Crepe Maker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2024 UK)

Crepe Maker Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale. Find Black Friday Breville, Silvercrest, Russell hobbs and more crepe maker deals UK. Check below.

Today’s deals:

Today’s deals:
Get 28% off Schallen Black 1000W Electric Traditional Pancake & Crepe Maker Machine, 12Schallen Black 1000W Electric Traditional Pancake & Crepe Maker Machine, 12' Hot Plate and Utensils Included
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You can use these crepe makers for also making pancakes, tortillas, gallletes and blinis.

  • Get 38% off Schallen Black 1000W Electric Traditional Pancake & Crepe Maker Machine, 12″ Hot Plate and Utensils Included
  • Get 18% off Masterpan Non-Stick Pancake and Crepe Pan 28cm, Detachable Handle, Wood Grain Effect, Space-Saving, Induction Ready, Oven & Dishwasher Safe
  • Get 3% off Breville Traditional Crêpe Maker | 12-Inch (30cm) | with Wooden Spreader & Recipe Booklet for Dosa, Roti, Tortilla & More [VTP130]
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Best Crepe Maker Black Friday UK Deals

Crepe Maker

British pancakes are less the same as French crepes in terms of ingredients needed to make them. They do differ yet, in terms of size and thickness with the French one being a bit big and very thin. British pancakes are a bit small and thick but not as thick as American ones.

1. Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker Black Friday Deals UK

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The Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker is our number one best pancake maker UK. What makes this stand out from the rest is its 5 temperature control settings. This gives you control over your cooking process. It allows you to make not only pancakes but also crepes, omelets, blinis, chappatis and more.

  • Breville comes with a huge 30 cm non-stick cooking plate and a wooden spreading tool
  • It is powered by 1000 watts motor that offers even distribution of heat when compared to cooking on a hob.
  • On first use, try using temperature 3 or 4 as it seems to be hot enough for making pancakes.
  • Cleaning it is also quite easy. You need to wipe it clean with a kitchen paper or a damp cloth

2. Quest 35540 Traditional Electric Pancake & Crepe Maker Black Friday UK

Last update on 2024-06-15 at 18:03 / // Source: Amazon

The Quest 35540 Pancake Maker is our number one best budget pancake maker UK . It makes not only pancakes but also crepes, chapattis, omelets, flatbread, and more.

  • Powered by 1000 watts motor, Quest pancake maker has 3 temperature control settings. These are low, medium, and maximum heat to give you control over your cooking process
  • It comes with a 30cm long non-stick cooking plate with raised edges. The raised edges help prevent butter spillover.
  • Its big 30cm plate makes it easy to cook multiple pancakes per time or make one large
  • With it, you also get a wooden butter T-shaped spreader and a spatula for turning it around when cooking
  • Quest comes with a 3pin UK plug, one-year standard warranty, and a user guide
  • Its cooking plate is not removable hence, you need to use a damp cloth for cleaning it.
  • Under £50, this is a good, cheap pancake maker to go for.

Black Friday Pancake Maker UK

A pancake also referred to as a flapjack, hotcake or griddlecake is a thin/thick, round flat cake made of butter, eggs, milk, and starch (flour, banana, rice, or cornmeal). You can cook it on a pancake maker, or frying pan or griddle with hot oil or butter.

When you add more shredded potatoes to pancake, it is called potato pancake, when you use buttermilk it is called buttermilk pancake. And when you use buckwheat flour then it called buckwheat flour.

You can eat them for breakfast saved with sweet toppings such as golden syrup, sweet fruits, chocolate, or lemon juice and sugar, or use them for lunch served with savory toppings such as cheese, shredded chicken, potato, sausages, vegetables, tomato sauce, and jam.

French Crepes versus British Pancakes vs Americans Pancakes

Crepe and pancakes are the same. One is French word the other is English. They are all made from flour, milk and eggs and they are both thin, round in shape, and crispier in texture. This is in comparison to the American pancakes that are thick and fluffy. To make them thick Americans add a raising agent (baking powder). To make the English pancake thin and smooth, you need to leave its mixture rest for one hour before making it.

And while you will find crepes folded next to each other when serving them, American pancakes on the other hand are served stack on each other.

Apart from that:

There is also Scottish pancakes that are made like American pancakes but small in size. They are made of off flour, milk or buttermilk, eggs, sugar, salt, cream of tartar, and baking powder. They sometimes add other ingredients such as chocolate chips, cheese, yoghurt, strawberries or blueberries chips in addition to spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

Crumpet is also another variation of pancakes found in UK made with both baking powder and yeast added in butter mixture. These are called raised flat cake.

Pancake Day

In the United Kingdom same as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland have a special pancake day also called Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. This is where people use their remaining meat products before the 40 days of Lent.

During pancake day, schools and charity events also takes place to raise money for charities.

How to Make American Pancakes

  • For pancake recipes check and
  • You need flour, eggs, milk or buttermilk, baking powder, salt, and sugar. Buttermilk goes well with baking soda; when mixed together creates a lot of bubbles. But too much baking soda will cause pancakes to taste bad. Follow prooved recipes for better results
  • Sift and mix dry ingredients together in one bowl and lightly whisk wet ingredients in another bowl
  • Make a hole in dry ingredients and add wet ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Do not over mix though as doing so will cause the mixture to be elastic rather than tender.
  • Heat your pancake maker, griddle, or frying pan until it is hot then and add cooking oil or butter to it
  • Scoop a pancake mixture into a griddle, frying pan, or pancake maker. You can even place a pancake ring inside a frying pan and power mixer into it to make a desired shape: a star, heart, round
  • Cook and turn over until both sides have a nice golden brown color
  • Serve hot off the pancake maker, griddle or frying pan
  • Note: For measurement, one tablespoon is equivalent of 3 teaspoons

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not overmixing pancakes mixture: Overmixing causes gluten to form while this is good for bread is not good for pancakes, cakes, quick bread, and pie crusts. Over mixing causes pancakes to become tough and rubbery. It is not bad to have a few lumps left.
  • Too much butter will make your pancakes have fewer bubbles which is not good, and too little butter will make them cracker-like, dry and crispy.
  • Few eggs will make your pancake be like biscuits while too much will make them dense
  • Too much baking soda will make your pancakes taste like soap while too little will inhibit the formation of bubbles that leads also to an unappetizing, flat pancake
  • Cook on hot cast iron griddles, frying pan or pancake maker
  • Always allow butter resting time, 30 minutes to 1 hour. This will make them moist and soft
  • When cooking, when pancakes start bubbling turn it to another side to avoid burning it or causing it to be flat
  • You are advised against pressing them while cooking as pressing them will make them flat as it eliminates some of the air on it.
  • When done, pork the fork in the middle to see if your pancake is well cooked. If the fork comes out clean then it is ready if comes out with butter then continue cooking
  • Refrigerating the pancake butter will cause your pancakes to come out chewy and flat

British Pancakes

What makes American pancakes differ from the British ones is the use of a raising agent. While in America they use baking soda or powder to make their pancakes thick and fluffy, in Britain no raising agent is used.

British pancakes are less the same as French crepes in terms of ingredients needed to make them. They do differ yet, in terms of size and thickness with the French one being a bit big and very thin. British pancakes are a bit small and thick but not as thick as American ones.

How to Make British Pancakes:

  • You need 3 eggs, 250ml milk, 125g plain flour, a pinch of salt, water, and butter. Check the full recipe and cooking instructions here or
  • Note: You need to leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes to 1 hour before cooking
  • If you swap plain flour with self-raising flour, will turn out into an American-style pancake. Don’t spread the mixture when put on a pancake maker.
  • To serve it, sprinkle some sugar and drizzle it with lemon juice. You can also fill it with your favorite toppings and fillings such as chicken and cheese

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