Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S vs KVL8320S Stand Mixers Review

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S vs KVL8320S are premium high-end stand mixers by Kenwood. As far as food mixers go, Kenwood is arguably one of the top brands in the industry that is known for its reliable, effective and efficient products and this is certainly true of these two products. However what really differentiates between Kenwood kvl8320s vs kvl8300s.

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Difference Between Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S and KVL8320S

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S versus KVL8320S Stand Mixer
  • The main difference between the Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S and KVL8320S is the number of attachments that each respective model is sold with. This of course also impacts the difference in price.
  • The KVL8320s which is the most expensive of these mixers comes with five attachments (Cup Blender, Stainless Steel K-Beater, Whisk, Dough Tool and Creaming Beater and Folding Tool) while the KVL8300s which is relatively cheaper comes with the standard three Kenwood attachments (K-beater, dough tool and whisk). However, you can buy the extra attachments like the Folding tool (B00EOQXPOY) and the Creaming beater (B0073ZKK3W) separately.

Besides the extra attachments that are accessorised with the KVL8320S, these two mixers are more or less the same. They are similar in many aspects.


  • They both have a powerful motor engine (1700W) than can plough through tough dough effortlessly.
  • They both have a big 6.7 litres stainless steel bowl with handles for batch baking.
  • They both have a Flexi whisk and planetary action capability that ensure all the ingredients are adequately mixed.
  • They Both have Halo in bowl illumination (a light on the tilt head that shines light in the bowl to help you keep track of the rising dough and to monitor the progress of your mixing).
  • They both have variable electronic control speed that ranges from 1-to-10.
  • They both have pulse action that puts control in your hand such that you can accelerate the rate of mixing up or down accordingly when needed.
  • They both come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee by Kenwood.

They both have a splash guard to prevent any mess that may result due to mixing different ingredients.

They both have dishwasher safe tools/attachments that are non-stick.


Both the Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S and the Kenwood System Pro Chef XL Titanium KVL8320S are high-end premium food mixers that are durable and reliable. If you have the budget to stretch to the asking price of the KVL8320S, then by no means go for it. You have an iron-clad 10-year warranty that you will get value for money. However, the KVL8300S is cheaper than the KVL8320S by almost 200 pounds. If you want bang for your money, you are better off buying the KVL8300S then buy the external attachments separately. The extra attachments might only cost you an extra 100 quid so you will still end up better off saving 100 quid in the process.

Below are respective reviews of the two models.

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVC8300S Review


The Kenwood XL KVL8300S as the title indicates, the bigger type within the Kenwood Chef range. It has a large capacity and a cost to match.

For any enthusiastic baker, the Chef Titanium XL is created for the best performance along with exclusive features to help make baking a pleasure. 

The in bowl illumination directs light into your mixing bowl providing you with complete exposure to your mix. It has Unique planetary mixing spreads over the whole contents of the bowl, therefore no mix is left behind.

The bowl is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. It is quite versatile and thanks to the variable control you could make anything you fancy from probably the lightest souffle to the heaviest dough, you will just make use of the power you need whenever you need it.

What attachments are included?

  • The K beater, 
  • the dough hook and also 
  • the whisk.

It has a motor power of 1,700W and weighs 10.4 kgs. The bowl size is 6.7 litres and can take up to 2.6 flour weight. It has a Flexi whisk (edge scraping whisk) and splash-guard with feed hatch. You also get a ten-year serviceable motor guarantee.

It has a unique spotlight (Halo Illumination) touch that lights up the bowl so that you can have complete control plus of the bowl and the ingredients you’re blending..

A fold function attachment can be bought separately. The unique fold functionality allows you to thoroughly blend ingredients without losing airflow, and the adjustable speeds provide the best control.

Twenty optional attachments

You will find more than twenty attachments free, so whether you wish to make homemade salsa, mix wholesome soups and smoothies, mince your own personal beef, and cut pasta shapes, Chef Titanium allows you to learn the craft with ease

 It’s 1700 W motor with 6.7 L stainless steel bowl for speed while under heavy loads while cooking, in bowl illumination offers much more control so that you are able to monitor your mixing

A complete range of non stick baking programs which includes the K beater, balloon whisk as well as the dough hook, the planetary mixing action likewise guarantees a completely great mix for all the recipes of yours

Unique fold performance gives you control more than your baking and also enables you to develop delicate mixes for bread or pizza dough, unrivalled versatility with over twenty five optional attachments Remain in control with the electronic speed control and also maintain your kitchen area completely clean with the splash guard. Easy head tilt allows you to put ingredients

Mixer with cooking tools are dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S

The Kenwood Chef XL is a somewhat small kitchen machine but simultaneously has both a big bowl and also effective large whisks of top-quality stainless steel. In order to alter the whisks and also take out the bowl, you fold the top part upwards. To facilitate this the printer was equipped with a spring, and that is not hard to work with and also minimizes the chance of trapping the fingers of yours. In the elevated position, the printer is very tall (fifty three cm), that would mean you cannot stand it beneath a kitchen cabinet when you are you use it. Operation is really easy. The pace knob lighting up with a white light when the device is prepared to be used and begins flashing whether food is available and the device cannot start. Speeds are controlled from just stirring, to pulse (max direct), and also speeds 1 7 with the printer seeming to go steplessly between these various speeds. A work lamp delivers effective lighting straight into the bowl; one thing we had been amazed by and that quickly evolved into a favourite detail on Kenwood’s kitchen machines.

For heavier tasks including bread dough, the printer kneads really quickly plus it is just at the optimum weights which you begin to pick up the motor complain a little. The device’s narrow design means it is a bit of wobbly when in use and we also discovered the machine’ walk’ across the counter somewhat in case the worktop was not entirely flat. Light work, like blending a variety of batters or perhaps whisking eggs, is equally stable and quick. The splash guard spreads over the whole bowl, that gives very good safety, plus also carries a big gap for adding flour etc. The dough hook has a big protective plate at the top part, and that inhibits the dough from migrating further up and also is effective even with huge doughs.

No matter the project, Kenwood’s kitchen machine handles the job quite effectively, even in case it requires a supporting hand with the bigger doughs. Details and sensitive areas feel likely and well-made to last a lifetime and we cannot help but be amazed by the way Kenwood have created a machine for huge volumes without it being forced to get started with a lot of room in the home. When you like, you are able to purchase add-ons for pasta making and for connecting a blender. Thus , although the cost is in top of the part, we believe the Kenwood Chef XL offers value that is good for money and must provide the users of its several hours of pleasant baking with results that are great.

Does not occupy space that is much

complete splash guard

worker’s lighting

Slightly wobbly during heavier work


Kenwood Chef XL Titanium

Pros: powerful engine with a ten year promise, clever lighting

Cons: expensive, big footprint The Chef XL Titanium is a beast – Everything about it’s foodie friendly, which happens to be just and it is a huge investment decision.

When you make daily bread, appreciate a batch cook or even make a lot of big cakes at one time, then it is a winner.

It’s that distinctive, boxy Kenwood style which echoes the first machines and were truly stylish in the home. We appreciated the clever touches, like a touch sensitive switch on top that shone a light straight into the bowl, that made checking the combination easy.

Placing a flap on the completely enclosed, removable guard ensured every trace of icing sugar remained in the bowl when making buttercream with the signature K beater attachment.

Every balance and switch is well made – raising the pace on the electrical power mechanism feels switching up the amount on a radio, and also having the ability to flip the beater clockwise for a quick burst is wonderful for adding nuts or maybe choc chips to cookie dough, for instance.

The spring-loaded tilt of the machine head is attractively weighted and also features a slight bounce to it; better than banging the mechanism shut.

Actually a few of whites of eggs, although a little lost in the giant bowl of its, were whisked to perfection quickly, proving that the fit on the whisk attachment was snug.

This Kenwood stand mixer has 2 outputs for individually accessible attachments, and you will find several fantastic accessories to select from. The high speed port on top is able to have a juice extractor or maybe blender (there’s an assortment readily available for warm sauces and soups to cool smoothies and shakes). On the front side of the machine, plug in a pasta roller or maybe unit making purees, or maybe you are able to generate ice cream with a chillable bowl. Remarkable.

How this particular shopping box works

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium specifications

Speeds: 10, plus max and min

Watts: 1700W

Attachments included: balloon whisk, flat beater, dough hook Bowl capacity: 6.7-litre

Splash guard: yes

Kenwood System Pro Chef XL Titanium KVL8320S

This Kenwood machine has lots of space in its 6.7 litres bowl. With the 1700 watts motor, this particular device is able to manage numerous issues as well as it is a great assistant in every home. Built for the spotlight; Command probably the most effective engine. Create probably the fluffiest mixes, heaviest doughs and lightest mousses. It is smart, durable, and strong. Helping you bake and make to the greatest standard. Chef Titanium enables passionate cooks like yourself to create meals for your highest standard.Everything at the fingertips of yours

Chef Titanium has the best stainless SYSTEMPRO™ bowl tools, making it possible for you to beat, whisk, knead, fold and cream with confidence.

The unique fold functionality allows you to thoroughly blend ingredients without losing air flow, and the adjustable speeds provide best control.20+ optional attachments

You will find more than twenty attachments free, so whether you wish to make homemade salsa, mix wholesome soups and smoothies, mince your own personal beef, and cut pasta shapes, Chef Titanium allows you to learn the craft with ease.Glass Blender attachment

Thermo-resist glass goblet 1.6L capacity1700W motor

Planetary mix action, maintains capacity and quickness while under serious loads6.7L mixing bowl

Huge capacity, with in bowl illumination, elegantly flared, polished stainless steel with handlesElectronic speed control with halo illumination

Variable speeds + pulse + fold Start/Stop buttonKey FeaturesPowerful 1700 Watt engine that will help you unleash your inner chefIncludes a K-beater, power whisk, spiral dough hook along with a cup blender, using more than twenty attachments available from KenwoodBig 6.7 litre stainless steel bowl provides you with lots of space to blend up slow and ingredientsHigh speed retailers for extra functionsVariable speed to offer you complete command, with pulse functionFold function to combine ingredient without sacrificing the environment in the mix of yours.

Whats in the box:

Cup Blender

Stainless Steel K-Beater

Stainless Steel Whisk

Stainless Steel Dough Tool

Creaming Beater

Folding Tool

6.7L Bowl


1700W electric motor digitally controlled motor. variable control allows you to work with only the right capacity you have to perform the job, from light souffle to thick bread dough.

It has a ten year completely serviceable motor guarantee

light lift top at probably the lightest touch of the top release button in bowl light and cam action, you are able to immediately see-the colour, consistency and consistency of what you’re cooking to allow you end once the mix is ready.

The fold function gives slow controlled folding action when undertaking delicate mixes, therefore you do not shed some air. This could help you to produce probably the lightest fluffiest mousses along with souffles.

Crucial Features:

1.Trusted EasyClean tools

2.Kenwood’s signature K Beater accompanies 2 more stainless steel cooking tools. There is a dough tool and whisk. Plus a creaming beater. Handle some job with confidence. They are all dishwasher safe for cleaning that is effortless.

3. Total speed control: Take complete control. Use the electric speed range to gradually develop speed when you want it. For absolute perfection at the fingertips of yours.

4.The batch baker’s friend

The 6.7L dishwasher safe bowl handles as little or much as you wish to combine. From a small white of an egg to batter for sixty six cupcakes, tackle some bake with ease.

5. Every ingredient in the mix: the planetary mixing spreads over the whole side, bottom part and centre of the bowl. Absolutely no mix is missed or maybe wasted. Almost all you are left with is perfection.

6. Perfect for delicate mixes: The fold function gives slow, controlled folding action on delicate mixes, therefore you do not shed some air. Producing probably the lightest, mousses and fluffiest souffles.

7. Customise the Chef of yours – expand the creativity of yours with twenty five optional attachments. Linking to the slow or high speed hub, they will blend, make pasta, grate, shred, slice, slow juice… all to perfection.

Bowl material: Polished stainless steel. Bowl tools are produced of stainless steel. It weighs about 10.4 kgs. It is able to have as many as 2.56 kgs of dough to create a 4.55 kg of cake. Comes with safety interlock plus splash guard.


Kenwood KVL8320S System Pro Chef XL Titanium Mixer Review

In the UK market, you are able to locate several mixers from various models. Kenwood stands among the major makers of top quality stand mixers. Their Kenwood KVL8320S design is a premium device which is known to cost a great deal of cash but also has great delivery.

But the way truly does this particular Chef XL mixer do, and also would it be the right buy for you? Here’s a review to aid you with that question.

What is the cost?

Kenwood KVL8320S Overview

The KVL8320S Chef XL, as we’ve reported, is a high quality design which goes for nearly 8 times the cost of several devices out there. As well as though a highly priced system just isn’t instantly an excellent performer, this person is really well worth its excessive price tag. From the building to the capability, to its impressive motor, this particular mixer does not disappoint. It looks cool and extremely sturdy that you would like having it in the kitchen of yours. The mixer also has several speed settings that allow you to handle various ingredients with ease.

Features And Functions Of The KVL8320S


In case you laid the eyes of yours on this Kenwood KVL8320S stand mixer, without realizing just how much it costs, you’ll instantly choose to go home with you. The mixer has a nice style which must blend with your present kitchen design without having an issue. One more thing about the mixer is it’s designed to deliver you for a very long time without breaking down.

Imagine dealing with a mixer which is made with a titanium body? Today that’s a particular device that might have a beating with ease. Unlike other mixers which are produced with plastic-made casings, the Chef XL is resilient sufficient as it meets your food preparation needs.


First, this would be the right choice for a family environment. If you’ve a big family or maybe you have a tendency to host a great deal of guests in the house of yours too often, you will want to get this product. With this particular mixer, you will get a stainless steel bowl which provides an ample 6.7 liter capability to ready dough for 200 cupcakes. Thus, you are able to use it to plan those cookies or cupcakes for a gathering.

The bowl includes a glossy finish, plus it offers 2 handles which are ergonomically molded to allow you to have it around with ease.

Effective Motor

The engine of any appliance should be powerful enough to meet up with your needs accordingly. In case you’re intending to make dough for pizza, rye bread, as well as cakes, the engine must help support that easily. The Kenwood KVL8320S stand mixer is packed with a 1700W which is going to take some task you throw at it. Really, nothing is able to stop this mixer with the a motor.

Folding Head with Halo Illumination Spotlight This Chef XL stand mixer is intended to provide you with a simple time when you focus on the ingredients of yours. Regardless of however much you’re working on, the mixer is going to serve you completely. It provides you with a fold head that turns up quickly suitable for you to eliminate the bowl or even set up the accessories. The top is spring loaded for it to fold up with little work.

But what puts it in front of various other versions will be the distinctive halo illumination spotlight at the top. This’s not simply for beautifying the unit. Instead, the spotlight enables you to see ingredients within the bowl with ease. You don’t have to stress about ingredients hiding in the bowl or maybe you miss a spot.

Electronic Speed Control

There’s a touch sensitive switch onboard, that’ll power on the product as well as allow you to alter the pace levels accordingly. You are going to change the speed like you will change the amount on a radio – extremely simple. In general, the contemporary turn knob of this particular mixer is quite responsive.


Sturdy titanium construction

Responsive speed control

Halo illumination light to obtain ingredients in the bowl

Good capacity

Packed with a powerful motor which has an overload protection

Offers more than twenty optional attachments for versatility


Is with a high price point

Huge footprint


And so, who’s the Kenwood KVL8320S Chef XL intended for? We are able to say that this’s especially a family friendly stand mixer or in case you own home based baking business. It provides accordingly and would serve you for a very long time without breaking down. Regardless of what job you might have of the mixer, it is going to handle it with no struggle.

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