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Best Budget Food Processor UK 2020 under £100 – Top 11 Picks

Find here the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020 UK on October when Amazon confirmed the specific date.

Looking for the Best Budget Food Processor under £100 UK 2020? Here are the top 5 Best Food Processor Under £100 and under £50 that are quite affordable, cheap, durable and offers good value for money.

Although slicing and dicing Fruit Ninja-style can be quite relaxing, there is no better and quicker way to mince and shred than with the use of a food processor.

Food processors have gained significant importance over the years thus deserving space in your kitchen cabinet.

Variety is never the question. What you want and most probably need is the best affordable food processor that is powerful, easy to use, and easy to clean.

And, If you love perfection, then you must also love to have a unique and perfect food processor. This is the right place as this guide has put together a list of 14 best food processors under 100. This will help you as you choose a processor that will fit all your personal needs. Join us as we get started on the review.

Best Budget Food Processor UK 2020 under £100

5% OffBestseller No. 1
Kenwood Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L Bowl, Blender, Emulsifying, Chopping Blade, Shredder Disc 400W, FP120, White
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 1.4 litre...
Bestseller No. 2
Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor, 2.1 Litre Bowl, 1.2 Litre Thermo-resist Glass Blender, Dough Hook, Whisk, Reversible Slicing and Grating Discs, Spice Mill, 800 W
  • VERSATILITY: Powerful 800...
  • PLENTY OF SPACE: 2.1...
20% OffBestseller No. 3
Kenwood Mini Chopper, 0.35 Litre Dishwasher Safe Bowl, 2 Speeds, Rubber Feet for Food Chopper Stability, 300 W, CH180A, White
  • MINI CHOPPER: This food...
  • PERFORMANCE: The powerful...
  • BOWL CAPACITY: Comes with...
  • EASY CLEAN UP: The mini...
24% OffBestseller No. 4
Kenwood Food Processor, 2.1 L Bowl, 1.2 L Blender, Emulsifying, Knife Blade, Reversible Slicing and Grating Discs, 800 W, FDP301W, White
878 Reviews
Kenwood Food Processor, 2.1 L Bowl, 1.2 L Blender, Emulsifying, Knife Blade, Reversible Slicing and Grating Discs, 800 W, FDP301W, White
  • POWERFUL: 2 speeds plus...
  • EMULSIFYING: Make use of...
  • STABLE AND SECURE: Rubber...
Bestseller No. 5
Ninja Food Processor with Auto-iQ (BN650UK) 850 W, 2.1 Litre Bowl, Silver
153 Reviews
Ninja Food Processor with Auto-iQ (BN650UK) 850 W, 2.1 Litre Bowl, Silver
  • Precise food prep –...
  • Auto-iQ Technology –...
  • Durable and Powerful –...
  • Easy to Use – Simple...
  • Includes 2.1L Food...
26% OffBestseller No. 6
Bosch MutiTalent3 MCM3501MGB Food Processor, Plastic, 800W - Black
247 Reviews
Bestseller No. 7
SQ Professional MegaRange - MegaProcess Food Processor 750w - 2.0L Mixing Bowl, 1.8L Blending Jug, Grinding Mill (White-Black)
  • Multi-function Food...
  • 750W - 2.0L Mixing Bowl,...
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Safety Switches
  • Anti-Slip Feet

 1. KitchenAid 5KFC3516BWH 5KFC3516 Classic Mini Food Processor

The KitchenAid 5KFC3516BWH 5KFC3516 Classic Mini Food Processor is currently our number one, best budget food processor under £100. It is a lightweight food processor that is easy to use as it is engineered with pulse operation and two speeds for full control.

Kitchenaid is a simple yet unique processor that is designed with a handle that allows to easily to hold on the processor while working.

If you have a large family or friends coming over, this is the ideal processor as it has a capacity of 830ml.

It is designed with a pour spout which not only makes it convenient but also saves you time. Other than being lightweight, it is also durable because it is made from stainless steel blades which a rotation speed of 2450.

Key features

  • Fitted with durable stainless steel blades
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean
  • Equipped with a drizzle basin
  • Has a capacity of 830 ml
  • Designed with a pour spout and a handle


  • Unlike other cheap food processors, this Kitchenaid food processor is easy and to clean
  • It is easy to use and you can adjust the speed
  • The blades rotate fast to chop your ingredients fast hence saving you time.
  • It is a durable choice

Check it out, the KitchenAid 5KFC3516BWH 5KFC3516 Classic Mini Food Processor.

2. Kenwood MultiPro Home Food Processor – Best Multi purpose

If you love tossing your food processor in the dishwasher after using it, look no further because this Kenwood MultiPro Home Food Processor. is the ideal option. It is because the attachments of this best food processor under £100: blender, citrus press, knife blade, and mini bowl can be taken apart and easily cleaned.

Whenever you think of safety in the kitchen, think of this food processor as it engineered with an interlocking mechanism which allows you to optimally use it without sacrificing your safety. This is a processor that will never disappoint as it is fitted with a 1000W motor that makes tough jobs easy and fast.

With this processor, you can easily control the performance as it has two speeds as a pulse function. Other than the unique and sleek design, it is also designed with a handle for easy gripping. It is a great option if you wish to make a variety of dishes like slicing potatoes, grating cheese, pastry and bread mixes, light creams, and egg whites.

Key features

  • It is a multifunctional food processor
  • Easy to clean using the dishwasher
  • Designed with a 1000w motor
  • Easy to use
  • Has a unique and sleek design


  • The powerful motor allows you to easily handle tough tasks in the kitchen
  • You can make any of your favorite dishes
  • You can opt to toss it in the dishwasher after you have taken the parts apart
  • You have full control as it has two speeds and pulse function

Check it out, the Kenwood MultiPro Home Food Processor.

3. Kenwood Compact Food Processor under £50

Are you a cooking novice with a large family or you would love to have friends come over? Worry no more because the Kenwood Compact Food Processor has got you covered. It is a processor with a capacity of 1.4 liters.

Also, if you want to perfectly prepare dry ingredients, this processor is equipped with a bowl that can hold a capacity of 0.8kg. The bowl can also hold 0.8 liters if you mixing wet ingredients like a light cream and egg whites and other wet ingredients.

The sharp blades are perfect for grinding herbs, nuts, spices, slicing potatoes, and grating cheese. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable food processor then, this is the ideal option as it is made from plastic as it only weighs at 2.17kg. Fitted with a 400w motor, thus handling tough tasks in your kitchen will be easy and fast.

It is deemed as the safest food processor as the bowl is fitted with an interlocking system which prevents the processor from working if not properly engaged.

Key features

  • Engineered with a 400w motor
  • Can be cleaned with a dishwasher
  • The interlocking mechanism which makes it safe
  • Lightweight as it only weighs 2.17kgs
  • Durable as it is made from plastic


  • Holds a capacity of 1.4 liters therefore, it is a wise choice for those with a large family
  • It has a large bowl that allows you to perfectly mix wet or dry ingredients until you get the right consistency
  • You can clean the processor with a dishwasher after easily taking the parts apart.

Check it out, the Kenwood Compact Food Processor.

4. Cuisinart Style Collection Mini Prep Pro Mini Chopper And Food Processor – Best Cheap Food Processor Under £50

Parenting is lovely but also demanding which leaves you with limited time to make baby food. Worry no more because the Cuisinart Style Collection Mini Prep Pro Mini Chopper And Food Processor is a great option to make baby food. Also, it is ideal for preparing smaller quantities like dressings and dips.

As is engineered with a powerful motor, it is deemed as a great option in your kitchen as it will help you to handle all the tough tasks. Besides, the sharp stainless blade saves you time and processes food perfectly guaranteeing you of even results.

Whether it is chopping or grinding this budget food processor has got your back as the strong blades rotate in different directions. Compared to other food processors, this is a processor that allows the ingredients to easily move in the bowl because it has a reversible action feature. It has a compact design that allows easy storage. If you want professional results, then go for this processor as it is equipped with a powerful motor.

Key features

  • Ideal for making baby food
  • Great for preparing smaller quantities like dressings and dips
  • Can be used for chopping or grinding
  • Has a compact design that ensures easy storage


  • The rotating blades allow you to easily make it easy for you to chop or grinding your favorite ingredients
  • The 900ml capacity makes it the ideal choice for you to make your baby’s favorite food
  • With this processor, you are assured to get professional results as the reversible action ensures the ingredients move easily in the bowl.
  • The powerful motor effortlessly grinds and chops all your ingredients

Check it out the Cuisinart Style Collection Mini Prep Pro Mini Chopper And Food Processor.

5. Emperial Food Processor – Blender, Chopper, Multi Mixer

Designed with a 750w powerful motor, this is a food processor that ensures you get professional results. It is a multifunctional Food Processor – Blender, Chopper, and Multi Mixer that ensures all your cutting, chopping, and grinding, making dough, making juice, slicing, liquidizing, and blending are fast and perfect.

The generous jug allows you to blend 1.8l juice which can be enjoyed by your friends and family. It has a large mixing bowl with 2 liters capacity thus you can perfectly mix your dry or wet ingredients. It is fitted with a wide chute which gives you the advantage to mix large ingredients on one occasion.

Therefore, this is a great option if you want to make perfect and healthy smoothies, soups, and perfectly mixing all the cake ingredients.

Unlike other best affordable food processors under 100, this unique processor has an added advantage as you can easily blend large fruits like grapefruits thanks to its juicing attachment. If you do not like spending time washing dishes, then this is the processor to go for as cleaning is easy and fast.

Key features

  • Designed with a 750w powerful motor
  • It is a multifunctional food processor
  • Equipped with a large mixing bowl
  • Ideal for blending large fruits


  • Thanks to this food processor, you can mix all your ingredients all on occasion hence saving you quality time.
  • Making healthy smoothies and tasty soup has never been this easy and fast, thanks to this magnificent food processor.
  • The large 2l bowl allows mixing your wet and dry ingredients preventing the unwanted mess in the kitchen

Check it out, the Emperial Food Processor – Blender, Chopper, Multi Mixer.

6. Food Processor, DECEN 2L Compact Food Processor

Preparing a meal for a large family is tedious and requires a lot of experience to get delicious meals. Do not fret if you are making a meal for a large family with little or no experience as the 900w motor works effortlessly to ensure you spend little time preparing meals as well getting the results you envisioned.

Equipped with a 2l bowl, this food processor allows you to mix a variety of ingredients once. Controlling the performance of this food processor is easy because it has easy to press buttons that can be used to adjust the speed.

This is a processor that gives your amazing results without compromising your safety. This is because it cannot operate unless the lid, bowl, and the base are engaged properly. Cleaning is easy as you can easily removed all the attachments and toss them in the dishwasher.

 Whether it is making pasta dough or meat, this unique processor is the answer to your puzzle. It is fitted with stainless steel and plastic blades that could help in changing your perspective about cooking.

Key features

  • Ideal for people with large families
  • Equipped with a 2l bowl
  • Has a 900w powerful motor
  • It is a multipurpose food processor


  • Owing this cheap food processor allows you to prepare all your favorite meals like cakes, pasta, and minced meat.
  • You do not have to worry about safety as it is designed with interlocking mechanism
  • Easy to wash as you can remove all the attachment
  • The buttons allow you to adjust the speed allowing you to get professional results

Check it out, the Food Processor, DECEN 2L Compact Food Processor.

7. VonShef 750W Food Processor – Best Value

Have you been looking for the perfect food processor for your new kitchen? Here’s a review of the VonShef 750W Food Processor to help you in this process.

  • It comes with a chopper, blender, shredder, multi mixer machine with a dough blade, spatula, grater.
  • t includes an accessory storage drawer.
  • It has two speed settings and pulse. In a nutshell, the food processor comes with a good variety of features and equipments. The best part? It is extremely budget friendly.

This is the best multi-functional food processor under £100, meaning it provides good value at a reasonable price. It is good for performing various types of tasks, particularly chopping and cutting. It is lightweight, so it’s simple to move it around.

The Vonshef Food Processor has many good qualities, such as how it is very versatile, but at the same time it is compact. It has components for all types of pre-cooking activities like dicing, shredding, slicing as well as making a dough. It is multi-functional.

A bowl and jar is included.

The integrated accessories drawer where you can store your blades safely when you are not using them.

Another important feature of the Vonshef food processor is that the 1000W motor is powerful. It has two speed settings with the pulse function.

Overall, if you are in search of a nice food processor that is good in terms of functionality and is affordable, this VonShef 750W Food Processor – Blender, Chopper, Multi Mixer Machine with Dough Blade, Shredder & Grater Attachment – 2L Mixing Bowl & 1.8L Jug might be the answer.

8. Kenwood MultiPro Compact FDP301WH Food Processor

Ideal for small kitchens is the Kenwood MultiPro Compact FDP301WH Food Processor. It is small and compact; best affordable food processor and blender UK 2020 under £100.

As a food processor, the fdp301wh features a 1.2 litre bowl that can adjust itself to accommodate 20% more ingredients.

The processor also comes with a number of high quality stainless steel attachments like the:

  • stainless steel knife blade for chopping cheese, carrots, tomatoes and much more
  • shredding and slicing disc and a
  • Whipping tool for beating creams, eggs…

All the attachments are detachable and dishwasher safe.

The Kenwood MultiPro Compact features 750watts powerful motor with only 2 adjustable speed control setting level. Other processors however have up to 6 level speeds.

Its blender attachment is great for making homemade smoothie, soup, and milkshakes.

Apart from the attachments; This Kenwood Food Processor features safety features such as the non-slip feet on a processor and a locking lid on the blender.

9. Andrew James Food Processor with Blender Jug

Andrew James Food Processor with Blender Jug is undoubtedly one of the best budget food processors in the industry, here are some of its features and uses. A standard sized machine with dimensions of H24 X W25 X D22cm

The Andrew James comes with a number of add on tools such as:-

  • 3.5Liter sized bowl1.8Liter blender jar  chopping blades for dicing, chopping and slicing food  Grater and pummeling hook
  • Easy to use food pusher
  • A safety lid that is easy to lock and a sturdy base which keeps firm while the device is on and actively being used.
  • This is great and affordable, do NOT expect to pay more than $100+ pounds for this device.
  • Feel confident while using this equipment because it comes with a 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Have fun making fruit/vegetable shakes and smoothies as well as baking mix with your friends and family with the Andrew James Food Processor with Blender Jug & 6 Chopping Blades Including Grater & Kneader | Large 1.8L Capacity Electric Chopper for Cooking & Baking | 700W Black!

10. Philips HR7510/11 Viva Compact Food Processor

Philips HR7510/11 Viva Compact Food Processor performs up to 28 food preparation functions.

  • Features a powerful 750 Watt, sufficient for all your chopping, mixing and cutting needs.
  • Features a power-chop technology for high performance chopping.
  • Comes fitted with dual variable speeds and a pulse function for ease of use and flexibility.

The Philips HR7761/01 has a 750 watts high performance motor for efficient chopping, cutting and shredding. It has a strong base that remains stable irrespective of the different tasks thrown at it. From kneading to chopping the stand remains quite sturdy.

Philips HR7761/01 comes with multiple accessories that greatly improves its functionality to perform up to 28 functions. Its discs can granulate, slice and shred.

Philips HR7761/01 comes fitted with a liquidiser and grinder. The thing that sets it apart from the rest is the combination of different blade shapes for angled cutting. This makes it possible to process all ingredients at an optimal pace.

The bowl is detachable for easy cleaning. The Philips powerchop has a hidden shaft that stops soups and liquid ingredients from spilling. This feature is specific to the Philips Powerchop viva HR7761/01. The 1.75L blender jug is of a break resistant material. The grinder can grind coffee, spices and a lot more by fixing into position the 250 ml grinding attachment.

Check this Philips HR7510/11 Viva Compact Food Processor, 6 Accessories, 29 Functions, 800 W, 2.1 Litres .

11. FIMEI Food Processor, 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor– Easiest food processor to use

The FIMEI Food Processor, 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor is one of the best selling easiest food processor to use. (It is not currently available on Amazon).

  • It is powered by an 1100 watt motor that is sufficient enough to chop, cut and shred.
  • It is multi-functional food processor with 11 dishwashers safe and BPA free attachments for making smoothies, juice, grinding coffee, chopping meat, slicing vegetables and making a dough
  • Has 3 variable speed settings and pulse to give you control over the speed and food texture
  • Includes dual lock protection to keep you and your kids safe, works only when the bowl and top lock is set properly
  • Comes with 3.2-litre bowl with up to 2 litres working capacity, big enough to make large batches of food per time
  • It is of (L x W x H): 22.00 x 22.00 x 45.00 cm body size
  • Its base has 4 suction cups for keeping it stable while in action
  • Quite a good value food mixer that is easy to use, clean and store

Check it out, the FIMEI Food Processor, 1100W Multifunctional Food Processor, 3 Speeds, 3.2L Bowl, 1.5L Blender Jug, Blender, Chopper, Mixer, Grinder, Citrus Juicer, Knead Dough Blades, Shredder, Slicing Attachments.

12. Tower T18004 Food Processor

The Tower T18004 Food Processor is compact and small food processor for beginners, making a small quantity of food at a time.

Being small; it is easy to store and hence ideal for small kitchens too just as the best selling Cuisinart ECH4SU Prep Pro, Mini Chopper and Food Processor, Frosted Pearl.

Compared with other food processors with 2 to 6 speed control setting, this Tower T18004 features two speeds control setting with a pulse hence making it very easy to use for first time users.

Apart from the speed control settings; the Tower T18004 comes with 1.5 litre food processor and 1.4 litre blender, and a number of attachments to make your life a bit easier.

Its attachments include dishwasher safe chopping blade, a shredder and a whisk tool.

Like other food processor the Tower T18004 Food Processor with 1.4 Litre Blending Jug and 1.5 Litre Food Processor Bowl, 600 W, Black composed of non-slip feet and safety lock features to keep it safe especially in houses with children.

With it you get 1 year warranty that can be extended to 2 if you register it online.

13. Kenwood CH180A Mini Chopper Food Processor – Best Inexpensive

The Kenwood CH180A Mini Chopper Food Processor is the most recommended best cheap food processor under £50. It is a great kitchen machine for preparing vegetables, sauces and dips.

You can use it for chopping onions, tomatoes, meat, breadcrumbs, garlic, ginger, for making mayonnaise, pasta and curry sauces.

  • Kenwood CH180 is very small and compact weighing 0.948kg.
  • It has 2-speed control settings and comes with a 0.35litre dishwasher safe bowl.
  • Like other food processors; this Kenwood mini chopper food processor also features non-slip feet and interlock bowl for security reasons.


This best food processors under 50 cannot be used however with hot ingredients, crushing ice, grinding coffee or hard spices or turning caster into icing sugar or even making dough.

Check the Kenwood CH180A Mini Chopper .

14. Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor

If you are searching for a new food processor for your kitchen then the Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor could be just what you need. It’s powerful motor makes it ideal for chopping, slicing and grating and mixing meaning it is the perfect tool for whatever you are making.

It is currently one of the top selling food processors under £50.

The Morphy Richards 401012 comes with high-quality stainless steel blades meaning it will effortlessly slice vegetables, fruit and even ice cubes.

Dough blades also come as standard and all the blades are easily removable meaning cleaning is not a chore. It also comes with a 4 litre BPA free bowl with working capacity of 1.6 litre , so it is perfect for preparing large meals as well as having a large chute for adding ingredients as you need.

Its mixing bowl can also be used for storing all its accessories.

With 6 speeds it can simply slice, whip, grate, what you need or blend it so it is perfect for soups and smoothies. There is also a pulse function which is perfect for grinding ice.

It also has one other great feature which is that it is incredibly quiet and you will hardly notice it is on when using it,

With a 2 year warranty, the Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor for Innovative Meal Prep with All in One Easy Storage Solution, BPA Free Mixing Bowl, 350 W, White is the ideal tool for the busy cook

What is your best budget food processor so far?

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