes in black, silver and white colours while the Kenwood Kmix comes in Red, black,and cream
  • The Kmix is slightly cheaper than the KitchenAid Classic.


  • They both come with three attachments Flat Beater,Dough Hook, Whisk, and Bowl
  • They both have the capability to add more attachments which can be bought differently
  • The both have a tilt head that makes it easy to access the bowl
  • They have planetary action which enables the mixer to mix all the ingredients effectively
  • They have dishwasher safe attachments.
  • They are both basic or entry-level stand mixers and both have six speeds.

The Kenwood KMix review

The Kenwood kMix is hefty, with a mass of more than 9kg. A great deal of this particular weight is produced by the cup mixing bowl, which is five liters in capacity and possesses markings along the edge making liquid measurements simpler to add.

  • The glass bowl slots into the plug and it is twisted to secure. This twisting procedure is trickier than in a KitchenAid stand mixer as the bowl is heavier, therefore locking and also unlocking it requires some muscle mass.
  • Attachments consist of a beater with Kenwood‘s iconic K layout, a dough hook, along with a wire whisk. There’s, in addition, a spatula that may be used to clean the sides of the bowl.
  • There’s a plastic splash guard that works onto the tilt head instead of the bowl. You have to install this before fixing attachments since it will not fit over them. However, it is much sturdier and better at stopping splashes due to this design.
  • The splash guard also offers a good lid, which elevates to enable you to include ingredients when cooking. I made use of this for including dry ingredients to wet when creating a cake, and also including water that is warm to my dry ingredients to create a bread dough. It’s significantly better than many other splash guards from Kitchenaid and Cuisinart.

How Does the  Kenwood kMix Perform When in Use?

The Kenwood KMix possesses a dial on one side, along with a paddle at the back to lock and also unlock the tilt head. This means you will not have to get the mixer facing you when using it, which is fantastic because many would rather use the stand mixer when standing by its side.

  • Fitting the attachments is a tad fiddly because you will find 2 holes on the tilt head and you’ve to duck down to discover what type will fit the connection. These rotate around since the mixer works, therefore finding the appropriate spot to place the attachment of yours is going to be a unique experience each time.
  • The mixer features a dial that moves up to 6, though you are able to make it between adjustments to get a lower speed. The slow beginning enables a minute for the mixer to go speeding, meaning your bake is much less apt to splash and erupt in a cloud of flour. The whisk is for beating cream. 
  • Kneading bread is a breeze for the Kmix Kenwood stand mixer. That thousand-watt motor actually enters its own when kneading a quality dough.The mixer base doesn’t wobble when kneading bread. The Kmix has dishwasher-safe attachments. 


The Kenwood Kmix is not as attractive as the KitchenAid, though It is a great deal cheaper and has now two times the power. Extras like a glass bowl and robust splash guard can also be provided in the cost, whereas you would buy a stainless steel bowl in case you went for nearly any kind of other mixers on the market.

The splash guard is imaginative and extremely valuable, although it is heavy, the bowl would mean you are able to inspect the progress on your own bakes as they blend. I

KitchenAid’s Classic stand mixer Review

Preview Product Rating Price
KitchenAid Stand Mixer 'Classic' silver 5K45SSBSL KitchenAid Stand Mixer "Classic" silver 5K45SSBSL 333 Reviews £499.00 £325.00

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KitchenAid’s Classic is great for mixing, whipping, and also kneading, although it is lacking the big bowl (it has a 4L bowl) and additional features you obtain with numerous mixers.


  • Sufficient for baking small batches
  • Lower cost in comparison with many KitchenAid models
  • The choice of extra attachments to customise your mixer


  • It has a smaller motor mostly suitable for small batches.

Like virtually all KitchenAid versions, the Classic stand mixer is able to place ten appliance attachments/add ons, like spiralizers, meat grinders, and also pasta rollers. 

KitchenAid Classic Features

KitchenAid Classic lacks beneficial extras like a splash guard & a bigger bowl. In case you would like these others and extras, like a relatively bigger bowl you can obtain them by buying them separately. 

  • As with the very best stand mixers, the KitchenAid Classic provides you with a locking tilt top so you can easily access the bowl’s contents as well as the attachment port. 
  • Something you are going to need to accomplish is to monitor the mixer of yours in case you force it to its limit since it does not have overload safety, plus you risk burning out the engine. So it is recommended to use the recipes given.
  • You receive the standard attachments you would expect with a mixer this way, like the paddle, whisk & dough hook. 
  • The attachments are the place you get extra worth with this particular mixer since all of the ten additional attachments that KitchenAid sells individually will use this particular model. Should you decide to purchase a lot more attachments besides all those which accompany the printer, you are able to flip your Kitchenaid stand mixer into an ice cream maker, food grinder, pasta maker, juicer, and even more. 

KitchenAid Classic Review in Operation

The bread dough ingredients with the KitchenAid Classic dough can seem to be gooey and barely incorporated. Nevertheless, with only ten minutes of kneading, the dough becomes elastic and smooth, and that is exactly the texture you need to create decent homemade bread.

Should you purchase the KitchenAid Classic?

Even though the one-year warranty from KitchenAid is quite light, The KitchenAid Classic is a fundamental mixer with good versatility and great performance, which you are able to add more to by buying additional KitchenAid attachments. The 4L bowl is a tad smaller than KMIX 5 though.

Which is better, Kenwood Kmix or Kitchenaid classic?

In the KitchenAid Classic vs Kenwood KMix comparison, it seems to me that it is better to buy the Kmix for the simple fact that it gives you more motor power (1000 Watts) to do more than the Classic that has 250 Watt motor. You also get a glass bowl with the Kmix which makes it easy to monitor the progress of your mixing. The bowl is bigger (5L) that has handles that give you the capacity to bake more, the handles make it easy to handle the bowl in comparison to the classic that only has a 4L bowl. Below we review each specific mixer.

Last update on 2024-04-15 at 12:40 / // Source: Amazon

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