Best Sous Vide Machine UK (2024 Reviews)

What is the best sous vide machine UK? There are different brands of Sous Vide devices starting from Anova, Aicok, Wancle, Joule to Andrew James and other top Sous Vide precision cooker brands on Amazon. Which one should you go for? We have assembled top-performing products below to help you choose one that will offer you value for money.

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Best Sous Vide Machine UK

Best Sous Vide Machines

1. Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth & WI-FI

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The Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth & WI-FI operates on a  900w power motor that is good in circulating heat evenly around your water bath. The shaft id made of stainless steel which is good for making healthy food.

It has Bluetooth connectivity

The control panned has an LED light with a navigation wheel to adjust temperature and time. It also has base button controls .

Thanks to wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor  progress of cooking remotely in addition to doing so manually. You can monitor your cooking while in the office!

The Anova Precision Cooker has all the “bells and rings” which can only enhance your Sous Vida cooking. It is premium range but quite worthwhile when considering the convenience it affords you.

2. KitchenBoss Ultra-Quiet Immersion-Circulator Sous Vide Precision Cooker

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The KitchenBoss ultra-quiet immersion-circulator sous vide precision cooker runs on a 1100 watts motor power which gives you heat up time of 15 seconds to hit 60 degree Celsius. It has precise temperature accuracy to 0.1cm. It has a wide time range of up to 99 hours and cooking temperature range from 25 Celsius to 99.9 degrees Celsius.

  • It has a water capacity of 10-15 litres
  • It has an easy set and go control panel with a start and stop wheel to control.
  • The handle easily clips from both on the side and on the top: it has a stepped clamp that clips easily with most pans/pots
  • It comes with a two years warranty.

The KitchenBoss sous vide precision cooker is reasonably priced under100. It is solid and quite versatile. It gives you options for very precise time and temperature control to get through any recipe you can think of.

3. Sensio Sous Vide 1500W Cooking Wand

The Sensio cooking wand has a high power motor of 1500W so it is quite effective in circulation heat around the water bath. It is 40 cm high and is good for pots/containers that are at least 19cm high. The controls are functional, nothing fancy but it does the job.

It is quite affordable and has a lot of positive reviews from people who bought it. It was actually a best seller at the time of writing. The competitive price is a good incentive to help you start off in the world  of sous vide cooking.

Aicok Sous Vide Precision Cooker With a motor power of 1500W the Aicok Sous Vide Precision Cooker stick wand has what it takes to circulate heat evenly around your water bath. It has fast heat up time to reach 60 degrees Celsius which is the optimal temperature in many Sous Vide cooking recipes. It has easy control, nothing techie: two buttons and a scroll wheel.

  • The control panel is navigated by a navigation wheel on the edge of the panel to increase or lower temperature.
  • The shaft is stainless steel which is easy to clean and reliable in cooking healthy meals.
  • It has a standard clip to attach it to the pot that allows you different ways to attach to your container.
  • It is not noisy when in operation and is accurate in executing the settings you put in place. You can set precise temperatures to a tenth.
  • It comes with a two years guarantee for peace of mind.

This wand has good positive reviews by customers who have used it for a while. It is solid and reliable and has stainless steel shaft for cooking healthy food. It is competitively priced.

Cooking Technology

The Sous Vide cooking technology which in French means “under vacuum” has its origins in France. It is associated with vacuum sealing food in plastic bags and cooking it precise temperature in a water bath. The sealed bag (without any air in them) provides a “vacuum” in which heat circulates to cook the food evenly and also prevents evaporation. Unlike in traditional cooking methods where food is cooked at high temperatures of 90-100+ Celsius, in Sous Vide food is cooked in the 50-60 degree Celsius temperatures which results in even levels of doneness from one end to the other. This precise evenness across the dish you are cooking is not easy to replicate with other methods of cooking.

With traditional methods of cooking, more often than not the food ends up over cooked, chewey and sometimes even burnt on the outside with only a small part inside your food cooking to the exact taste and flavour required.

Benefits of Sous Vide

  1. Replicable results. Food is cooked to precise temperatures and conditions; it is easily to consistently produce great results.
  2. Rich Flavour: Sous Vide enables food to cook in its flavours which ends up being juicy, tender and tasty. Vegetables end up with a good firm texture and flavour after cooking.
  3. Reduces Waste:  Food prepared using traditional methods dries out on the exterior resulting in waste. It is said that steak cooked using traditional ways losses up to 40 % because of drying and burning. Such waste is reduced when using Sous vide
  4. Convenience and Flexibility: Once you set up Sous vide it’s all “systems go” once the food is cooked, it will not overcook because the precise temperature controls kick in.
  5. Effortless: With Sous Vida all you have to do is simply season your food and place in a sealed bag, set the temperature controls and time on your equipment, immerse your dish in a bath of water and you are done.
  6. Easy to clean.

Sous Vide is a way of cooking that makes use of extremely accurate controlled temperature to cook. This technique produces high flavor dishes that are evenly done. Sous Vide has only just gotten into the home cook market. However, it has been widely used in high end premium restaurants to cook tasty dishes.


  • The only issue is that Sous Vida usually takes long to cook a dish, usually between 1-7 hours but this is all good if you plan well in advance. After all once you set your equipment, you don’t have to do anything else.

How to set up Sous Vide Cooking

As amazing as it sounds, Sous Vide is really hassle-free to set. It involves a few basic steps.

  1. Set the precise time and temperature required as directed in your recipe and the level of even cooking you are looking to achieve and then fix your .
  2. Get a sealable bag and place your food inside it after seasoning it and then seal it. Place your sealed dish in the pot with the aid of a clip. Let the dish cook to the precise temperature you have set.
  3. Once your food is done you can sear, broil or grill it to give is a give it a mouth watering golden finish on the outside.

Accessory for Sous Vide:

  • You need a re-sealable bag jars/silicon bags/canning jars/ vacuum sealing bags or any food packaging in which you will put your food in.
  • Something to contain water.

Types of Sous Vide Equipment

Sous Vide equipment used in home usually has a small footprint for the obvious reason of space. However in restaurants, they have bulky Sous Vide equipment. The most popular types of Sous Vide Machines for home cooks are Immersion and Oven Sous Vide machines.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator (Sous Vide wands):

Immersion SOUS Vida are affordable, compact and easy to use. They are stand alone equipment that circulate water round the bagged food and can be clipped on a water container. The wands have a controller, element for heating and a pump circulator encased into a wand with digital controls on the top. There are those that have a magnetic base to enable it stand upright in a pan/container. Premium Sous Vide wands have other additional functionality like Bluetooth connectivity and usually have high motor power (1000+watts) that is quite good in circulating water around the water bath.

Sous Vide Water Oven:

Sous Vide ovens are also referred to as countertop water baths but they don’t circulate water which is a bit of a downside because it could lead to uneven results.

Sous Vide Cooking Hacks

To save time, fill the water bath with warm water (so long as it doesn’t surpass your desired temperature).

Use “water balls’’ to cover the water surface to reduce rate evaporation so that the water levels are not affected during a long Sous vide session.

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