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Kenwood Chef XL vs Chef XL Titanium

Kenwood Chef xl vs chef xl Titanium are both highly regarded stand mixers manufactured by Kenwood. From their description of XL, you can tell that they both have large (XL) bowls. However, how do you pick out between the two?

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What Differentiates the Kenwood Chef XL from Titanium XL?

  1. The main difference between the Kenwood Chef xl vs Chef XL Titanium is the fact that the Titanium XL range (Patissier and Baker) has intuitive weighing scales built into the food mixer which enables you to be as precise as can be with your ingredients while keeping you organised and tidy which ultimately saves you time. 
  2. The other difference is in the bowl size provided in each respective mixer and additional features that enhance your mixing and baking. 
  3. The Kenwood Chef Elite XL mixer features a 6.7 Litre bowl while the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL has two bowls a big 7-litre bowl and a 5-litre bowl that both have a warming feature where you can easily warm your ingredients while they are mixing. 
  4. The Titanium XL also has one-touch preset functionality that automates daily baking tasks, you just preset and can always use the preset at the touch of a button/dial. This feature is not in the Chef XL.
  5. The Titanium Patissier XL bowl also has illumination which is quite useful in helping you check the progress and consistency of your mixing.

Kenwood Chef XL vs Titanium Chef XL  (Patissier and Baker)

It is important to mention that the Titanium XL has two versions, the Baker XL and Patissier XL. The Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL (KVC65.001WH) has a 4.6 litre while the Patissier has two bowls one of 7-litre capacity and the other for 5 litres. The Baker is largely for day to day baking for a standard family. However, if you are into batch baking for a big group of people the Patissier is what you might need. The Baker XL has a 1200 Watt bowl which is less than the 1400 Watt motor power that is in both the Chef XL and Patissier XL.

The main difference between the Chef XL vs Titanium Baker XL (KVC65.001WH) is that the Titanium XL has weighing scales built into the machine that makes you measure your ingredients precisely for better results from your mixing. It also reduces the chance to mess up with your recipe while saving you the time you could have used to weigh your ingredients on an external scales.

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Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL (KVC65.001WH) Review. 

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The Chef XL Titanium Baker has a 1200W Powerful motor that is digitally controlled with fold function to easy operation of the machine, especially when adding ingredients to the bowl. The Baker) comes fitted with easy weigh scales such that you can effortlessly weigh in a straight line to the bowl with very accurate built-in scales. This saves you time due to how convenient it is as well as lessen mess when cooking.

  • It comes with a 4.6L stainless steel bowl included which is adequate size for a standard family.
  • You can expand the functionality of the mixer with a choice of twenty-five Optional Accessories that can enable you to blend, slice, spiralised, grate and a great deal more.
  • It has a pair of 3 stainless steel utensils, all dishwasher safe, a whisk along with a dough hook and a K beater.
  • Cooking is an uninterrupted pleasure with direct to bowl access along with a delicate fold function.
  • It is able to make simple work of adding ingredients to your mix while the electronically controlled motor smartly adjusts to whatever you’re generating.

What is the largest Kenwood Chef? (Patissier Chef XL)

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The Titanium Patissier Chef XL is easily the largest Kenwood Chef. It comes with dual bowls, one exclusive 7L EasyWarm Bowl and the other a 5-litre stainless bowl. This enables you to mix a big dough especially when batch baking.

What is the Most Premium Kenwood Chef?

The Titanium Patissier Chef XL is the top range of the Kenwood Chef. It has two large bowls (7 and 5 litres) which have a warming feature that effortlessly melts ingredients while mixing, preserving one-third of the time.

It comes with preset functionality that has 6 x SimpleTouch Presets –  You can prove dough, melt chocolate or perhaps even blend a cake at the touch of a button.

Other exciting features include  easyWeigh Scales – weigh straight to the bowl with precise integrated scales, save time as well as reduce the mess when baking

The Nesting DuoBowl sets the stage for baking convenience; don’t restrict your imagination of yours with 7L and 5L stainless steel bowls.

SimpleTouch Presets where you can set your preference and re-use them in auto-pilot in future baking sessions.

 You also get a 2.4″ Touch Screen baker assist with easy to use navigation, it’s never ever been much easier to get perfect success when baking.

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