Kenwood Prospero vs Multione vs Chef Stand Mixer Reviews

One brand you can’t go wrong with when buying a mixer is Kenwood. It has a range of quality, innovative stand mixers to offer. Here, we look at and compare three of its most popular models Kenwood Prospero vs Multione vs Chef.

1. Difference between Kenwood Prospero and Chef

Kenwood MultiOne, Stand Mixer for Baking, All in One Kitchen Machine with K-Beater, Dough Hook, Balloon Whisk, Juicer, Blender and 4.3 Litre Bowl, KHH326WH, White
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Kenwood Chef KVC3103W - Stylish Food Mixer in White with K-beater, Dough Hook, Whisk and 2 x 4.6 Litre Bowls 1 Stainless Steel and 1 Glass, 1000 W, White

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The  Kenwood Chef and Prospero both offer the same motor power, baking tools, and easy-to-clean feature. They are both stand mixers pre-dominantly for baking needs but which can be diversified by purchasing additional attachments.

However, the main difference is that the Kenwood Prospero is a compact design more suited to small batches of baking while Chef makes larger-scale baking possible. Additionally, the Chef can have around 25 attachments bought and added whereas the Prospero has 5 additions or so.

In the end, The Kenwood Chef suits a large household- with a bigger budget- interested primarily in baking and looking to diversify into other cooking options over time. On the other hand, Prospero suites smaller families just beginning their baking journeys, and who have limited kitchen space on Prospero stand mixer.

2. Difference between Kenwood Prospero and Multione

Kenwood Prospero vs Multione vs Chef stand mixers

Both machines offer the same power, mixing bowl capacity, baking tools, and dishwasher option.

The difference is in the number of functions available. The Kenwood Prospero can be diversified by adding more attachments. However, the multione already comes with multiple attachments and therefore is not just a baking machine but a food processor, mincer, juicer, and more. Another key difference is that the Prospero is a compact design, which means it can fit in much smaller kitchens. The same cannot be said for the Multione.

The Kenwood MultiOne will be the better choice for families with a budget to splurge, a kitchen with more room, and people who are interested in a variety of cooking options, not just baking.

3. Difference between Kenwood Multione and Chef  

Both mixers have the same power and baking tools to offer.

However, the Kenwood Multione offers a wide variety of attachments and is therefore a more versatile machine from the get-go. On the other hand, the Kenwood Chef offers bigger mixing bowls and the chance to make your machine as versatile as you want over time

Both appliances are pricey. The Kenwood multione will be better for homes not looking to do baking on a large-scale, and who see considerable value in the included attachments of the Multione. However, The Chef Kenwood might be the better choice for those looking to bake large batches frequently and who need specific additional attachments, which do not feature in the Multione.

A direct comparison only reiterates one thing and that is that each machine is a high-quality purchase with a lot to offer. Which one you buy is simply about what you are most specifically looking for.

Let us have an overview first of each of these best Kenwood stand mixers.

4. Kenwood KHH326WH Kitchen Robot Multione White

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Key Features:

  • Product dimensions: 40 x 25 x 29 cm. Power: 1000W
  • Features a 4.3L mixing bowl, a planetary mixing action for a thorough blending of ingredients, and 3 tools: k-beater, balloon whisk, spiral dough hook
  • Comes with a food processor, blender, mincer, centrifugal juicer, and citrus press
  • The Multione comes with a splash guard and has dishwasher safe baking tools
  • The machine comes with a dual-hub drive and has 5-speed settings


  • This powerful machine comes with the tools to meet various needs: the k-beater makes cake batter in seconds, the spiral dough kneads the perfect dough, and the whisk is perfect for whipping eggs and cream
  • The MultiFood processor has multiple discs that cover all dicing, grating, and chopping needs
  • The blender is perfect for making smoothies, and the juicer and citrus press can cater to the diet requirements of the health-conscious individuals
  • The mincer gets the most complicated jobs done in quick time with minimal fuss and mess
  • The splash guard and dishwasher safe baking tools make cleaning up a breeze.


  • Comes with just one modest-sized mixing bowl, limiting its capacity

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5. Kenwood Prospero KHC29.N0SI 6-in1 compact Stand Mixer Kitchen machine, blender, Food Processor

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Key Features:

  • With product dimensions of 31 x 24 x 29 cm, this 1000W machine comes with variable speed control
  • Features Kenwood’s planetary mixing action for thorough mixing
  • Comes with a 4.3L bowl and 3 non-stick bowl tools: k-beater, dough hook, and whisk
  • An additional 5 attachments can be purchased separately to add to the functionality of this appliance
  • This machine comes fully interlocked with non-slip feet for added safety


  • With its powerful motor and 3 bowl tools, this appliance has got all your baking needs covered, You can whisk, knead and beat and make things such as brioche, rye bread, and pizza dough
  • The machine’s compact size makes it easy to store even in smaller kitchen spaces
  • You can add to the versatility of this machine by purchasing the attachments you like as and when needed
  • The non-slip feet cut down on the chances of messy accidents


  • The compact size of Prospero Plus makes it suited only to small batches of baking

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6. Kenwood Chef KVC3103W – Stylish Food Mixer

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Key Features:

  • Measuring 28 x 38 x 30 cm, this 1000W appliance comes with electronic speed control
  • Features Kenwood’s trademark planetary mixing action and 3 baking tools: k-beater, whisk, and dough hook
  • Comes with 2 mixing bowls- stainless steel and glass- each measuring 4.6L
  • The mixer and baking tools are dishwasher safe
  • Additional attachments can be bought separately


  • 2 large, durable mixing bowls make larger-scale projects possible
  • The mixing technology and baking tools ensure that various types of high-quality baking can be done
  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning a breeze
  • The fact that you can buy more attachments when it suits you makes sure you add to your appliance to make it most particularly suited to your needs. Additionally, you pay only for the functions you need and not for anything extra


  • Already a pricey machine, needing to buy additional attachments to make it more versatile can prove to be prohibitively expensive

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