3 Best Compact Food Processor 2019

Find the best compact food processors ideal for personal use. It is for people who prepare small batches of food per time. They are a bit small and compact, great for individuals with limited storage space.

Best Compact Food Processor 2019

1. Kenwood FP126 Compact Food Processor

The Kenwood FP126 Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L – Chrome is the #1 best compact food processor UK. It is a bit small weighing 2.2kg and of 15 x 27.5 x 17.5 cm dimension with 0.8 litre bowl operating capacity. The operating capacity is 800ml for liquids, and 800gram for cake mixtures. Great for person use; it can chop, shred and whisk.

With under £50 investment; you get a 400watts compact food processor with a pulse function. The processor has single speed setting making it beginners friendly.

This Kenwood compact food processor comes with a stainless steel chopping blade, a whisk tool and a course shredder. It has rubber feet for stability, and a cord storage space. It also includes safety interlock feature.


Not great for a family use. With a family you want a food processor with a big bowl to handle large quantities but it is suitable for individuals.

The Kenwood 1.4-litre 400-watt compact food processor is great for preparing small batches of food per time. Give it a try.

2. Philips HR7627/01 Daily Collection Food Processor

The Philips HR7627/01 Daily Collection Food Processor is one of the best food processors that grate and shred. It can grate cheese and shred met. You can also use it for chopping vegetables, slicing and kneading flour.

To help it achieve all these functionalities the Philips hr7627/01 comes with many accessories. These include the kneading tool, chopping knife, stainless steel blade and some discs. The discs are for slicing, shredding and granulating.

The hr7627/01 has a powerful 650watt motor with 2 speed control settings. The first speed is for whipping, kneading and beating eggs. And the second one is for chopping, grating and shredding.
This Philips compact food processor has a big 2.1 litre detachable bowl and a large feeding chute. You can use the bowl to use accessories when not in use. All the attachments and the bowl are dishwasher safe.

The processor employs ‘Philips PowerChop Technology’. This technology ensures superior chopping results for both hard and soft ingredients.

This Philips food processor comes with a one year guarantee for peace of mind.

The Philips Daily Collection White Food Processor HR7627/01 is easy to use, clean and store. It is quite versatile with good price tag.

3. Kenwood FDP301WH Multipro Compact Food Processor

The Kenwood FDP301WH Multipro Compact Food Processor is the new entry in home and kitchen gadgets.

It can chop, slice, shred, whisk and blend. To aid this functionality, the fdp301wh comes with a slicing and shredding disc and a blade. You also get a whisking tool. On top of this, you also get a 1.2 litre plastic bowl, a spatula, a lid and 1.2 litre blender. The blender is for making smoothies. The lid has a hole for adding extra ingredients such as oil.

The machine has two speed control settings and a pulse button. Like other processor the Kenwood FDP301WH also has sucker feet for stability. There is safety interlock feature. The blender and the bowl will not work unless well locked to its base.

You can use it to make salsa, pastry, smoothies, soup, sauces, salad and grating cheese among others. You can always control the texture of your output using the pulse and the speed setting.

The Kenwood FDP301WH Multipro is easy to use and clean. Its parts are dishwasher safe, though you can wash them by hand using warm soapy water. Be careful when washing the blades as they are too sharp. This Kenwood Compact food processor is real small, and smart. You get it under £50 quite affordable, good value for your money.