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Best Cuisinart Food Processor 2019 UK

Best Cuisinart Food Processor 2019: Here is our current top Cuisinart Food Processors reviews and price to help you make a wise decision as which one to buy today.

Best Cuisinart Food Processor 2019

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews: The Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor is a smooth looking food processor that will fit right in to your kitchen instantly! This brushed chrome food processor will take you from a basic home chef to a seasoned pro in no time.

This food processor uses high quality stainless steel Japanese blades so that you can process foods simply and efficiently without worrying about blade quality. The motor is also commercial grade so that you always get the power you need. It gives you the professional results that you need in the kitchen and is always ready to go, so you can get your meals and dishes together quickly and easily.


  • Small feed tube lets you add liquids or small ingredients while you process!-
  • The larger feed tube lets you put larger fruits and vegetables in to be processed- Dough blade allows you to make your own home made breads and more
  • Comes with a variety of bowls in different sizes so you don’t have to buy your own- Brushed silver look goes with everything and every kitchen
  • This food processor stays put on the counter- Helps you mix, grate, shred, chop, knead, blend, and more!
  • Seal tight technology makes a leak proof seal between each of the interlocking bowls to cut back on cleaning- Slicing disc can be adjusted to go from thick to fine by adjusting between 1 and 6 m.m. (does the same as six blades)
  • Chopping blades to lock inside the work bowl for maximum safety while pouring- This food process was created to last– you won’t be replacing it any time soon!- Comes with three great interlocking bowls so you always have the right sized bowl for the task- Can hold up to 3.8 liters!
  • The reversible shredding disc lets you grate foods finely or coarsely- The small and large chopping blades can lock into the bowl base
  • Span on lid comes with extra wide tube to reduce the prep time- Will adjust the power automatically to help you stay at the best processing speed at all times
  • Make your own dough for pizza or pasta and save yourself some money!


Only comes in brushed chrome, if you like other shades or colors

  • Bowls are not BPA free for health conscious consumers
  • No attachment for a whisk

Features & Specifications

  • – Comes in brushed silver-
  • Made to hold 3.8 Liters-
  • Small feed tube comes with drizzle holes for adding smaller ingredients/liquid processing-
  • Comes with large feed tube for fruits and vegetables-
  • Comes with a shredding and grating disk that is reversible-
  • Includes special dough blade to knead and aerate-
  • Comes with bowls in small, medium and large-
  • Push button locking system-
  • Comes with a box of blades and attachments that make storage easy-
  • 750 watt engine-
  • Sturdy machine with die cast metal casing-
  • High powered induction motor is commercial grade-
  • Can wash bowls in the dishwasher.

Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor Customer Reviews

Customers really love this processor! They’re raving about all the attachments and blades that come with the Cuisinart 3.8 L.

They also like that the box makes storing these attachments so easy. They also love the brushed chrome look! But most importantly, this food processor makes prepping food and making special dishes so easy.

Customers really liked the efficiency of this machine and how it gave them the ability to process whole foods however they want. Customers also commented that the food processor has worked very well in the time they’ve had it and they don’t expect it to stop working anytime soon. They did say the rubber gasket seal is a little more difficult to clean, but not incredibly so.

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor is a clever and useful machine to add to your kitchen that speeds up your processing and prep time! With safety and efficiency locked down, this processor produces the results you want every time. It does everything from chopping to grating to shredding, letting you create fantastic meals and dishes that taste great.

This food processor is truly built to last and is just like having a sous chef at your side to prep dishes and eat well.
The Cuisinart 3.8L Food Processor was created to operate at a level that rivals the professional grade food processors. In other words, it’s versatile and made to be of the highest quality!

The only thing is that if you are worried about BPA, you will have to buy different bowls to use. A small inconvenience, but something to consider.

But when it comes to the food processor, you can’t buy a better one for your money. If you want a food processor that’s built to last, this model is the one for you.

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