Kenwood Chef Titanium vs Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer Reviews

The key difference between the Kenwood chef titanium vs KitchenAid Artisan is the motor power that propels the mixer. The Titanium is actually equipped at its engine with a 1400 Watt belt motor, against just 300 Watt for that of the Artisan. The Artisan nonetheless opted for a strong transmission with a motor incorporated into the mixer.

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Difference between Kenwood Chef Titanium and Kitchenaid Artisan

Kenwood Chef Titanium versus Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

The other difference is in the style and look. The Kenwood Chef Titanium has a  sober metallic grey look while the Kitchenaid Artisan comes in a ray of 19 stylish colours that radiate finesse and class. It is also rather bulky in size in comparison to the Artisan. The Titanium measures 39.5 cm wide, twenty cm deep and 38.5 cm high while the Artisan has a much smaller footprint of twenty-four cm wide, thirty-six cm high and thirty-seven cm depth.

Another key marker that distinguishes the two mixers is the range of attachments that are included in each respective mixer. The Artisan has just 2 engine outputs: one which definitely accommodates the pastry package along with a second on the front. The Titanium also offers these 2 motor outlets but has a third that can host a blender, which is actually unlikely with the setup of the KitchenAid.

Whereas the Artisan has focused on a strong transmission which results in no likelihood of losing power and makes them more durable, the Kenwood Titanium thanks to the high motor power have a wide range of applications like an integrated scale which can weigh up to six kg to probably the nearest gram, bowl heating up to 65°C, timer, bowl lighting, touch screen: Kenwood has literally thought of anything.

The command to raise/lower the head includes assisted opening, which enables operation with one hand. On the edge of the mixer, a sizable wheel enables you to apply the speeds (eight in all), as well as 3 “mixing” powers which stir delicately while observing pause times. Applications can also be pre-recorded and offer directions. However, by ramping up the technology and applications, the mixer loses its intuitiveness and slows down the handling. The danger of failure is also multiplied.

The other difference is the sound level produced by each respective mixer. The KitchenAid when kneading at low speed has a noise level of fifty-nine decibels (A), against sixty-six dB (A) for the Kenwood. The Artisan is generally quieter in comparison to the Titanium. 


On the other hand, the two mixers have a number of similarities. They each come with a baking package which consists of 4 accessories: a whisk, a flat beater with a hook and flexible tips. They each have an anti-splash lid and 2 bowls five and seven litres for the Kenwood, while the KitchenAid bowl capacity is 3 and 4.8 litres.

Which is better, Kitchenaid Artisan or Kenwood Chef Titanium?

The KitchenAid Artisan has not changed its original technology for a long time because it provides an effective direct-drive engine and exemplary performance which makes it reliable. Not many technologies are incorporated into it, in return, it provides robustness and possibly durability unequalled for in this industry. Lastly, the plethora of add on accessories for purchase actually would make the Artisan a flexible design with nearly unlimited functionality.

Meanwhile, the Kenwood Titanium is a flexible and extremely comprehensive gadget, particularly because of the many technologies it embeds. Let us hope in any event that this choice won’t be made in the lack of reduced durability and robustness. Be that as it may, its imposing size helps it be a master of the big preparations while taking a step closer to a multifunction food mixer to expedite baking tasks.

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