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Sage Food Processor vs Magimix – Best Food Processor 2020

Follow us as we review and compare Sage Food Processor vs Magimix : Sage SFP820BAL The Kitchen Wizz vs Sage BFP800UK vs Magimix 5200XL Premium Food Processor.

Sage BFP800UK the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor, Silver
  • The Sage Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro Food Processor brings professional prep to any kitchen; Chop, slice, grate, puree and mix with precision and control with multiple chute options to easily add ingredients
  • QUAD BLADE SYSTEM: Chop to the top, without pureeing the bottom; Cutting with four blades reduces processing time by cutting on separate planes
  • MULTIPLE CHUTE OPTIONS: The extra-wide feed chute cuts longer slices and makes processing faster and easier; The mini feed chute prevents long thin ingredients like carrots from tipping over during slicing
  • VARIABLE SLICING DISC: Cut it up with 24 settings that let you choose the thickness of your slices from paper thin 03mm up to a thick and substantial 8mm
  • MULTIDIRECTIONAL TIMER: The Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro can count up or down; stopping the processor once the time is reached in countdown mode
Magimix 5200XL Premium Food Processor, Red
  • Multifunctional - perfect for slicing, grating, chopping, kneading, whisking and blending
  • Powerful 1100 W motor automatically adjusts it's power depending on what's in the bowl
  • Large 3.6L capacity, ideal for large families or batch cooking
  • Quiet Mark accredited
  • 30-year motor and 3-year parts guarantee.

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The modern kitchen should be graced with a modern food processor. It is an important equipment that all kitchens should have. A food processor helps us handle tough tasks like cutting, slicing, dicing, and other hand related tasks fast and easily. There is a wide variety of food processors available in the market that varies in size, material, and features. Depending on what you love cooking, you can be guaranteed get a food processor to help you.

This guide has carefully chosen 3 food processors each with different features to help choose one that will serve the intended purpose. We will walk through the differences and similarities between these 3 appliances. Keep on reading to be enlightened.

Sage Food Processor vs Magimix

Sage SFP820BAL The Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice, Silver

If you want to make the time you spend in your kitchen fun and memorable, the Sage SFP820BAL is the answer to your puzzle. It is a kitchen appliance that takes your cooking experience to another level. Sage SFP820BAL is an appliance that works by dicing and then evenly slicing your ingredients. It ensures your ingredients are cut perfectly giving you precise and even cubes.

The dicing attachment is ideal for preparing salads and soups.

 With this appliance, you can easily peel ingredients like beetroots, carrots, and sweet potatoes. This is a unique appliance that can peel 7 potatoes all at once. It is designed with a powerful 2000w motor that enables this kitchen aid to handle all the tough tasks easily.

With this device, you can be sure to enjoy your time in the kitchen. Also, this appliance will help to save you quality time as it is fast and precise.


  • Designed with a 2000w motor
  • Handles the tough tasks easily
  • Peels all your ingredients easily and fast
  • Designed with 3.7L bowl
  • Peels 7 potatoes at a time
  • A perfect choice for preparing soups and salads
  • Check it out, the Sage SFP820BAL The Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice, Silver

Sage BFP800UK the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor, Silver

It is designed with 4 blades that cut your ingredients fast hence saving you time in the kitchen.

This kitchen appliance has wide chutes which cuts make processing easier and faster. It is a unique processor that is fitted with a mini chute which prevents ingredients like carrots and other long ingredients from tipping during slicing.

 With this processor, you can opt to choose the thickness of your ingredients from 0.3mm to 8.0mm.

The processor is engineered with a 2000w motor which helps to handle tough tasks in the kitchen. It is fitted with a bowl that can handle a capacity of 3.6L. Also, it has a bowl with a capacity of 1L which is ideal for small quantities. These features make this appliance ideal for people with large and small families.


Magimix 5200XL Premium Food Processor, Red

When you think of perfection, think of this kitchen appliance. It is a multifunctional food processor that can handle tasks like chopping, cutting, slicing, whisking, kneading, grafting, and blending.

It is a powerful kitchen aid that handles all the tough tasks easily as it is engineered with a 1100w powerful motor. With this food processor, you can adjust the power to get even and professional results depending on the nature of what is in the bowl.

 If you have friends or hosting a special occasion, do not fret because the MagiMix 5200XL has got you covered. It is designed with a bowl that can hold a capacity of 3.6L hence ideal for batch cooking or large families.

If you love working in a peaceful and quiet environment, then this is the food processor to go for. Unlike other common food processors, this processor works silently and gives you heartwarming results.


  • Designed with a 1100w powerful motor
  • Ideal for most tasks in your kitchen
  • Fitted with a bowl with 3.6L capacity
  • Works silently
  • Ideal for batch cooking
  • A great choice for people with large families
  • Check it out, the Magimix 5200XL Premium Food Processor, Red

Differences between Sage Food Processor and Magimix : Which is Better?

Similarities between Sage Food Processor and Magimix

  • All the above food processors are meant to make dicing, slicing, chopping, blending, and grafting easy.
  • They are fitted with bowls that allow you to handle batch cooking and small ingredients easily.
  • All these food processors give you even and professional results.
  • They are all designed with powerful motors that ensure all your kitchen tasks are handled easily and fast
  • They are all ideal for people with large families or batch cooking.

 Choosing a food processor that will serve the intended purpose may be daunting and challenging. This may be because the market is filled with a variety of food processors. The above Sage food processor vs Magimix review will help you as you choose the perfect food processor.

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