The Best Kenwood Multipro Food Processor 2018

The Kenwood multipro food processor can help you get more done in the kitchen and try out new recipes! With less hassle than ever, food preparation is easy with this amazing product.

Best Kenwood Multipro Food Processor 2018

No.Kenwood MultiproAttachmentsweight (kg)Customer RatingsCurrent Price on Amazon
No.Kenwood MultiproAttachmentsweight (kg)Customer RatingsCurrent Price on Amazon
1. Kenwood multipro fdm790 food processor-3 L bowl -dough hook -knife blade -chopping discs and whisk54.3 Serves 4 + people
2.Kenwood multipro fpp225-Liquidiser & blender -shredding & slicing disc -Emulsifying tool - knife blade -spatula -Suitable for 1 - 2 person servings2.54.3Serves 1 - 2 people
3. Kenwood multipro fp691-1.5 litre bowl -1.5 litre liquidiser -shredding and slicing discs54.4Suitable for small family servings
4.Kenwood multipro classic food processor fdm786- 3L bowl - 1.5L thermo resist glass blender - knife blade - mini bowl - reversible slicing and grating discs -dough tool - whisk54.4
5.Kenwood multipro fpp220- Blender -Spatula - shredding & slicing disc -Knife blade -Emulsifying tool -Liquidiser filler cap2.54.3
6.Kenwood multipro fp580-2.9 Litre bowl -1.5 L liquidiser - shredding/slicing discs -Knife blade -Whisk -Dough tool 2.54.0

Kenwood FP731 Food Processor Review 

The Kenwood fp731 food processor a great value especially since the processor comes with a bunch of extra attachments. You can slice, chop, mix, blend– whatever you want to do with your food! Make soups, smoothies, milkshakes, grate, and more.

Key Features of the Kenwood FP731 Food Processor

  • Comes with a 3.0 bowl made of plastic.
  • It also comes with a blender that carries a 1.5 liter capacity
  • Body comes in white color- Body made of plastic
  • Comes with coarse shred/slice disk
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Has full safety interlocks
  • Comes with stainless steel blades for chopping precision
  • Has a wattage of 900 Watts
  • Features cord storage
  • Has a twin geared speeds of variable and pulse
  • Features a Dual Drive system with a 1000 watt motor
  • Has a calibrated 1.5 liter liquidizer
  • Comes with a recipe book. You can reference dozens of different recipes for easy inspiration
  • Dough tool is included so you can make bread and pastry related dishes and desserts!
  • Non slip feet on the Kenwood Multi Pro Processor means that it will stay in place for you and never slip
  • Spatula and whisk are included so you don’t have to buy at the store
  • Detachable blades mean that you can easily switch off blades for clean up.


Some customers mentioned that they were having a problem with the center spindle. But they were sent replacement parts that they could replace in and it worked fine.
  • Some have had difficulty getting the Kenwood multipro classic fp731 to work . This is due to the cover lid or mixing bowl were not clicked in place correctly
  • Many customers have expressed it is not as quiet as their ideal preferences
  • Does not come in other colors such as red or black if that’s what you’re looking for
  • Kenwood fp731 food processor white will not work for you if the inserts and the parts are not properly locked together. This can happen occasionally, just check
  • Whisk attachment was not as sturdy for customers as they would have liked. Build quality is good but not flawless


The Kenwood fp731 multipro food processor is dishwasher safe. So you can throw it right in the dishwasher after you’re done for easy cleaning and clean up.
Customers love it!- Light weight means that you can move it and even take it with you to a friend’s house or work if you need to!
  • The Kenwood fp731 looks nice on the counter top with a sleek white deisgn
  • Easy to use as well as clean– makes this food processor a dream to clean up after
  • Saves you tons of time from hand prepping foods yourself
  • More compact than most food processors are
  • Comes with many attachments and accessories. Stainless steel blades, discs, multi-mill, and maxi blend canopy
  • Comes with Kenstore carousel to store all the accessories
  • Variable speeds also include pulse so that you’re not overly processing your food
  • Comes with bowls to catch all the processed food you’re making
  • Has a great aesthetic appeal with a minimalist sleek white design
  • Has minimal reports of breaking or malfunctioning, making it a product you can trust
  • A great processor that will save you hours over the years when it comes to hand prepping your food. Makes creating amazing dishes easier than ever
  • Tons of customers rave about this food processor– always a good sign!. Can be a stand in for your blender or coffee bean grinder if they ever break

Should You Buy the Kenwood Multipro Food Processor FP731?

The short answer is Yes! The Kenwood multipro food processor fp731 is truly a fantastic machine to have at your disposal in the kitchen. It can do almost anything that you want with food, and that’s a good thing!
You can craft up soups, or pulverize and liquidate some foods so that they are liquid. Or grate them for a recipe until they’re at the consistency you want and desire! This processor looks so great on any kitchen counter because it is sleek and smooth with a gorgeous white color. Plus, it won’t take up hardly any of your counter space, making it perfect for smaller spaces(or anywhere!).
Customers love this Kenwood fp731 multipro food processor in white. And it’s not difficult to see why. You can use it for virtually everything. Grinding coffee beans, making pesto, making cake mix or dough, or chopping and slicing vegetables for a stir fry.
Make cooking fun again with the Kenwood multipro fp731 and see what it’s like to have all your food prepared and processed with it!

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