Amazon Prime Day Bosch Deals UK 2019

Find Amazon Prime Day Bosch Professional Deals UK 2019: Bosch is a renown brand for best drill power tools and there is always a sale to snap.

Amazon Prime Day Bosch Professional Deals UK 2019

1.Professional Rotation Laser
2.Cordless Drill Driver
3.GBA 18 V 5.0 Ah CoolPack Lithium-Ion Battery
GST 90 BE Corded 240 V Jigsaw

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Amazon Prime Day Bosch Small Kitchen Appliances Deals UK 2019

1.Coffee machine
2.Vacuum Cleaner
Kitchen Machine

Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Appliances 2019

1.Stand mixer
2.Food processor

Best Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Appliances Deals 2019

Bosch Food Processor Review

Bosch Food Processor Reviews? The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver Vs. Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor with Eight Attachments.

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor Review

The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver offers up great design while still bringing the functionality. It’s the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, and this model is definitely something special.

The Multi Motion Drive helps bring all the power that a food processor needs and ensures that you’re getting the results that you want!

Bosch has outdone themselves with a great food processor that not only cuts down on the amount of work and time you need to put into your cooking, but allows you to truly focus on the meals, snacks, and dishes that you are making.

Save the energy for creating a delicious flavor, and not putting it into endless chopping and grating! This food processor will change the way that you see cooking, I guarantee it!

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver Pros

  • Ice cream maker tool is a rare attachment that allows you to have fun summer treats
  • The powerful motor is strong enough to get the job done
  • Comes with a stainless steel bowl to help you out in the kitchen (and you don’t have to pay for one yourself)
  • Has a fruit pulping tool– something not a lot of food processors have!
  • Makes cooking any dish that involves prepping vegetables or fruits far easier than you ever could have imagined
  • You can make your own dough for home made pizzas and bread if you want to!
  • Rubber suction feet on the bottom of this machine mean that you can place it on your counter and not have it slip or fall over easily
  • It’s very easy to use this model, even friends that haven’t used it could figure out how to use it very quickly!
  • Looks great in absolutely any kitchen, and gives you your choice of ordering it in silver or red
  • Planetary dough kneading design makes sure that dough is kneaded very well in elliptical motions for thorough kneading without residue
  • This model includes a recipe DVD so that you can watch how recipes are made!


– You do not get the same attachments as other Bosch models, such as the MUM46A1.

  • This model does not include a citrus press, accessory holder, or liquidizer that other models may have.
  • Only one bowl means that you’ll have to either clean it before using again or buy more bowls.

Bosch MUM48R1GB Key Features & Specifications

  • Multi Motion Drive and 600 watt motor
  • Can be used as a liquidizer, mixer, shredder
  • Attachments include an ice cream maker tool
  • Comes with a stainless steel bowl
  • Comes with a fruit pulping attachment
  • Has integrated cable storage as well as rubber suctioned feet
  • Comes with a specially designed dynamic planetary gear for great dough kneading efficiency
  • Has a 3.9 liter volume for dough
  • Pulse function included on this processor for your convenience
  • Has seven different processing levels
  • Built for safety in every type of situation with covers, safety lock mechanisms, latches, and other safety functions
  • Comes with a lid, a stainless steel mixing bowl, a metal kneading hook, a reversible shredding disc, a grating disc, and a stirrer
  • Also includes a reversible slicing disc
  • Even includes a recipe DVD for home users
  • Comes with three drive positions and accessories
  • You can make cream or whipped cream and more with the included whisker
  • Beat eggs with the included beater
  • Comes with integrated cable storage so you don’t have to add extra clutter to your kitchen or cabinets
  • Has a mixer attachment
  • Comes with four speeds so you always have the right speed for what you want to do
  • Easy to clean

Bosch MUM48R1GB Customer Reviews

Customers have said a lot of positive things about this processor! They love the fact that there is the ability to store the cable to prevent clutter and also that it’s so easy to use for a variety of purposes. One customer even chopped onions, sliced potatoes, and made merengues, all in one day! The customer mentioned that it was also nice to not be crying while cutting onions anymore– another unexpected benefit!

Customers also really liked that this machine has a small foot print and that it does not take up a lot of space where they are using it. As counter space can become crowded quickly, a lot of customers appreciated this fact. Customers did say there is only one bowl with this food processor, a slight drawback.

Customers also loved the strong motor included in this model and the overall look of this food processor. It had great color schemes and didn’t look too bulky in their kitchens. Overall the design and look of this food processor is a crowd favorite. It’s also a very neat model that you can easily move or pack away without too much fuss. Customers even preferred this model over different models from other brands.

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver Final Verdict

The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver processor is really easy to clean. It gets the job done and helps you make a lot of dishes that you would normally need to tend to and prepare for hours in no time at all. The mixer comes with a park setting, and the dvd is a fun touch that will even help you learn a few recipes! The Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Processor, Red/ Silver is a fun, well made machine that gets the job done. Try it out; you’ll love it!

Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor Reviews

The Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor, 1000 W, 3.9 L – White/Grey makes processing food easier than ever before.

The superb attachments included with this food processor are part of what helps take it above and beyond. Four speeds and a pulse setting combined with the stainless steel supercut blade and all the attachments make this a real bargain.

With a high gloss, beautiful white finish, this food processor can fit in anywhere.

Save time when you’re cooking and get things done way more quickly with this powerful and efficient model!


  • Includes a bowl for mixing or holding food that is capable of 3.9 liters
  • Has a high powered motor that can deal with multiple demands for doughs
  • Offers a great performance at all times
  • Comes with maximum safety for a variety of situations so you’re never at risk
  • Mixing bowl has enough room to make what you want to achieve
  • Up to seven processing levels
  • The pulse button is fairly powerful and can get the job done
  • Supercut universal blade has a serrated edge with large cutting surface for accurate ingredient cutting
  • Universal blade always remains sharp so you don’t have to replace
  • Integrated cable storage makes for easy storing
  • Comes with rubber suction feet so it will not be easily knocked over and stays in place- Thousand watt motor deals with everything, even large amounts of sticky dough
  • Can accommodate the ingredients necessary for a family of five or more- Easy to cut a variety of things, such as fish, herbs, and meat, that can be traditionally tougher for some modell
  • Mixing bowl is not too large
  • You can make batches of baby food with it!

Does not come with storage facility for the attachments

  • One user experienced bowl cracking a few weeks after they bought it
  • Comes with a plastic blender

Bosch MCM62020GB Key Features & Specifications

  • Comes with a powerful, 1000 watt motor- Includes a large bowl that can hold 3.9 liters- Has a 1.5 liquidizer
  • Comes with a serrated, stainless steel Supercut knife- Versatility of use with variable speed, movement, and pulse functions
  • Comes with one lid, one plastic kneading hook, one plastic blender attachment, one reversible shredding disc, a stirrer, disc support, a reversible slicing disc, a stuffer, and a citrus press
  • Includes an instruction manual- Has maximum safety with drive covers, safety lock mechanisms for the bowl, lid latches on accessories and other safety functions
  • Features seven different processing levels- Comes with pulse function

Customer Reviews

Customers have really found the Bosch food processor to be versatile! One user said that she uses the processor to make blended coffee drinks and smoothies and commented on how easy it is to mix the ice using the powerful thousand watt motor. They also liked how the motor isn’t loud, letting them work with the processor without disturbing everything (like some noisy vacuums and other high power appliances can be).

They also like the rubber sole feet on the bottom of the processor and how it keeps the processor in place. They also liked the capacity that the blender and chopper has, and how many accessories it offers. Best of all, customers like that they don’t have to have a food processor and a blender on hand separately.

Customers also reported that they liked that you can chop or mince virtually anything in this processor, from meat to vegetables. They’re happy with the power and ability of the motor and all the ways that you can utilize the Bosch model. They also said that it works well for making your own fresh sauces. They did say the instructions weren’t as complete as they liked, however. They also said the blender was high quality and there are multiple uses for all the attachments, making it a convenient purchase for their money.

Final Verdict

The Bosch MCM62020GB Food Processor with Eight Attachments is a great purchase! Whether you’re a beginner to cooking or a seasoned pro, this food processor is accessible and ready to be used by anyone.

You can make just about any recipe that you want and make it faster and easier by using this machine to prep ingredients or blend them! It does just about anything. Plus, it looks great on any kitchen counter.

With great safety features, this processor is a great deal for the money. Check it out for yourself and see why people who bought this product love it.

We will add more Amazon Prime Day Bosch Professional Deals UK 2019 as deals keep coming in.

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